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Real Estate Agency

REFUSED to Sell My Home

11/6/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman claims she's the victim of Octomomism -- prejudice against people who have given birth to eight kids at once -- because she says a real estate agency refused to handle the sale of her home because of who she was.

As TMZ first reported, Octo is unloading her troubled La Habra home (and even asking for more than it was appraised for). But Octo tells us when she first tried listing the home with a friend who worked at Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate, that agency rejected the listing ... on grounds they didn't want the media coverage.

In fact, her broker friend was told if she wanted to list the home, she'd have to resign and do it somewhere else. She did just that.

Octo tells TMZ, "I was appalled to say the least. It is a blatant form of prejudice and I was disgusted that they refused to take my house and list it."

Calls to Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate were not returned.


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Jay W.'s Angelina Voight

1083 days ago


Owners have the right to discriminate who they rent their house to. I'm sure as hell a real estate agency can turn down a client, like any other business. I don't blame them.

1083 days ago


How exactly is she able to sell it when the man she got the house from is constantly saying she owes him money and he is going to take the house back, which made me think it's a lease type thing? I don't think she has a right to sell it, it's not her house.

1083 days ago


Will this shiat for brains please just go away? I'm sure they refused to list the house because it's TRASHED beyond belief, plus who wants to work with a mentally ill moron who has her head up her azz? An agency can refuse to work with her if they so choose. So what? They made a business decision and they decided (like everybody else on the planet), that she is poison.

What an effing cry baby.

1083 days ago


My guess is that they refused to list her home, because she refused to cooperate with them. They probably wanted her to clean the place up, and she refused (citing no money, I'm sure). Honestly, who can blame them????

1083 days ago


Brokers refuse listings all the time. In this case, it is a troubled property. It's in foreclosure and trashed inside and out. Since the foreclosure sale is 11/28, the listing agent got a whopping 60 day listing. Most brokers won't take a listing for less than three months, six being better.

1083 days ago


What a disgusting looking creature! Grab your straight-jacket and take a one-way trip to the loony bin you wacko beotch, and take those psycho tramp kardashians with you, and THROW AWAY THE KEY!

1083 days ago


Nice try TMZ but I'm still not interested in this loser and her unfortunate children. I know she's been trying to break through lately as her kids are o****e for a reality show but that's not going to happen either. She doesn't own the home and if the realtor wants to stay out of the press then good for them. In a world where money seems to mean everything it's nice to see somebody turn it down for the right reasons every now and then.

1083 days ago


that woman's mouth looks like an exploding anus!! nice surgical work there dimwit!

1083 days ago


Its a right also of the real agency whom to server... ==

1083 days ago


The real estate agency has every right to turn her down for whatever reason...they are not breaking any laws in doing so. Wanting to avoid the circus that accompanies this woman seems like a smart move to me.

1083 days ago


I don't blame them, it's a POS house, she's let those rug rats destroy it, and to ask more than it's worth is a joke, you aren't a celebrity and nobody wants to live in your damn house just because you owned it you fool!

1082 days ago


It is not prejudice. It was a sound business decision by the real estate company.

1082 days ago


She absolutely trashed the place! No real estate broker in their right mind would take that listing without demanding that she replace/repair items that bring the value of the house down. Furthermore, I just saw her whiny face on Dr. Drew's show and when he was offering child care for a year, maids for a year, etc., she snubbed her nose at him!!! He was absolutely furious, so she apologized and accepted the "gifts." Additionally, I think she is still paying off the real owner of the home. He must be so mad at the horrid deal he got that he is letting it go into foreclosure, then he will buy it back without having to deal with this nutcase. Lock her ass up and bring the children to families who can truly take good care of them.

1082 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I thought she was renting the house. Anyway the real estate company are idiots and so is anyone else that tries to hinder this woman selling her house. Some people just won't be happy until her and her children are homeless in the street.

1082 days ago
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