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Michael jackson Executors

NBC is 'Morally Culpable'

For Conrad Murray Documentary

11/9/2011 11:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a blistering letter sent to NBC and MSNBC execs from the co-executors of Michael Jackson's estate, attacking the networks' ethics for giving Conrad Murray a platform in an upcoming documentary.    
In the letter John Branca and John McClain grouse that Murray has no qualms about "smearing the reputation of his 'friend,'" even though he refused to testify under penalty of perjury in his trial.

In the letter, the co-executors doubt that Murray got paid only $1 for his participation in the doc.  In fact, people connected with the documentary hedged when TMZ asked about Murray's payment.

And the co-executors say, the networks are using "moral loopholes" -- claiming it was shot before Murray was convicted -- "in order to boost ratings at a struggling cable network."


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one more stupid mj story to file under the who gives a crap file....

1081 days ago

Mike L    

Oh **** the hell up. The whole Jackson family is "Morally Culpable". The whole legal profession is "Morally Culpable". Why the hell should NBC not be "Morally Culpable"? Everybody else is making money off this crap, they may as well too.

I still think the damn pedo killed himself. Hearing Dr Murrays side of things could further strengthen that judgement or destroy it. Let him talk.

1081 days ago

Cheryl A.    

WOW! Conrad Murray showed NO balls in the courtroom but I forgot, he was not getting paid. If this does not prove that he is a money hungry POS out for whatever he can get, then nothing will.

1081 days ago


"We demand that you exercise proper judgment and refrain from airing this program."

Yeah, okay. I am waiting for the "or ____" at the end of that statement.

OR WHAT? What are you going to do about it?

1081 days ago


Fans won't boycott. They're probably the only ones TRULY interested in Murray.

The rest of the world saw this as a trial that would have been a malpractice suit if not for the fact that a celebrity was the person who OD'ed & died.

IMO, if Murray had called 911 right away instead of panicking & worrying about being caught in this nightmare he would have probably gotten a slap on his wrist for administering propofol in a negligent way.

Murray's behavior AFTER the OD was the real problem & why he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

1081 days ago

mac the knife    

PS: actually, this will be fun to watch-- as I have no doubt, Murray was strutting about in this assuming he will be acquitted..INSTEAD HE'S CONVICTED!

ha.. ha.. as this doc gives more ammo for Joe's civil suit.. tra lala..

1081 days ago


Lets just let this entire sordid affair drift away. MJ gave little kids , JesusJuice, to get them drunk and slept with them in his ,'deathbed'. WHo cares about this sick man? No one with any sense. A movie glorifying a whacked out MJ and a pity party, is ridiculous. His 'Thriller" album was a confession to his imo . I feel sorry for his kids. Not the rest they knew what he was doing with the kids at NEVER NEVER AGAIN LAND.

1081 days ago

Michael Jackson: Can You Handle The Truth?    

Michael Jackson: The boy loving pedophile can no longer go cruising around Ventura Blvd. to pick up boys in his limo. Gave them some candy and bought them gifts, a little Jesus Juice, took them back to Hayvenhurst, you know the rest...

That sick rapist was put out of his misery. Once and for all.

All the fans denials really make me laugh. I remember reading similar denials on here not too long ago:

"MJ aint no drug addict," and "Michael never did drugs."
Yeah, keep living in denial you *****. Your "hero" is dead, so a lot of good all the denying got you.

Denial to the point of his death, gotta love the fans. /sarcasm.

1081 days ago


They are just upset because THEY aren't making money off of it, and they can't edit it to make him look as bad as possible.

1081 days ago

mac the knife    

oh lou-lou & your myriad monikers.. you're obviously obssess over little boys.. why? were you molested?

geez.. your comments says more about you than ever MJ..

1081 days ago


Anything for MONEY

1081 days ago


The Judge is going to love this. NOT! He's already shown he's going tough on Murray. This will help put the murderer away as long as possible.

Makes me wonder what other audio tapes Murray has of Michael that he's also planning to sell. quack quack quack

1081 days ago

Michael Jackson: Can You Handle The Truth?    

Yeah, apparently "moral loophole" means something different in John "Smash and Grab" Brancas dictionary.

Molesting and raping children is as low as it gets. If that pedophile ever landed in jail I'm sure the "homies" would know what to do with his sick ass.

1081 days ago

Will to Self Motivate    

Love Michael. Love that the executors feel the pressure.

1081 days ago
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