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Kim Kardashian


'Sham Marriage' Stories

11/1/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is telling her friends ... her marriage to Kris Humphries was true love, and she's extremely angry at reports that the wedding was one big sham.

Kim is telling people very close to her ... the marriage was "100% real," adding they loved each other very much. 

Kim is saying they cultivated their relationship for a year -- it wasn't an overnight thing.  She says when they got engaged ... she truly believed the marriage was "forever."

As for the 72 days ... Kim is explaining it this way:  "Sometimes marriages end ... rapidly.  Just because it's short doesn't mean it's fake."



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Well Kimmy you've been pissed on so i guess you already now what the PISS feels and smells like!!!!!

1089 days ago


This b-tch has some nerve. If I were to ever see her in person, I'd punch her square in the face. I'm SO tired of her fakeness and always acting like the victim.

1089 days ago


Please!! Public STOP WATCHING THE SHOWS AND GIVING THEM RATINGS. Don't buy their products. If you are a parent and your girls worship these girls, sit them down and tell them why we know them. Why they are not role models. Additionally, for those of you speaking well of the late Robert Kardashian, well he was divorcing Kris his wife when Rob was only 3 years old, and fighting to not pay her any support. Bruce Jenner stepped in and told Robert that if he let Kris go, he could do so without paying anything because he would step up and take care.

1089 days ago

Mike L    

Who cares if she's pissed? She didn't even stay in the damn country to try to work things out with him! She had to go to Australia to "launch her handbag line". Bull****! She went to Australia to **** all the poor K animals! Kangaroos, Koalas, Kookaburras, and whatever else! Its too bad Tasmanian Devil doesn't start with K. It would be like looking in the mirror for Kim. $2 trashbag hoe.

1089 days ago


Frankenstein was being an unbearable douche and got kicked to the curb. Kim wouldn't have put herself through this embarrassment for any other reason. He's not even playing ball so I'm not buying the excuse that it's because he wanted her to move to Minnesota.

I think the fact that his parents are getting involved is because they've known all along he's got oppositional/defiant disorder and marrying him off to Kim was like hitting the jackpot that would trickle down to them.

Reggie treated her like crap too because he was jealous of her wealth and fame. She overshadowed him and she's overshadowing Kris and he can't stand it. Bruce and Scott warned him about it but he's too stupid to let the women handle things. Mama K is the brains behind making all of the filthy rich. It doesn't appear that unbearable to at least try to get along with them. They seemed to hate him and probably supported her in getting rid of him. It will all come out in the show what an ahole he is.

1089 days ago


She can piss all she wants, we calls them as we see them. And she did profit from the weddings. She and her mother can say all they, but they don't do anything without profiting from it. Skanks.

1089 days ago


Kim needds to find a husband that will bring her down to REALITY. Oh, wait, she just dumped him to the curb. STUPID FAME WHORE.

1089 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Awww. Cry us a river Kim KardASSian.. What did she expect people to think? I hope her 'reality' show tanks big time.

1089 days ago


IMHO everything just said contradicted itself...where's the marriage counseling? I've NEVER heard of marriage counseling being this short....or love, REAL LOVE, ending so quickly

1089 days ago


Who freaking cares what you think famewhore. How sad that you think true love = 72 days. Hopefully those that support you by watching your trashy family and buying your ****ty clothes will finally get a clue as to what you guys really are... white trash that worships the all mighty dollar.

1089 days ago


If you loved him and it wasn't a sham then why are you getting a divorce? If you loved him this would not be happening. You have no idea what love is apparently.

1089 days ago


If it was really love for her she would be trying to make it work. For her it was just a big payday and more publicity. This family is a bunch of fame whores. Everyone saw this coming except maybe poor Kris Humphries.

1089 days ago


Kim and her Momma are both lying sacks of crap. Her Momma says that Kim didn't make a penny of her wedding when we ALL know that People Magazine carried the photos nearly Exclusively, and E carried the video. What was all that "only on E" could we see Kim's wedding.

Kim Kardashian made over $10,000,000 (that's Ten Million Dollars) off that wedding, now she's too rich for the groom who's locked out, on strike, from Basketball.

Kim is a liar, and so is her Momma!

1089 days ago


She had a made-for-TV marriage that lasted a whopping 72 days. What are we supposed to think? She pulled the plug the second he became competition for publicity. We can't expect anything else from a media wh*re.

1089 days ago


OMG are you kidding the end of the day its all about Humpries kept his cajones and would NOT bow down to the women in that family like Bruce, Rob and Scott do...he was never a fame wh#@e he is a sports celebrity who works for his money...without riding the coatails of Kim like the rest of that family does i mean without Kim they would ALL be out of work...I admire Humpries for staying strong and holding his ground....maybe Kim just needs a "Yes" boy like the rest of the men in that sad...............

1089 days ago
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