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Kim Kardashian

Kris' Parents HATED Me

11/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries parents and Kim
Kim Kardashian is telling friends ... Kris Humphries is full of B.S. when he talks about how much his family loved and supported her.  We're told Kim says they had nothing but disdain for her and her family, and never wanted their son to tie the knot.

Kim is telling her posse, "It's ridiculous that Kris' family is making Kris look like the victim."  We're told she says the reality is ... they constantly "belittled" her, were "nasty" to her family and Kim is saying a lot of this was captured on camera.

Kim is telling friends that Kris' family is actually partly to blame for the failure of the marriage.


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His parents aren't the only one's that hate you. So do I, for the simple fact that you're an Armenian ho that has never offered anything positive to society. Your entire family should just die and quit taking up TMZ's time.

1030 days ago


This says it all. Not one poster supporting Kim! All we need to find out now is that she is pregnant and she'll claim it's HER baby and try to keep Kris away.

1030 days ago


So Kim, did your Mommy-manager tell you to say that? YOU really should STFU, since you're becoming a has-been. The more you put down Kris H. and/or his family, the worse YOU look.

1030 days ago


What parent wouldn't want their kid to marry a fake, talentless fame whore, who cares about nothing more than herself and money?

1030 days ago


Kris has no manners and acts like a spoiled child. He has the maturity of a 17 year old and wasn't ready for marriage. His parents obviously didn't do a good job raising him. Is he autistic or just retarded?

1030 days ago

Josie Jones    

kris is too good for KIM--she is a joke
her family is a joke now--these Marie Antionette people have finally been called.
When our country struggles, these sham people make a mockery of finances and marriage. I say Occupy Kardasian--give this money to our country--to the poor
200,000 kim is donating--give me a break!!
Give back the presents and donate a year's salary of all of you
the DASH stores--a joke--have you been to one?
It is as big as a closet with nothing in it--who wants water, candles, k books, perfume?

1030 days ago


Ya know Kim for every finger you have pointing at other people, you have 3 more pointing back at yourself. You are so full of it, and it is quite sad you are blaming the family for your problems. What I find the most disturbing, is the "donation" you are making. Could you not be a bigger B****? I mean, cmon, it is a huge tax write off, it doesn't come close to the amount spent at the wedding, and its dirty money. The people involved with the Dream Foundation have problems WORSE than what you have, and for you to be doing this is just pure nonsense. You are doing the donation for the wrong reasons and that is bullcrap. And you know what else? EVERY MARRIAGE HAS ITS PROBLEMS. Its a part of life. You will have your differences and fights will happen. You just have to wade through like everyone else does and work on your issues. HOWEVER, because you are so full of yourself and had to be the one in the spotlight, you took the easy way out and divorced him, for STUPID reasons, reasons that could have easily been worked on. Kim, you're a quitter. You made a complete mockery of marriage and karma is a b****. Then you wonder why people think you're an idiot....

1030 days ago


Oh gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's because YOU USED THEIR SON for you and your family's greedy lives. Sorry Kardashians, you can NEVER get yourselves out of this mess. You have finally been exposed, and it's making you go crazy. Your Kardashian empire will soon flop.

1030 days ago


Kim you are in trouble...accept it and take responsibility. It is your fault and we all know it, you look so ridiculous protesting, you should keep your mouth shut, but you just don't have enough intelligence to do so. Goodbye.

1030 days ago

Emerald Robertson    

Oh com ON people! She invited Donald Trump and he decided to do a golfing event instead? I knew right then the whole thing was a sham. I was a bit surprised that she waited that long. But then I got to thinking about the wedding gifts, Now that made sense. You would have to be married at least long enough to have potentially used them. And $200,000.00? A drop in the bucket I'm sure compared to what she raked in. any way. I pretty Much go along with the rest of the folk here.I would like to add though that she reminds me of Fran Dresher's (sp?)character The Nanny, only not nearly as lovable and Fran could be pretty annoying.

1030 days ago


She will be pregnant by the time its all over. Knowing this going into the divorce, how else can she stay "famous". Makes for great t.v. huh? Isn't she the only one of her friends that doesn't have a kid? What a joke... when are these people going to figure out that they are hated by the world?!

1030 days ago


Give him back the RING, you're show is DONE .
Id never watch it again.

1030 days ago


I would not want her to marry my Son, but then he thinks she is disgustimg. so I don't have to worry about her.She and her Campa are sure failing in making this look like Kris's fault, aren't they? Their planned publicity to make her look good and make more money hopefully failed! Maybe all of the brain dead people who watch her TV show and buy her product get some sense and boycott the entire Kardashian family.

1030 days ago

Cindy B    

Instead of having x-ray's of her big a** she needs to have her head examined. This bitch and her whole family are NUTS. My in-laws don't like me either, but I have been married for 35 years to the same man and don't give a rat's a** what my in-laws think of me. That is love Kimmy dear, grow up!!!!! Kris H run for your life!!!!!! Consider yourself lucky you didn't have children with this crazy slut.

1030 days ago


Notice we havent heard much from Kris. Cuz hes prob really upset and not wanting this all over the place like the Kardashians constantly out there doing damage control. So far all Kris has done is say he was blindsided and loved his wife and wants it to work. Shes come out every 6 hours saying soemthing to try to make her look better. EXCUSES...and lies

1030 days ago
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