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Real Estate Agency

REFUSED to Sell My Home

11/6/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman claims she's the victim of Octomomism -- prejudice against people who have given birth to eight kids at once -- because she says a real estate agency refused to handle the sale of her home because of who she was.

As TMZ first reported, Octo is unloading her troubled La Habra home (and even asking for more than it was appraised for). But Octo tells us when she first tried listing the home with a friend who worked at Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate, that agency rejected the listing ... on grounds they didn't want the media coverage.

In fact, her broker friend was told if she wanted to list the home, she'd have to resign and do it somewhere else. She did just that.

Octo tells TMZ, "I was appalled to say the least. It is a blatant form of prejudice and I was disgusted that they refused to take my house and list it."

Calls to Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate were not returned.


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Maybe it was the **** stains on the wall that turned them off?

1052 days ago


Oh, Boo,hoo...Octomom. "Blatant"...."disgust". Two words that brutally assault me, each time that Octomom thrusts and flaunts herself the media.
Madame has been affronted.. Spare me! Does she play the Octo name to suit her game...? The public has been privy for almost three years, to the Benefits that being the mother of eight tuplets has been provided. Madame has utilized her rights in the social system for more than ten years....the Taxpayer has financially wiped her bottom for her. Madame does not appear to realize that she is not the only one with rights.
Her 'word' is meaningless to has no value...and I base this sentiment upon the proven lies that she has perpetuated for the past three years. Lies exposed by legal do***entation, and her own words...on video.....and not!.. written tabloid, or hear say.
I give a flying rats ass...who actually owns the house that she lives in..
Who in his right mind would wish to represent the sale of a house in such a state of disrepair ... an internal hovel, pigstye..whichever nomenaclature that one might choose to apply? And why should anyone be judged for not accepting a contract that would be detrimental, or detract from one's business.
If Octomom lived on an island, by herself.....then her rights would rule.....but, each individual has rights, so that if her rights impinge upon those of another, then her rights do not automatically supercede.
Sit on it and rotate, octomom....Your wingeing is pitifully tiresome and boring... No doubt that this 'Little opportunity' has provided you with some much needed sheckels......After all
Dr. Drew's 'gifts' apparently did not corellate with that which you money. .... Unless.........he threw in a few dollars via the back door..
Helloooo..! Hadadin ? Where are you ? Shall we be expecting you soon, to re-appear with a song of woe...?

1052 days ago


Nadya and all 14 her children will be alright, regardless! They won't go homeless, won't go hungry and they will stay together regardless of the LaHarba home outcome. That's a fact and you can quote me on it. :)

1052 days ago


Oops -- that's La Habra.

1052 days ago


The "outcome" of the La Habra house is a foregone conclusion. Octomom deliberated set out to have it foreclosed on and is not going to redeem it.

1052 days ago


Realtors are independent agents and can pick and choose who they list. There is no requirement that they take everyone who walks through their door as a client. Tbe condition of the house ( grafitti every where, the holes in the walls, the smells, the destruction) coupled with the lack of a clear title would make any sane realtor say no thanks to tho Octoho. Not worth the time or the trouble to put up with what will no doubt end up as a full blown foreclosure and no commission. Why should a realtor waste their own time and money on Octoho's latest publicity stunt?

1052 days ago


Bruno, Not much invested in this listing. Just the cost of putting it on the MLS, putting up a sign. No pictures except the front, no virtual tour, no flyer box or flyers. Maybe $50 bucks. I'd be surprised if it's even had any showings or was on the office caravan. Meanwhile the agent, has her name out there and she's getting calls probably is picking up other business. That's the way it works.

1052 days ago


She is a professional scammer. She stayed in her mom's house rent free while that one went into foreclosure. I see a pattern here.

1052 days ago


according to the filming that was done this week on Dr Drew's show she has to bathe all her children in the kitchen sink because her 3 bathrooms are not in working order......what could have the kids done to plug up 2 bathtubs & separate shower?? scary thought!!! Also natalie doud says she is a she puts kids in a sink where she prepares food...the bacteria in her kitchen must be un-fathomable...future buyers should know things like wonder that real estate company would not pick up that listing..both the inside & outside of the house are destroyed...feel sorry for the neighbors...they've had to live with the filth for 3 years...btw natalie...your 5 yr old daughter should be out of diapers by now..& still using a binkie?? she wants endorsements pertaining to company that represents children would ever want you to be a spokesman...they would go broke...the public backlash against you has never been so are a disgrace!!

1052 days ago


Let me set this straight. Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate is owned by Carrington Mortgage. Carrington Mortgage is the servicer of various mortgage companies. Carrinton has a HUGE inventory of foreclosed properties across the country. Since Octomom was in foreclosure, and Atlantic and Pacific Real Estate is owned by Carrington who has thousands of foreclosures, I can see why they declined to take the listing.

1052 days ago


I would think after viewing the convoluted paperwork on that house (Amer sold it to Ed, Ed signed it over to Harmony Enterprises) that any Realty Company with 2 brain cells would say, "No Thanks!"

1052 days ago


Perhaps they were just being kind. They could have said "B&tch, you are a filthy pig who should spend less time at the Gym & more time cleaning & supervising kids! You are asking far more than the house is worth, having utterly destroyed it, futhermore, do YOU even own it?

1052 days ago


How come rest of the world gets it? Everyone except numnutz. Remember when Victor Munoz said he'd have to take hours to explain things to her that would take most people 15 minutes to understand? Get out your drawing paper's going to be a long ride.

1052 days ago


Besides Steve Hirsch, you'd hope by this time someone has done a title search on this dump.
There have been enough red flags to warrant it. TMZ should spend the money and do it and not be paying her for her mug being shown every other day.

1052 days ago


The UK Daily Mail is reporting that Octomom won her "boxing" match against amy whatsherface last night. So I guess she's not broke today.

1051 days ago
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