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Dr. Murray

1st Meal Behind Bars --

Super Cheeeesy

11/7/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray in jail
He's barely been locked up a couple hours -- but TMZ has learned, Dr. Conrad Murray has already been offered a delicious sacked lunch behind bars ... including jailhouse-baked cookies.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Murray's first meal contained a cheese sandwich, some fruit punch, a few carrot sticks, and some homemade Oreo-knockoff cookies ... baked in the jail's own bakery.

No word on whether Murray actually ate any of it, but we're guessing he didn't have much of an appetite.


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buzz kill    

Whako Jako got of easy, took the easy way out. I don't know how any pedophile sleeps at night without his milk. If wako Jako went to prison for child molesting he would still be alive, Then again maybe not.

1059 days ago


For some reason, this article makes me want to eat a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe TMZ should put more food ad's up.

1059 days ago


MJ obsessed fans are weird.

I feel bad for this doc. What he did was medically unethical and he should have been sued in civil court for malpractice, but this case is a little ridiculous. Especially after Lindsay got out of jail after 4 hours. MJ was sick for a long time and was gonna drop dead any day. Plus he liked little boys... no pity here.

1059 days ago


A "sacked lunch"? Is the janitor writing your copy now? Or are you using cheap 6th grade labor?

Get it together TMZ. You people are embrassing.

1059 days ago


I love Michael, but in my opinion, he committed suicide. He was addicted to drugs and hired the doctor to give him anesthesia (propofol). Conrad Murray was just on board for a month. What about all those other doctors throughout the years. I understand someone had to pay, and that's why he was convicted.

1059 days ago


That photo is hilarious! I didn't know that guy got locked up. Serves him well, he's a drug pusher and a criminal. A highly paid one.

1059 days ago

Steve K    

This is sad, sad, sad. It was probably very hard for the doctor to deal with his rattled crying patient. Sadly it is going to make it hard for patients with chronic conditions to get medications they need because doctors are going to be scared. M

1059 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Not even the rats eat the County cheese. Better look at that cheese closely.

1059 days ago


he better hope and pray that bubba is not a mj fan.

1059 days ago


Hopefully he'll get 2-3 years behind bars and at least a year of house arrest

1059 days ago

George Vreeland Hill    

Conrad Murray is a killer who took away from us, Michael Jackson.
He won't serve that long in prison, but I hope he gets the max.
Murray will never live in peace, so this is really a life sentence.

George Vreeland Hill

1059 days ago

Throwback kid    

Dr Murray may be a cardiologist, but by the time he gets out of prison he will have to find his own doctor, a proctologist. Don't bend over to pick up the soap Conrad!

1059 days ago


TMZ attracts the lowest common denominator...reading all these comments makes me realize I need to remember not to come back here. Bunch of racist, sexist, gun toting morons.

The jury made the right decision. I hope the judge throws the book at that feeble excuse for a doctor.

Miss you MJ...justice was served.

1059 days ago



1059 days ago


Conrad Murray comprimised himself as a Dr. when he decided to make the decision to "work for MJ" at $150K/month. Murray violated his Physician's Hippocratic Oath to serve up a hospital based drug which he had limited experience with to treat insomnia, which was not his speciality. That is NOT caring for your patient. That is plain reckless.
His numerous violations of "caring for a patient" ie. NO MEDICAL RECORDS!, Misinformation of treatment to EMT, ER docs, lack of safety medical equipment etc violate his Oath as a Doctor of Medicine.
I don't feel bad for Conrad Murray. He made a decision to abandon his practice and patients to sign on to one patient, Michael Jackson. Obviously it was discussed between him and MJ that he was going to treat insomnia with propofol. He accepted what the patient wanted versus what his medical training told him what was appropriate care. Dr. Murray needed money to support his reckless love life of 6 kids by 6 different women. That alone shows how stupid he is about making "common sense decisions".

Poor Conrad Murray deserves what he got...a guilty verdict and loss of his medical license.

1059 days ago
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