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Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kris Humphries Comes Up

Goose Eggs

11/1/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kris humphries kim kardashian prenup
Kim Kardashian
will not pay Kris Humphries a red cent in their divorce ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Kim and Kris have a prenup -- which Kim felt was "the smart thing to do."

Sources familiar with the prenup tell TMZ ... the document keeps ALL assets separate, and with such a short marriage neither walks away with money from the other -- not a single penny.

Now that leaves just one piece of business on the table -- Kim's $2 million engagement ring.  Sorry Kris, but you lose on 2 counts:

1.  Under California law, once you said "I do," you lost any rights to the ring
2.  You didn't pay for the ring, stupid

But it's not horrible news for Kris, because he made $3.2 million from the Nets last season.  Oh right, there's a lockout.  Well maybe he saved ...

As for Kim, last year the family empire raked in $65 million.

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At the very least, Kris should be given half of the proceeds of the televised wedding, considering he was used as a prop for Kim. How many viewers are angry over being duped by this entire engagement - wedding fiasco?

1090 days ago


Poor Mr ex-Kardashian. You know what you were getting into when you married this woman, so now shut up!

1090 days ago


If things I've read on here are correct...seems Kim was PO'd about Kris's "work ethic". So, guy gets a "PR" agent and is gonna promote his own line of cologne, etc. We were told this the "the last straw"...the reason that made up her mind about the divorce.
So, lets get this straight...biotch is mad because, basically, he's sittin on his butt...fight over "work ethics" and money...dude gets a PR agent to help get a line of products for HIMSELF - read that as getting a "work ethic" to support HIMSELF - and seem like he's contributing to the marriage, instead of just sitting on his butt.
So, biotch gets PO'd and divorces the guy???
What would she consider a "work ethic"...flippin burgers at Micky D's??? Nothing wrong with doin that, though....for us "non celebrities".
I'll just step out on a limb here....so, she wanted him to get pee'd on and take it up the butt, then have the tape
"leaked" to become a "celebrity"??? To get his money and start his own pathetic "career"???
Ummmm...Kimmy...he'd be playin b-ball and not have to deal with your triffling fat azz if not for a bunch of d'bags holding up the b-ball season!!!
NEVER gonna get married...gonna end up an old saggy azzed piece of crap, like she already is....and, good Lord...why do I even care??? LOL

1090 days ago


stop the madness. make them go away.

1090 days ago


He was bought and paid for up front to fulfill and obligation. His contract is up. He's made plenty on the hoax wedding. This family has scammed the country with the help of the media and yet it continues.

1090 days ago


Well, well, well...another emasculated man at the hands of this vile family. First Bruce Jenner… then that Scott person…and then the brother. Any men caught up with these vile women better check to see if they still have a pair when they get the boot...LOL

1090 days ago


I don't really care about either of them, and am no basketball expert. But at least he must have some skill to make it to the NBA. Kim is nothing but a famewhore. (Could probably drop "fame"...)

1089 days ago


Ok u all it didn,t work knew it wouldn,t so Kim if your reading all our opinions which Im sure u are be a big girl give kris the ring back, also the gifts u got well I hope the people who gave them to u can get their money back if u return them and on the next season show do not show u and kris or the divorce and if at all possible cancel the dam show and get out of town ur so done u have no substance and ar pathetic and we do not feel sorry for u.

1089 days ago


NOONE who is married for 72 days should keep an engagement ring. She is such a money hungry, selfish, materialistic bitch. She's a joke and so pathetic and has made a TOTAL fool of herself for this. And anyone who watched their E special understands why this marriage didn't work. She talked rudely to him the entire show and was more worried about what other people saw than his feelings. Get divorced and move on Kris. You'll be glad this didn't work out because she'll NEVER have a decent man being the person she is. Anyone who wears 3 wedding gowns is nothing but vain. She's all about making the next buck so let her. The reason Reggie Bush kicked her fat ass to the curb is because she would rather make money than be in love. She may have a lot of money but she's a total loser.

1089 days ago


Hopefully Kris got half the wedding photo money for this publicity stunt of a marriage. The Kardashians are disgusting people, seriously who would want to associate with them.

1089 days ago


SHouldn't Kris get some of the money from the wedding, California, is a community property state. This means both the husband and wife equally own all money earned by either one of them from the beginning of the marriage until the date of separation. And they both have to file taxes as married regardless of how long they were married. Take that Kim

1089 days ago


He should get half of the proceeds of the marriage photos sold to magazines and any other money made through the ceremony ($18 million). He was half of the equation - he should sue

1089 days ago


These two are disgusting, they put their lives on TV and then they don't want to hear all the negative comments about them, well don't invite them. She's a user, she uses people for her own gain, "Fantasy Wedding" conning all those people out all the expensive gifts, the ring! He can not be that dumb, can he?

1089 days ago

Your Momma    

This is directly to Kim Kardashian, the Realty Queen. I guess you must have felt like you were falling out of the lime light so you had to do something as ridiculous as getting married via national television and it was all about money. You and your family say Kris was chasing fame, isn’t that what your first ex-husband said about you. I am sure that Kris was not sitting around waiting for someone to come around and put him on a realty show before he met you. Your life is all about chasing fame and that is exactly what you did only you used a porn tape to do it and your entire is the best example of someone chasing fame. You brought Kris into your realty world and you are upset that he should want to capitalize on it. Isn’t that the tea kettle calling the skillet black? You will never convince anyone that he was chasing fame, no one can do that better than you.
Now I am hearing you want a divorce because you want to continue to chase fame and not move with your HUSBAND to where he needs to live. This is proof that you never cared about him at all. You and your family have used him for ratings for your show and to make money off of your phony wedding. He should have spent more time finding out more about you before he asked you to marry him. I am sure you knew before you married him that he would more than likely have to move to play for various teams, if you were not willing to do that then you should have never accepted to marry him. You and your family have ruined his life and I am sure he wishes that he never met you. Because of you, he now has cameras stuck in his face, people digging into his personal life, all because of you, that is not love.
I always knew you were a superficial, money hungry slut but I never thought you would stoop to such a low. Your family feels like this may affect their ability to earn money so they are saying all these bad things about Kris. You all should be ashamed of yourself. You all have done exactly what you are accusing him of doing. You want to pretend like you are so hurt and it was a tough decision for you, it was just a business decision for you. Now you are back in the spotlight again which is exactly what you wanted. You should be ashamed of yourself and any other man that would get involved with you would totally be stupid.

1089 days ago


Not sure if this is correct or not but he also receives money from E! because he signed a contract to be on the three shows (Kardasians, the wedding, and the upcoming NY). It said he made $20,000 per episode for 3 of the shows and even more for the wedding series. I guess he will need to get a new manager because he had signed with Kris Jenner when they got engaged.

1089 days ago
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