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Demi Moore Divorce

The Aggresive Statement

11/17/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Demi Moore drops the divorce bomb on Ashton Kutcher ...  and delivers an oddly harsh message too -- why she's taking a direct shot at Ashton's alleged cheating scandal.

Plus, Selena Gomez'  accused stalker, Thomas Brodnicki, is now on a 5150 psycho hold -- and our bizarre video shows why. Did the justice system fail Selena?

And is it okay for moms to be topless in front of her kids? It's our wildest debate since ... well, yesterday. You gotta see a TMZ staffer get OWNED by a viewer!


(0:00) Breaking news! Demi Moore announced she's divorcing Ashton Kutcher -- and her statement strongly suggests she's publicly accused him of cheating.
(5:05) It's been a great -- and terrible -- year for Ashton.
(12:50) Should couples stay together for the kids?
(14:25) Harvey's chicken scratch ignites a war with Tyler.
(19:01)  Twitter shots at Ashton and Harvey.
(22:30) Why did a judge let Selena Gomez's alleged stalker Thomas Brodnicki go free? Jason can't make sense of it.
(26:30) You won't believe what Thomas said to us -- it's as crazy as it gets.
(38:00) Hilarious -- Dean McDermott accidentally tweets a picture of Tori Spelling boobs.
(41:20) Ding, ding. Ryan and Jason go toe-to-toe over the breast issue of the day -- should a mom go topless in front of her young kids? TMZ Live just got real.


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1073 days ago


Jason JAKSON THE EX Kim publicist is in hospital he is talking suicide and said that he is not going to win the battle with KIM
It s too serious they want to silent him he said.
Please someone have to do something to ovoid the worse.

1073 days ago


Ryan is not the brighest light in the tanning bed to begin with so for him to argue with a mature, intelligent atourney like Jason Beckerman is simply laughable. Ryan is immature, not a parent, and another white kid from an upper middle class or rich background who thinks all adults are weird and conservative. Yet, he's the one that is blindly conservative and doesn't understand how children develop and how important it is for them to be and feel close to their parents especially during the most formative years- up to and including the age of five. Lying in bed with their nude parents is a natural thing, not sexual indecency like Ryan states. By the way Ryan, instead of argueing with someone who is far more intelligent and experienced than you are, why not crack open a book for the first time and read it. Why not try listening to music other that rap and give up trying to be black while you're at it. Your part o*****eneration, not all of it but part of it, that is whoefully moronic on a lot of issues. You also have taste up your keester when it comes to music. NO suprise there.

1073 days ago


she should be made to put the breasts away, and be made to play with guns.

1073 days ago


Same age as Demi, in my early 20's I married a older man and frankly I think he used me for his own ego, he stole my youth and opportunity. Demi should have been smarter and not married him in the first place. I don't care whether men do it all the time or not. I won't go into the details, biology but frankly you should have just shacked up and called it good. I think older people who married much younger people are like vampires trying to suck youth where ever they can. Not that you too weren't sweet as pie but being a woman older and more experienced I would expect you to make kinder, wiser decisions. It is much different when a man marries a younger woman he can give her children in a lot of cir****tances even if he is out of his prime. It is not true with older women and younger men. Anywhoo, You may not believe me, I'm sorry for your pain. But you both should have not committed this in the 1st place.

1073 days ago


As a mother who breastfed my child, I see nothing wrong with having your chest out. And even though the baby was not around in the pic does not mean she didn't just finish feeding or was about to. It is very uncomfortable and awkward to have tops and bras on while nursing, so while at home I take comfort in providing my child with the best thing I can do for them. People need to chill out. BOOBS make the world go round and are a food source, not a sexual object. However, if she was not breastfeeding and sitting with her boobs out for just the hell of it, I do find that a little odd. But its not horrible. You have to be a mother who breast fed to understand or from a family who is pro breast feeding, sorry it's just the way it is.

1073 days ago


Haven't checked the show out in a few months... the teases for non-stories are getting weaker and almost desperate. Eh, breeeaaaaking news, hot chicks seen at college campuses... justin biever seen at same city... coincidence?? (BIG controversy, there's just no way that many hot girls congregate in one place "says H." just ludicrous)

1073 days ago


Yes, reverse quotes. For the earth ****tering explanation, check out the show tonight... I was just bum rushed this morning, I can't believe you did that again. You gotta see what happened tonight

1073 days ago

paul a.    

I grew up in Europe. On any given sunny day, in any given city park, you will see bare breasted women everywhere. Even some you wish would cover up!
It's extremely healthy for kids to see grownups comfortable with themselves. That your guy called his Mom to discuss and she found it disgusting, says it all to me about his attitude.....

1073 days ago

just sayin    

ryan, just bc you never saw your mother's chest growing up does not make it "wrong" that other kids do. Young children don't think the way you do about their mother's breast. Opinions on things change quite a bit once you have your own children, I'm willing to bet once you have your own kids you'll be able to see the other side of this more clearly.

1073 days ago


I have a 4 and 5 year old and I will say... THAT IS MESSED UP!!! I WOULD NEVER GO TOPLESS IN FRONT OF THEM.

1073 days ago


Beckerman is 100% right on this debate. Ryan is talking out of his ass, he is NOT a parent. He should stick to commenting on things he is familiar with like wrestling or pot. Breasts are meant for breastfeeding, that is what they are there for. Women should not be forced to hide away while nurturing their newborn.

1072 days ago
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