TMZ Live Kim Kardashian Divorce Re-Gifting $2 Million Ring

11/1/2011 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Kim Kardashian Divorce -- Can You Regift a $2 Mil Ring?

Is Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring cursed? Some crazy people say they actually wouldn't accept the rock if it was given to them! Plus, who's crapping more on the sanctity of marriage -- same sex couples or Kim and her 72 day union?

Also, Harvey offers up a compelling -- and outrageous -- closing argument for Dr. Conrad Murrayfree of charge!

(3:01) Randomness -- what does "mighty white of you" mean?
(5:25) We know the "disso queen" who wrote Kim Kardashian's prenup -- and that sucker is air tight in Kim's favor.
(8:42) Kris Humphries isn't getting the $2 million engagement ring back -- for a number of reasons.
(14:43) Would you accept a $2 mil ring ... if it was left over from a previous engagement?
(24:20) If Kim K. can "crap all over" marriage ... why can't gay people who've been faithful partners for decades get hitched?
(30:01) A Christian calls in to say gays should NOT be able to get married -- and it's all got to do with the actual definition of "sanctity."
(37:12) Lindsay is bound to go to jail tomorrow -- so the big question is ... for how long? Harvey is betting on longer than two months.
(42:20) Harvey plays the part of Dr. Murray's defense team -- and gives his closing argument. Naturally, Jason objects.