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Kim K Divorce

Blame It On "Intuition"

11/2/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian just got grilled about WHY she pulled the plug so quickly on her marriage to Kris Humphries -- and she chalked it up to that ole standby ... woman's intuition.

Kim was on the Australian morning news show "Sunrise" when the host asked how hard she worked to save the 72 day union -- and if there was any counseling involved. Kim said she was just following her heart ... and "there's no right or wrong."

Wonder if Kris H. feels that way.


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Funny as I was gon say same thing: RADISHES!! She's so full of it!! Poor Kris...

1086 days ago


Huh???? Blame it on what? That's the stupidest reason for divorcing. No self respecting man would want to date her after this stunt. She'll only date to take their money or use them for publicity & toss them like a used kleenex. She'll have lots of money, but never know real love.

1086 days ago


Blame it on NOT HAVING A HEART! Will this family ever go away?

1086 days ago


Hahaha she couldn´t quite answer coz theey didn´t have marriage counseling hahaha.It´s all clear now your not ready now because you still get to prepare an answer for deeds against the sanctuary of marriage hahah.Have you read the comment of yahoo.cnn.from the people from x17.All are negative right up escept for Bruce..Bruce take out your two daughters from these disgrace family.It´s a shame for America it´s no wonder Obamas don´t like you.I won´t even accept your bags for free I only buy things came from good role model like Bill Gates and Chanel

1086 days ago


Just wait...they are all in it for the money and the ratings. Now they have our attention, they will then reconcile and have another $18 million renewal ceremony and make more money! BEWARE!! Who is cashing the checks? And donating to charity for the presents? Wealthy people have to do that for tax writeoffs. Please...the gig is up! America, watch something that really matters...this is redonculous and makes you stupider with every minute. I tried for three years to make my marriage work and did everything I could, but I have morals and values and actually tried. I was going to say I feel bad for her, but now Im just upset because THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! My kids better NEVER watch this show! How wrong on every level. But, hey, now instead of trying to fix things with the man you promised your vows to infront of God, family and the whole world, you gotta pimp out your purses in Australia...thats more important. NICE!! What a great role model!!! She should have a special on PBS for young kids on what not to do!!

1086 days ago


just read that kim met with reggie bush and filed for divorce next day. husband kris was out of town. yeah shes really sad and didnt make any money off wedding.BS

1086 days ago

AZ BOiler    

can someone clarify for me why this pig is famous?

1086 days ago


I have to stand up for Minnesota. Per capita we are in the top 3 for intelligence in the whole United States. F Mike Walters He sticks up for Porn Stars. Yes that business makes him money but don’t F with people who actually have values. Harvey, Mike is a bottom feeder and when they go down please send Mike with them.
The Nutts

1086 days ago


Kim, Kim, Kim, seriously, go **** yourself you lying ****. I don't think I could despise a person more.

1086 days ago

ino robert    

Learn Hot To Stop your man from cheating. Download this book today and don't let divorce be a option.

1086 days ago


She says she truly loved him than two months later NOT. True love last longer than two months. With KIM and her family its all about making money. Kim and the clan are spoiled rotten DIVAS if they don't get their way they have a tantrum. If anything she was not in love but in lust and the lust wore off. She has struck out twice she can't be pleased so guys quit wasting your time. She and her family are users and don't care who they hurt or step on.

1086 days ago


WOW Kim!you really suprised me, you didnt answer the question. I thought you were smarter but looks can be deceiving. You dont have a heart ...

1086 days ago


Kris H. should lawyer up and get that SPIDER for fraud, defamation, his reputation, false imprisonment.. go for it Kris!

1086 days ago


It wasn't like this was an arranged marriage between two kids who had never met before! Is she saying that her "intuition" kept her thinking she was madly in love and was going to live happily every after up to the time of the wedding but that two months later, her intuition told her that there was no hope of saving her "marriage"? A marriage is something that takes some time and effort. To suggest that a little over two months is enough time to build and save a marriage is ludicrous! I don't believe for a second that it was not a publicity stunt! I wonder if Kris was a willing part of it, or really thought he was getting in to a legitimate relationship/

1086 days ago

Keisha L. Hale    

on the Kim K. divorce drama, my opinion is that she should wait on the right person who can share her idiosyncracies about marriage and just be happy and content

1086 days ago
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