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Natalie Wood's Sister:

Robert Wagner Withheld Information

11/18/2011 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lana Wood speaks on Natalie Wood

Lana Wood, Natalie Wood's sister, says she never believed Robert Wagner's version of the events that led to Natalie's death.

Lana tells TMZ ... she believes Robert wasn't honest with cops when they interviewed him about Natalie's death.

Lana also says she's not buying the story that Natalie was trying to secure a dinghy and fell overboard because she was deathly afraid of water -- to the point she wouldn't even go in her pool.

Lana says Sheriff's detectives have interviewed her about the case and they specifically wanted to know if the relationship between Natalie and Robert was "volatile."

And, Lana says, if someone was responsible for Natalie's death, they should be punished, despite the fact it's 30 years later.


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Please. I don't really like the ocean so I'll never take a cruise. Yet she was supposedly deathly afraid of the water yet went out on a boat in the middle of the ocean? What a load of crap.

And, really, she's been dead for 30 years. Let it go.

1038 days ago


Lana, I know this has been troubling you since it happened.
I also know RJ was nasty to you after Nat's death. I hope you get some sort of answers with the re-opening of the case. You deserve it, you're a good person.

1038 days ago


So glad finally they are possibly looking at Wagner - his celebrity status kept them from doing this 30 years ago - too bad. I've always thought there was more to this and after reading Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendor I was totally convinced my gut feeling had been right all along.

1038 days ago


These are basic questions that I'm sure were probed days after the event. It's been THIRTY YEARS, people. Do you actually think that the LAPD knew less about solving murders than Herman Cain knows about foreign policy?

1038 days ago


She was so deathly afraid of water that she would not get in a pool but she would get on a boat. That doesn't sound right either.

1038 days ago


It would be great if they finally got some justice for her, but it won't happen. He's not telling the truth, Walken won't want to change his story, and the captain has a shady past that attys for Wagner will use to full advantage. No doubt what he said really happened, but I doubt justice will prevail here.

1038 days ago


Years before her tragic drowning she was interviewed abou*****er. She stated "I don't mind being on the water but I don't like being IN the water." That being said, she wasn't scared to be ON the boat in the water.

1038 days ago


It's the vague reports about falling in and hitting her head/face that always got me wondering. Just what kind of injury did she have to her head or face?

1038 days ago


I'd like to know when Lana will make a statement about the supposed rape of Natalie when she was a teenager by a prominent actor (initials KD) during a casting call, such a vicious attack that she needed medical attention. Supposedly, at least rumor says, that she will release the name of the actor after his death. I know the name of the actor, and yes, he is still alive. Do a search on the internet, there are postings about this incident.

1038 days ago


RJ and Natalie had problems because RJ was messwing around with Jill St.John who he married after Natalie's death.

1038 days ago


Thirty years later she comes up with this newer version regarding the death of her sister!?!?!?


1038 days ago


Has everyone forgotten that Robert was having a very indescreet affair with Jill St John at the time and Natalie cheated with Walken to get back at Robert. That explains the arguement between the two men and why Natalie slammed the door in Roberts face.It will be interesting to hear what Walken has to say!! I always believed Robert did this. Wonder if Jill St John would like to comment on his "volatile temper" !!!

1038 days ago


Never believed Wagner. He let her drown...s***.

1038 days ago


I truly believe Robert Wagner had something to do with Natalie's death.

1038 days ago

goyo baredez    

Natalie Woods movie career was on an Upswing with contemporary movies like "Meteor" (no classic but SCI-Trendy in line with the Star Wars theme) and "the Last Married Couple in America" ( a real gem typifying whats's become engulfed the state of marriage over the last 30 yrs, that is, the proliferation of divorces.), and several other films. Robert Wagner no longer wanted a Working light of his successfull ABC Network 'Hart to Hart" tv show (ABC was behind CBS in high network ratings at the time). In addition, without Question corrupt Longtime L.A. County Coroner Thomas Naguchi 'was a back pocket vote' for anyone who could wire money $$$ to Switzerland or provide $$$ under that table. Essentially, he would provide a "Cause of Death Explanation" that was politically correct for the times, assuming the "Forces in Power" compensated him financially hence his long stay in office.... In addition Pressure from ABC Networks , may have also placed alot of pressure on the LA County coroners office to provide a acceptable 'Death Explanation'. If one remove all the Corrupt TV network and LA Coroner entities that 'leaves' only Wagner and Walken as the highest GUILTY Parties.

1038 days ago
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