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Penn State Trustees

Reportedly Ask New Coach

to Keep McQueary Off Sidelines

11/10/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Penn State board of trustees have reportedly asked new head football coach Tom Bradley to keep Mike McQueary from coaching from the sidelines on Saturday ... out of fear for McQueary's safety.

According to Pennsylvania's Morning Call newspaper ... the board does not plan to fire McQueary or ask him to step down.

McQueary is the person who claims he witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a pre-teen boy in the Penn State locker room in 2002 ... and reported it to Joe Paterno.

While JoePa was fired for failing to contact police -- McQueary still has a job, despite the fact he also didn't call cops ... and worse yet, he didn't try to stop Sandusky from raping the boy when he had the chance.

It's unclear if Coach Bradley will pull McQueary from the sidelines on Saturday ... or have him coach from the skybox ... or instruct him to simply stay home.

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Liz Redman    

If you saw an adult beating up a 10 year old you'd stop them, right?? Why choose to ignore this? How does he sleep at night?

1042 days ago


key in and read "Grand jury report on Jerry Sandusky"
McQueary should be Fired!!

1042 days ago

Pissed Alum    

FIRE MCQUEARY!!! He is a big boy and could have stopped the child molestor... McQueary failed to act-- and we are questioning JoePa's morals???? Mike, run home and call Daddy... Maybe he can protect you from the Penn State fans who want to kick you in the balls... Oh wait, you don't have any...

1042 days ago

leelu richie    

as someone that was abused as a young boy, i find his actions disgusting.... people don't know how horribly it affects u later in life.

1042 days ago


Teachers are mandatory reporters of child abuse. If you work for a University aren't you a teacher? If failure to report child abuse is not a criminal offense in PA - then this should be the impetus to change the law. They should all be fired and if they have licensure - that should be revoked. Their inaction is inexcusable!!!!!!!!!!!!

1042 days ago


screw him y should he not b charged he had the chance to stop it and did nothing, wat if it was his son. the school is worried bout is safety but he wasnt worried bout the 10 year olds safety.

1042 days ago


Damn my gen pool is realy messed up

1042 days ago


Maybe there is a statute of limitations that has passed, but isn't it a crime NOT to intervene on behalf of a child when you witness a crime being committed against that child (so long as it doesn't put you in harm's way)? Makes sense to me that the school would consider McQueary a risk himself if that is how he behaves when he sees something like that going on at the school.

1042 days ago


Why is this man still coaching?! Why wasn't he fired as well? He saw a little boy being raped and he did NOTHING!!! Freakin Coward!!!

1042 days ago


Why in the hell would he be allowed to stay on staff? If he didn't stop it and is saying he saw him raping a pre teen, he should be prosecuted. So what her told anyone, he didn't help that young man at all. He should be ashamed of himself. FIRE HIM, PROSECUTE HIM

1042 days ago


I don't understand the fearful mentality at Penn State. I listened to the students, including the Student Body President call in to talk to Harvey and Charles. NONE of them would give an opinion on firing this guy. What are they afraid of? Are they just a bunch of stepford students, robotlike? What kind of values are they teaching at that school? I wouldn't want to go there if I was afraid to give my opinion for fear of reprisal.

1042 days ago


WHY hasnt this worthless piece of s*** been fired yet!???

1042 days ago


Fire every dang one of them that were involved and said nothing. They all are as guilty as the one that did it.How could he not stop what he seen happening to that child he may as well been helping him.

1042 days ago


If this guy had an ounce of honor he would resign, but based on his gutless actions in the face of child rape, it's clear that he's all about himself.

1042 days ago


McCreary should also be fired for failing to assist the child at the time of the assault and NOT calling the police to report this crime!!!!!

1042 days ago
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