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Justin Bieber

Slams Alleged Baby Mama

'I'm Never Gonna Be a Victim'

11/4/2011 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber on the Today Show
Justin Bieber has finally decided to address the baby daddy rumors himself -- telling Matt Lauer point blank ... Mariah Yeater is LYING THROUGH HER TEETH.

Bieber appeared on "Today" and said, "I'd just like to say that none of those allegations are true" ... adding, "I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim." 


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Its so funny how his fans is getting at Mariah. No one knows what went down only both of them know. Of course he's gonna deny it Duh thats what his lawyers is telling him to do. I bet all of you would feel stupid if he is the father!What is even more amazing is that everyone is acting like they personally know him!

1029 days ago


DON'T submit to DNA to quick. It'll make him an easy target and the flood gates will open of women making the same claim for their 15 minutes and hoped for pay day. Make the next women think long and hard before making such allegations.

1029 days ago


Oh Boy!! It's a Boy!! Have a feeling that this is his kid. But BIG DEAL!!!

1029 days ago


I agree just get the test done and prove you are not the baby daddy. If Bieber is not the baby daddy I think child services should be getting involved with this girl Mariah. It the baby I feel sorry for...what a mother either way :(

1029 days ago


I think you will see Gloria involved here she loves this stuff. I think this baby is his as well, it only lasted 30 seconds so its in the bathroom?? Well than it could have happened since he never spent much time with her.

This is what his mother gets for allowing this boy to hookup with the likes of Usher, he's picking up some bad habits. Where the hell was she when this was going on, spending his money no dealt. GOD help us all the world has gone mad.

1029 days ago

J. Leigh    

Ohhhh..... Justins a daddy. Nicee.

1029 days ago


Talk about growing up FAST! This is the very dark side of "showbiz" Selena gets death threats and Bieber gets this ****. On the one hand I'm with those who say just get the test, but on the other hand HE knows the truth and if the truth is he never met the woman then why jump through those hoops to prove to total strangers that he is innocent?
I do not know either of them personally so I can't speculate but I agree his popularity and money makes him a real target.
He's handling it like a pro though.

1029 days ago


Don't you have to like women, then have sex with them to make a baby? I don't think Bieber is interested in that.

1029 days ago


Im not obsesses with justin bieber but i honestly think hes telling the truth. If you read the police report this woman keeps changing her story so it just seems like she made it all up

1029 days ago


Isn't that what Michael Jackson said??? Just saying...

1029 days ago

bieber girl    

mariah bitch .u ugly duckling ........ur like a chimpanzee
u liar........we'll see u n ur ******* rumors ........

1028 days ago


take the test if ur not guilty! lol and as for the girl claiming for it to be her first time check her on face book and my space,Mariah Laci Yeater-Pearson! lol sorry grand pa ur baby girl luv bathrooms! lol i hate poor people always looking for a pay day ! bitch is a cheap **** who goe to a bathroom lol

1028 days ago


how does that song go?? oh yes, Never say Never. people are to quick to jump to his defence and say there is no way he could be the father, he's only 17 and oh so sweet... i say whatever!!! just cause he's 17 doesnt mean he is not capable of 'doin it' with someone. maybe the fame got to his head, and he wanted to make a fan feel 'special' for a night. or maybe this girl so so obsessed with justin beiber, as are many crazy people (me not being one of them) and is living in la la land and needs professional help. either way a dna test is in order, why the delay? career move? just do the test and get it over with, so i dont have to read about it every time i open up my computer or turn on the news.

1028 days ago


This can't be true. We all know that he likes guys.

1027 days ago


if you are true, what are you scared of? Test results should mean nothing, courage your gonna need it.

1005 days ago
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