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Kris Humphries

Lawyers Up For Divorce

11/11/2011 10:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has lawyered up for his divorce ... TMZ has learned.

Kris is using his Minnesota attorney -- Lee Hutton -- to end his marriage to Kim Kardashian.  Hutton reps a lot of sports stars and doesn't do much in the way of divorce.  But that's OK, because this divorce will be easy as pie.

Sources connected with Kris and Kim tell us ... there are NO conflicts over who gets what, largely because of the prenup.  BTW, Hutton repped Kris when the prenup was negotiated.

We're told -- barring something unforeseen -- the divorce will become final 6 months from the date Kim filed.  That's the minimum time required by law.


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I wish this half black man would give it to her one last time but not in a good way

1079 days ago


that's what you get for marrying a media attention whore

1079 days ago


Kris, you are a SUCKER. She gets Wasserman and you get someone that doesn't even specialize in divorce...same guy that negotiated that POS prenup. I would make it hella miserable for her....and for KK that mean***** her where it hurts 1. her wallet and 2. her public reputation. She has no qualms about humiliating you in public and tarnishing your reputation...jus*****ch the teaser for the next E show where you are being framed as the biggest a**hole ever.

1079 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...meanwhile...new season will open to record ratings and the spring/summer Sears line-up will sell out just like the fall/winter...KK will be busy becoming ( in her deluded mind) Elizabeth Taylor on a movie set..noooo doubt falling in love with a leading man...watch out whoever that is...and the next chapter begins!!!!!...u'll c

1079 days ago

Loving Latina    

Kris Humphries should counter file for divorce under Fraud! His attorney should be able to show some chops. The pre nup means nothing if she never planned to be married to him for long. Also, she was meeting up secretly with reggie bush! Kim never was into kris as a husband. Kris was set up by Kim, her mother, kourtney, khloe, and Scott. Scott will be key in the new series. He will be manipulating and instigating problems for Kris Humphries in the new show. It was all set up!! Kim, Kris jenner, Kourtney, khloe, and Scott were all in on it...kris humphries got played out...I feel so bad for him. But, it will help Scott look like the nice guy and Kim like the victim.... This family is so manipulative. Did you read on how Denise Brown, (Nicole Simpson's sister) was outraged that Kris Jenner was using her sister's death to sell a book and make more money! She was livid and blasted her on the Enquirer. Also, it is now mentioned that Kim Kardashian was having a relationship with Kanye West during the same time she met kris Humphries!! She is a completely dirty whore!! That whole family is pathetic. Also, now their PR people are trying to say that Khloe and Kim are on bad terms so that Khloe and Lamar's show won't get any of the backla*******hese people are so manipulative but calculated.. They are fake, and are hoping for media sympathy... They are famous for nothing!!! Nothing!!! and yet, her twitter accounts keeps increasing and so does her website...When will these young girls learn...when there parents get involved. Thats when!!

1079 days ago


What you all don't know is that in our honeymoon KH couldn't get it up. Further, he could not man up to my ex-bfs; not in size, not in stamina.

1079 days ago

Loving Latina    

Kris Humphries...stop being their sucker and stop being intimidated by these people.....Get yourself a top notch attorney. This dude didnt do **** to help you with your pre nup!! Damn, you look like a fool...these woman are laughing at your ass!!! They have disparaged your good persona....your a humble nice guy....just wait till you see how your tainted!!! Seriously!!

1079 days ago

Big Daddy    

MightyMad, What you typed should have been the article. lol Well said, even with being tired. LMBO

1079 days ago


What a nasty nasty person she is, money hungry family, STOP WATCHING THEM and they just might go away. Her and her face pertending to be all sad, whatever she has no heart and no feelings towards anyone else but herself.

1079 days ago


Bad marriages end, and it is good this happened before any kids were involved. The only thing worse was the way she ended it---small para dropped off to the media and off to her business trip. When you marry through the church, with family and friends involved you should at least have the decency to get your marital partner involved in a joint divorce statement. He was not a designer bag or shoe she just returned and off to business as usual.
This is no reality TV--Sex and the City had better reality moments women could relate to---this is just rich spoiled brats, living in a bubble world.

1079 days ago


Humphries is not going around like a chicken without a head trying to do damage control. Not working. Only Kim and the Kardashians.

I also wondered why not just get it annuled. Oh, that's right wouldn't be able to play the kimmy devestating divorce garbage.

1079 days ago


Being a divorce lawyer is not easy money. No one understands that every issue is separate. The six months to final starts with the service or response. It only applies to the marital status. In other words, you can't be single until that requirement is met. The rest of the issues can be resolved at any time. Now if you throw in a few other issues in the typical divorce, for example, children - a divorce lawyer earns every penny, especially since no one wants to pay and few have assets in the ordinary world to secure what might be owed to a lawyer. The lawyer gets left hanging and that's why good attorneys are leaving the field. I for one can't put up with idiots for nothing.

1079 days ago


TMZ is engaged to that hoe bag...so obsessed with that barrel a$$

1079 days ago


I agree with other posters...BOYCOTT anything KarTRASHian...Sears, QVC, Sephora, E and Tyler Perry's movie...And Kris Humphries should file for an annulment on the grounds of FRAUD...Kim needed a man for her NY show and it was a casting call for a groom...Only problem Kris did not know...

1079 days ago


I bet he is regreting touching that prostitute!

1079 days ago
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