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Kardashian Divorce

Why They Broke Up ...

10/31/2011 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
will never, ever move to Minnesota ... everyone knows that ... except Kris Humphries.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... one of the main points of contention in the marriage was where the couple would live after all of the wedding madness finally died down. 

We're told Kris was passionate about eventually settling down in Minnesota, where he's from ... and believed Kim was on board with the plan. She wasn't.

Sources tell us Kim -- who's from L.A. -- wants to stay near her family ... and she also feels that staying in town is the best thing for her career.  

So why didn't this conversation come up before the $10 million wedding? We're told the two talked about their future ... but got caught up in the hooplah and figured they would simply figure it out after they tied the knot.

Sources say it's not a nasty break-up ... but we're told the two have come to a realization that it's not a long-term fit.


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To blow ten million on a fake wedding just shows what kind of people they are - selfish, inconsiderate and totally oblivous to the economic hardships that millions of people are facing. The girl needs to get a shock of reality because she is too wrapped in herself to see what is going on in the rest of the world.....just awful

1088 days ago


First of all why did they get married? if Kris really wanted it to work out he shd've decided to stay in LA. Y does Kim have to give up her career etc. The society always expects a women to put her life on hold because of a man. A big NO to that.

1088 days ago


Kim should get back with Reggie, becuase it clearly showed in the show that she had waaay more feelings for him. Kris was to playful, she needs a real man and he wasn't it.

1088 days ago


i so knew this was going to happen, typical. and let me ask what career Porn?

1088 days ago


As interested readers and participants on this blog, let's get something started. Let's challenge the kardashians to give the money they earned from that farcical wedding to St. judes hospital for children and gain some respect back. If they cared how the public felt, they would take us up on this challenge. Can you even begin to imagine how much good could be done with those multiple millions for the poor, suffering children who are never turned away from St. judes because their parents cannot pay. what a difference could be made in gigantic ways for children. Instead, Kim k. Has to but herself another pair of diamond earrings. Also, don't believe the trash talk they are going to spew about Kris h. In order to try and justify this crazy woman's sick ego and fantasy that she is somehow above us mere mortals who don't have the money for plastic surgery and constant attention to her appearance. They are going to try and make him look bad, where I don't believe it was his fault. He did not know what he was getting into and they used him to make more money now with the divorce drama. It's insane because she never intended to stay married. Never once tried to get help through counseling before jumping off with divorce papers. Boycott comes to mind! Why are we putting millions in their pockets while Kim and Kris Jenner laugh all the way to the bank. Wake up everybody!

1088 days ago

Pretty Almond Eyes    

This may be simply a case of two mis-matched, immature, self-absorbed people who unwisely rushed into marriage. Nothing new here.

1088 days ago

Pretty Almond Eyes    

This may be simply a case of two mis-matched, immature, self-absorbed people who unwisely rushed into marriage. Nothing new here.

1088 days ago


I feel so bad for Kris he really seeems like a decend guy looking for love,Kim is going to end up old and lonely. she thinks she's all that but quess what!!!! NOT. She maybe pretty on the outside but her insides SUCKS......

1087 days ago


What the hell has she been doing since making the porn movie with her former boyfriend? Looking for publicity. Is she afraid Kris just might surpass her in the publicity field? Supposedly she complained because he wasn't working, then it was because he wants to move to his home town, now because he hired a publicist? What better way to land a job? I am truly sick of seeing her on the front of my computer every day when I log on, I used to watch the show until she supposedly lost a 75k pair of earrings swimming. What fool swims in a 75k pair of earrings? Guess they were insured.Kris for god's sake get the ring back, say goodby and good riddance to her, she is a self centered, materialistic person. She is in love with her self and money. No let's go to counseling and try to work it out? It took her all of 2 days to decide to file for divorce? Wow, really a lot of thought went into it. It took me all of 2 seconds to say boycott the Kardashin show!! Let her get her publicity somewhere else, this girl/woman has no heart, if she does it's in the wrong place.

1087 days ago

Lucille Breiner    

What a Sham....... Personally I think the elevator doesn't go to the top on either of them....

1087 days ago


why did kim and kris divorced

1087 days ago


Kim,do you agree now with your family when they were all concerned about you getting madly in love? Do you agree now that when you are in love you become blind? Everybody knew this before you, what was coming. And believe me, I am you all biggest fan. You are all beautifull, we look like sisters, but please, next time listen when your sisters Kloe and Kourthny talks. They see your best intrest, also your mom. They see what you don't see when you are in love.
All the best, be good , Love you all.

1087 days ago


You can't turn a whore into a House wife everyone knows that!!!

1087 days ago


Kim Kardashian can be summed up in the followinG. Immature, narcisstic,crippled in making her own decisions. Who has value as a person and validity who does not work the details out first not to mention the cost of her immaturity. Kris would not have been happy with this loser Kardashian. Chloe is a loser as her husband will one day leave. Kourtney has no intention of marrying her babys daddy. This family is toxic and clearly love family as long as there is money. Bruce Jenner is a class act but do not know how he stands his money grbbing wife. The truthis i dis enjoy this show but Kim's ridiculous think about the future later type mindset leaves many cold on even caringbabout their reality show. Run Kris run. You are a grounded normal individual. You can do better. You have what it takes to have a healthy normal relationship . KK is a loser and you are right she cannot have children as it will inerfere with her money plans. That is all she cares about. Run, donot look back!

1087 days ago


This is absoluty outrageous! Have you seen Kim latly? She is all tangled up about herself, why don't they move half way between her family and where ever kris wants to go. None off this makes sense really, they have only been married 2-3 months, but it's alright because they can afford it.

1087 days ago
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