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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Zero Communication Since Split

11/5/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian kris humphries
Kim Kardashian
hasn't spoken a word to Kris Humphries since she filed for divorce, despite reports to the contrary -- this according to sources close to the couple.

Sources close to KK tell TMZ ... the two have been giving each other nothing but the silent treatment since Kim filed divorce papers on Monday ... despite multiple reports they've been communicating regularly. 

According to sources, the couple made a mutual decision not to communicate -- at least for the time being. We're told any immediate communication will be handled through their reps.

As for other break-up logistics, like getting each other's stuff back -- we're told there really aren't any ... neither Kim nor Kris ever officially moved into the other's home ... so the split was pretty clean.

TMZ spoke to Kim's mom Kris Jenner earlier today in L.A. -- and she tells us, she hasn't spoken to Kris either since the split.


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If she wants to divorce him that's within her right, what I find appalling though is how she informed him, i.e. she didn't and let him find out through the tabloids. Who does that to someone they CLAIM TO LOVE?? She keeps saying she did marry him for love, yet 72 days later when it comes time to inform him of an impending divorce all that love flew right out the window. Maybe this is why people are having a difficult believing her "married for love" story...

992 days ago


I wish the whole family would disappear, getting tired of hearing about them.. Kris H need to consider the divorce a blessing and move on with his life..

992 days ago


Kris Jenner won't stop her antics until Bruce divorces her and has her declared an unfit parent. His gold medal in the decathlon in 1976 would be his second-greatest achievement if he did that.

992 days ago


He has served his purpose.. why would they need to continue talking to him?

992 days ago


No one cares. I will never be watching any Kardashian shows ever again. Not even a re run.

992 days ago


WHY are most of the pics of Kim with her MOUTH
wide open? Is it STUCK in that position from
sucking so much black d*ck?? And she probably
dumped Kris because he wasn't BLACK enough for
her, and he had CLASS and refused to pee on her
like her other lovers. This woman is a pig, and
WHY WHY WHY is she being reported on every minute
of the day? BOYCOTT the Kartrashians, and Sears,
and their show and their sponsors. And
are the WORST. How much is she paying you Harvey?

992 days ago


Yes tmz needs to stop posting things about this b****. If they don't stop posting things we are going to ban this site as well we will start a petition.

992 days ago


Humpy is much better off getting away from this family this quickly anyway...pimpmom would have had his balls in no time. The paps are wasting their time asking pimp about the money, she's going to take that lie to her grave, but I do like they keep hounding her because I'm sure she sick of it. Hope her book sales flop!

992 days ago


Here is the location of the petition so E can cancel the show please sign it. We may need to do another petition for the sponsors and anyone that are advertising or selling their stuff. She is also going to be in Tyler Perry's new movie so his ratings will suck her out of all people. Someone who pretend to be happily married only to exploit Kris Humphries. This b**** needs to be sued and also her greedy a** fat momma.

992 days ago


Just another classless move by Kim and the rest of her family. You cant even give him the benefit of talking to him or working through as mature adults? No, of course not - let your reps handle it. RIDICULOUS! The rest of us peons actually have to deal with our own problems and dont hire reps to do it. SO tired of the Kardashians and thier trash fame.

992 days ago

CA Girl    

I hope he gets his $2 million "wedding" ring back from what's-her-name. If that woman has any class whatsoever, she'll return it to the rightful owner. I'd be asking for it back, too. How humiliating, but actually neither one of them has any class or dignity, so how could I be surprised? Even her MOTHER says she shouldn't return the ring. Says it's a "GIFT". Oh yeah. It's a gift alright. Low lifes. Dress 'em up, they're still what they are.

992 days ago

Loving Latina    

I wouldn't talk to Kim either!! I wouldn't trust any of their family. Every conversation will be recorded and filmed. Kim will use it for her advantage to make Kris look bad. This doesn't surprise me on his part. Furthermore, he doesn't need to make an attempt to speak to the fame whore Kim Kardashian.... SHE'S THE ONLY THAT FILED FOR DIVORCE WITHOUT TELLING HIM!!!! She should call him and be apologetic. But she won't do it, because she's trying to make plans to reunite with Reggie Bush!!!.... TMZ why don't you get information on Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush date before she filed for divorce!!! that would be better news reporting... All these leaks to TMZ are calculated and planned..I'm telling ya!!!....The Kardashian clan is still at work behind the scenes.... They are all slores!!!

992 days ago


Buddy, you got off lucky. Get your ring back, make her pack up the gifts and return them and get on with your life with a nice girl who doesn't pimp herself out for a living. By the way, make sure she didn't make a sextape of your honeymoon or she and her pimpin manager mother will sell that too. You're way too nice for that bunch of losers.

992 days ago


Whatever! Kim Karwhatever! A marriage is forever, you spoiled brat, thats why you take vows. You are suppost to take them seriously not so you can file for divorce when ever is not convenient to you. Lambert is right you are a joke!!!

992 days ago



992 days ago
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