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What Happened to Natalie?

Captain, Sis & Author Speak Out

11/18/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


All the major players in the Natalie Wood death investigation joined us today ... and gave up all the details that led to the case being re-opened after 30 years.

One huge revelation -- Dennis Davern, captain of "The Splendour" -- says everyone on board, including himself, was wasted on booze! Plus, author Marti Rulli on how her dogged efforts renewed investigators' interest in the case.

Also, Lana Wood talks about her strange relationship with Robert Wagner since the night her sister died -- and they all tells us what they think really happened that mysterious night.


(0:00) Harvey breaks down the entire Natalie Woods case.
(12:05) Author Marti Rulli -- who spearheaded the campaign to have the case reopened -- is on the phone.
(13:45) How Rulli convinced cops to open it back up.
(16:30) What did Christopher Walken see?
(29:10) Natalie's sister Lana calls in -- and says Robert Wagner never talked to her about what happened.
(31:45) Lana says the captain of the boat, Dennis Davern, told her that Robert didn't save Natalie to teach her a lesson.
(37:05) Lana says Davern told her Robert was responsible for Natalie's death.
(43:00) Davern is on the phone now -- and he explains the events leading up to Natalie's death.
(45:50) What did Dennis hear that night?
(46:20) Davern says Wagner told his straight-up ... DON'T call the Coast Guard.
(51:01) Davern says he was smashed the night of Natalie's death.


No Avatar


Wagner stopped payments?

1035 days ago


To pimp out his book? Yawn.

1035 days ago

Will E    

duh racist black word??>>??> he's trying to sell a BOOK!!!

1035 days ago

Don Alex    

Of course, all of you clowns who profess to not care (even though you obviously find it interesting enough to click on the link and read the story) would probably be whistling a different tune if it involved one of your own relatives. If your sister had died mysteriously 30 years ago and new information came out, I doubt that youd be complaining. People are such hypocrites.

1035 days ago


Do you think $308,532 is a high price to pay for a first time DWI for Missouri Football coach Gary Pinkel. 1 week salary which is being donated to a nonprofit group, freeze in pay for 1 year and any bowl apprearance bonus of $75,000.

1035 days ago


Re: Selena Gomez stalker. Extreme budget cuts mean that a lot of people who should be in the hospital or in jail are out on the street. Where I live, it's almost impossible to get someone committed for psych treatment longer than 48 hrs, no matter how sick they are.

1035 days ago


Who knows, maybe if Robert Wagner really did kill Natalie Wood, he might even come clean and tell everyone what really happened that night. The total unvarnished truth ... all of it. Exactly how it happened.

Robert is 81 years old now. He's had a full life ... a prosperous life. If he were to tell the truth he could go to his grave in peace when the time comes. I'm sure he's been haunted by Natalie's death ever since it happened 30 years ago. He could let go of that anxiety, guilt, and the nightmares by telling everyone what happened. I bet his legacy would be better if if he did.

1035 days ago

Jay W.     

His mother did not hug him enough as a baby. Book anyone?

1035 days ago


Is it just me or does the writer of the natale wood book look like a man dressed like a woman? (marti rulli)

1035 days ago


Wow, this is kind of spooky ...

Check out the plot of Natalie Wood's last movie called "Brainstorm" that she was doing with Christopher Walken.

This movie is about brain researchers who developed a system of recording and playing back actual experiences of people. Once the capability of tapping into "higher brain functions" is added in, and you can literally jump into someone else's head and play back recordings of what he or she was thinking, feeling, seeing, etc.

I bet everyone now would like to have technology that could get inside Robert Wagner's head to find out what happened that night when Natalie died.

1035 days ago


Sadly, while I have always believed we were never told the true story of Natalie's death, I question whether there is sufficient new information available to justifying reopening the case and investing valuable police resources that are needed elsewhere.

Anyone who watched Davern's interview on the Today Show should have serious questions about the motivations and credibility of both him and the author. Davern was odd, evasive and simply not capable of coherently responding to a single question.

This feels like a little bit like a Casey Anthony case to me. We all feel (some would say "know") that something is wrong; that the people who were there on the boat have never told the whole truth. But will we ever be able to prove exactly what happened? And with enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt? I don't think so.

1035 days ago


Forget that there's a book coming out. This author has been on this case FOREVER like white on rice. About time people listen to her and while they're at it -- re-open that William ****ner thing where his champion swimmer wife drowned in their pool while he was oh so conveniently dining with his daughter in front of witnesses. William ****ner has always been a serial cheater and that was a cover up too.

1035 days ago


Robert Wagner was a lady killer for the studio mob since BROKEN LANCE and him and mom-jean peters setinup dad howard hughes.WTF La`keystoner CBS cop show say robby didn`t do it? he was a studio hired lady kiler frat boy since BROKEN LANCE commie takeover of hollywoods studio system and the kill off of the hughes`s via jean peters and studio FOX stan hugh

1035 days ago


I have a friend who is very close to this situation and knew Natalie wood and the yacht captain and...he pretty much said its all true! He doesn't want to admit it. He's scared to admit it. But he did verify that they WERE ALL DRUNK.

1035 days ago


It is about time! Wagner is dirty and covered it up. It sickened me at the time and it still sickens me.

1035 days ago
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