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Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kris Humphries Comes Up

Goose Eggs

11/1/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kris humphries kim kardashian prenup
Kim Kardashian
will not pay Kris Humphries a red cent in their divorce ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Kim and Kris have a prenup -- which Kim felt was "the smart thing to do."

Sources familiar with the prenup tell TMZ ... the document keeps ALL assets separate, and with such a short marriage neither walks away with money from the other -- not a single penny.

Now that leaves just one piece of business on the table -- Kim's $2 million engagement ring.  Sorry Kris, but you lose on 2 counts:

1.  Under California law, once you said "I do," you lost any rights to the ring
2.  You didn't pay for the ring, stupid

But it's not horrible news for Kris, because he made $3.2 million from the Nets last season.  Oh right, there's a lockout.  Well maybe he saved ...

As for Kim, last year the family empire raked in $65 million.

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It's not like basketball is over for good. He'll be back to making money in no time. He probably has decent money of his own after being in the NBA for 7 years.

1086 days ago

American Mom    

Smells like nothing but a big fat bussiness deal. Hey, they should have to return all the presents they got.

1086 days ago


Good grief.

You people are drowning in debt, but found a way to give Kardashian 65 million last year?


Big Poppa

1086 days ago


Kris should sue Kim for fraud. It was all a publicity gimmick on her part. She should have the decency to give back the ring to Kris. But of course she doesn't have any decency.

1086 days ago


I just threw up in my mouth.

When people say the gays will ruin the institution of marriage -- is "gays" a euphamism for Kardassians?

1086 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This family made 65 million? HOw embarrassing.

I predict Kim K's divorce will damage the brand. People aren't going to be sucked into watching this when anyone with a brain knows its a total sham at this point. NOthing is real about the Kardashians life on TV. They are just bad actors in a bad reality show.

1086 days ago


don't worry! coz both of them signed up www.agelessmeet.com/
they will find someone special..i guess!

1086 days ago


I have a great idea: stop investing your hard earned money into the "Kardashian Empire"! Anyone who buys anyone with their "brand" is a fool.. A Fool! Stop supporting these fame whores; let them burn through their assets and then go broke. Also, TMS: stop reporting on this family; without attention, they will shrival away.

1086 days ago


Forget about the ring, just be happy you are out of that family, Kris. It was probably planned as a publicity stunt anyway. Guess it takes more than T*** & A** to be a wife.

1086 days ago


This stupid witch and this idiotic turd who was foolish enough to marry this self absorbed fat-ass should all fall off the face of the earth along with the greedy mom and whole psycho family. Enough of these lowlifes!!

1086 days ago


The marriage, even how they met was so scripted from start to finish I'm suprised anyone fell for it. I'm sure the divorce was all planned out before the marriage. The only thing I'm suprised about is that I thought they'd stay together long enough to look remotely believeable so it didn't backfire on them, like say 10 months or so. I guess the 70 day marriage was more sensational.

1086 days ago


Thankfully, Kris doesn't really care about the money - he is just as happy with that 3 million he made last year as the pizzed on sex tape star is with her millions. As you saw in the show, Kris is happy with simple things, like a normal house, (she accused him of living in a college "dorm") where she already owned a mansion and told him she wanted to buy another (Avril Lavigne's house that was for sale). So in the end, "he doesnt get any of her money" means nothing.

1086 days ago

buzz kill    

Anybody as stupid as Kris doesn't deserve anything. He gives hicks and country bumpkins a bad name, he should be ashamed of himself. Good thing there is no basketball right now, he won't have to overhear the snickers and jokes about his failure as a man.

1086 days ago



Take down the Kardashians.
Take down the Lohans.
Take down the Hiltons.
Take down People Mag., E! and Bravo.

1086 days ago


Hey Kim,BTW I returned your perfume back to the department store...Didn't wank the smell of skank on me!! You should be supporting your husband!!!

1086 days ago
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