'Bethenny Ever After' Landlord Sues Over Alleged House Jacking

11/15/2011 7:45 AM PST

'Bethenny Ever After' -- Landlord Sues Over Alleged House Jacking

Several recent episodes of "Bethenny Ever After" seriously pissed off some landlord in Malibu -- who's now suing the people behind the show, claiming they invaded his beachfront house to tape the offending footage ... without his permission.

According to the lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, the landlord in question -- named Bijan Shahmoradi -- claims he leased the $13,000-a-month house to two people, who then illegally subleased the house to NBC Universal for the purposes of taping the show.

Bijan is now suing the tenants -- for allegedly violating their lease agreement -- as well as NBC, claiming it invaded his privacy by exposing the mansion's interior to millions of people across the world.

Bijan wants $25,000 -- and is asking a judge to block any future airings of the episodes in question.