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Jerry Sandusky to Bob Costas

I'm Not Sexually Attracted

To Young Boys

11/15/2011 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky had to pause and think before he answered Bob Costas' question, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys," during his first interview since the scandal broke.

Costas, who interviewed Sandusky on "Rock Center" Monday night ... peppered him with questions, including, "Are you a pedophile?" 

Costas once again showed why he's one of the smartest and most effective interviewers around.

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Funny GLADD never comments when one of their own abuses kids. Gay is about sex, and gay sex with little boys is still gay.

1044 days ago


A large number of you people really must have the most lousy lives imaginable. To sit here and take on a lynch mob mentality when you weren't part of the investigation and there are tons of facts and many witnesses to testify. Like one poster said, this is America where you get your day in court. Its not Italy where the prosecutor can make up what he thinks happened. And be glad it is this way because if you are ever falsely accused you will be thankful of the system we have The centerpiece of the allegations is the shower incident McQuery witnessed. The defense attorney says they "think" they have found that child who will tell a different story. I'M NOT DEFENDING SANDUSKY, I'm just saying wait till the trial. If he did these things I hope he gets his butte raped in prison. But when you try someone in the court of public opinion you can look the fool. A few years ago there was the daycare that was accused of satanic rituals and child abuse and the comments were similar there as they are here. As it turned out the daycare staff was innocent. The Duke lacrosse players were "guilty" of raping a girl. But low and behold the players were innocent. My reason in hoping he is innocent is that it means no one was sexual abused and should be what we all hope for. If that occurs it will make all the hate mongers on here look ridiculous, restore Penn State's honor and JoePa's as well. Should that occur we still have a lot of work to do because even as I write this some child is being abused. Either sexually, physically or psychologically and all of us should be on the look out for it in a reasonable manner. There are limited resources and they can't waste their time chasing down BS allegations. The Child protection agency in Philadelphia, in an interview said they average 70 calls a day reporting child abuse of some form or another and a large number of them turn out to be a waste of time. But anyone on here who is hoping Sandusky is guilty is also then hoping by extension, that those kids actually were sexually abused. Did you ever think of that?

1044 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Is it me or does he sound just like M Jackson when he was caught.I mean the same answers and in the same way.

1044 days ago


Did he really expect him to yes I'm a pedophile??? He's going to deny it bc he doesn't want to do time! He's an evil person!

1044 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

I'm sure there are plentry of Bubba types in jail who will give Jerry as much as he gave to

1044 days ago


Sandusky reminds me of Wacko the most famous pedophile.
May them and all pedophiles burn in hell.

1044 days ago


His answers were exactly the same as what Paterno, Curly, & Shultz said. Too bad none of them have any credibility.

...And I wonder who's paying the lawyer? This guy ain't a millionaire.

1044 days ago


Does anyone else think his response sounded like Homer Simpson getting distracted by the thought of beer? "Mmmmmmm, sex with little boys....Wait, what? No!"

1044 days ago

Vengence is Mine saith the Lord    

I am too saddened for the young men that suffered to even click on this interview. He is EVIL personified and the he is one of Satan's snake and try to very elegantly with his nice suite slime and wesel his evil his way out. Law do not protect. I hope he gets taken out. War on Evil Slimy Child. Declare War on them. Take them out. Get them Out. Forget Law and Legal system. Take them out like Bin Laden and Sadam. But protect these young men and who suffer the horrible memoreis and I pray from my heart this moment that all who read this send out the Power of prayers of healing, comfort and victory to all young men who suffered a children. I cry as I write this to these beautiful young men for help to learn to live with the memories. Christ said let the little children come to me.

1044 days ago


"Costas once again showed why he's one of the smartest and most effective interviewers around."

-Well.... if he truly is that effective as an interviewer, then I nominate Bob Costas to be the one to rip that fuggy grifting Octomum a new one with hard hitting questions that many want answered. I'd die laughing jus*****ching her scrunch her overly plasticated baboon face whilst talking in psychobabble circles peppered with evasive and off tangent remarks.
Can you say.... an al rap ist? (Thank you Tobias Fünke!)

1044 days ago


Does he have anything to say about allegations in 1994 1998 1999 Texas Police, Does he think that numerous kids would come forward on such an emotional and difficult subject for them-parents- 2 detectives- his friends for numberous years- would all ruin their careers, reputation [pssibly face criminalcharges ruin Penn's rep and charities rep to lie about a man who admittied to showering horsing around touching legs of boys-he obviously thinks nothings of kids- does he think everyone else is that stupid

1044 days ago


Oh and we are supposed to believe YOU?

1044 days ago


This man is the definition of a monster.. He preys on small children, thinks that nothing is wrong with it. And thinks that what he did was show them love and gave them attention that they weren't getting at home and thinks that makes it an honorable thing. He need to suffer and die..... And the judge (who happens to be his friend and works for his charity) let him out of jail with no restictions or bail. And guess where he lives? Next to an elementary school!! his yard is only separated from the school playground by a freakin' fence... Lock up your kids. The parents in that neighborhood should all come together, form a pact, and kill this man so there are no more victims...

1044 days ago


District Judge Leslie Dutchcot in the Sandusky case has contributed and volunteered with the Second Mile charity. Dutchot set a low bail and refused electronic monitoring. Dutchot should recuse herself and should be held liable for any more crimes that the sicko Sandusky inflicts.

1044 days ago


To be speaking publicly while a trial is pending...maybe not the smartest thing?

1044 days ago
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