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Kim Kardashian

Tortured Over Divorce Decision

11/1/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian tortured
Kim Kardashian
agonized over her decision to divorce Kris Humphries, and didn't make the final decision until Sunday night ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected with Kim tell us ... KK cried all weekend, deciding to file legal docs, then changing her mind several times over. 

We're told she clearly wasn't happy but wasn't 100% sure the marriage was irretrievably broken.

As for why she finally pulled the trigger ... we're told Kim was shocked and angry that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist.  As she put it to one of her friends, "He's not in f**king Hollywood.  He plays sports."


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Don't care stop talking about them, put it in one or two posts a day and just update them

1085 days ago


Isn't this Kim's second failed (short) marriage? No one is surprised by this, I'm sure it was all done for the cameras. I feel sorry for the poor guy, I'm sure Kim is a raging b*tch and control freak. Now I wonder how much Kim will rake in for divorce interviews?

1085 days ago


Hey Kim,BTW I returned your perfume back to the department store...Didn't wank the smell off skank on me!!

1085 days ago


Hoax...give Kris that ring back!!!

1085 days ago


Kim your not an actress....GIVE THAT POOR MAN HIS RING BACK. Selfish Beotch. Selfish selfish selfish. Sick of kim

1085 days ago


That photo looks like she's putting herpes medicine on her lip. This whore is not an actress, she's too short to be a model, i bet if you saw her without any make-up she'd look average at best (she needs a TON of make-up from a professional to look like what a tranny on LaCaux could achieve with the same amount of make-up). She has a misshapen odd-looking huge ass but with skinny legs that makes it look like she has a diaper with a week's worth of poop lodged in there. There is absolutely no reason why she should be famous enough to have a "brand" that people stupidly purchase and make her wealthy. In this economy, she should be struggling too. Wake up people!!

1085 days ago


Kind of vindicates Obama's statement on why he doesn'*****ch the Kardashians. People if we don't pay attention to them, they won't profit from us.

1085 days ago


This is such BS, TMZ obviously posts this crap to get hits/comments (but hey, it worked with me). We all know it was a sham wedding so you can stop with the hourly updates on their stupid scripted lives. We don't care anymore and we can forget all about them soon enough with your help. We all know that won't happen because the Kardashians are one of the families that whores every detail about themselves to TMZ to stay relevant. I hate that I'm feeding into this by commenting and giving your web site hits but these people are making our country look like a total joke. Find a new family TMZ, America is sick of them #OccupyKardashians

1085 days ago


Why are we so mesmerized by mediocrity ???

1085 days ago


It seems TMZ is only looking after Kim and the Kardashian Family bt feeling sorry for her when you try to read most comments here and in most websites- even her own fan*****ed her. She was so overwhelmed with the whole hoopla of the wedding that she forgot to ask where they're suppose to live. Kim is all about business - nothing more. Beauty and fame fades and no one's going to care about her after this. This is simply just a beginning of the end of the Kardashians. This stunt to save her is not going to work. Goodbye fame and fortune.

1085 days ago


This greedy, used human condom needs to give the ring back. She got it KNOWING she would divorce him soon. She got all she wanted and she used him to get it. I would definitely file a civil suit against this short, fat slut.

1085 days ago


I can't believe this woman ever actually cried over anything, she's a ******* whore, and he is well rid of her.

1085 days ago


How could someone agonize over a 72 day wedding? She, along with many celebrities are making a mockery out of marriage. What kind of example are they setting for the current and future generation? Reading this story makes me sad. I'm going to cancel my TMZ account right now and stop reading this gossip garbage.

1085 days ago


This is the first thing in this whole story that sounds half true. Kim would be scared #$%$^$# that Kris might go hollywood. He actually has a talent and doesn't need a team of plastic surgeons to keep him just below the attractive line. She must have had nightmares what someone like that would do if people watch her. Not to worry though Kim they watch you because you are a train wreck and make them feel better about there lives.

1085 days ago


And she is the only one that can be famous?? if she is mad for that im wondering about her self esteem and her "real love"for him...

also if those are the REASONS shes making a joke of herself cause she let her in, in the MOTEL MARRIAGE LIST... DO IT AND LEAVE.... so sad!

1085 days ago
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