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Flo Rida

My Million Dollar Bugatti

Stimulates the Economy

11/22/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flo Rida Bugatti Car
Flo Rida
knows ... it's not very safe to keep a MILLION DOLLAR car in your garage when you go out of town ... so he worked out a deal to leave it with a local exotic car shop -- and the move is paying off BIGTIME for the dealership.

TMZ has learned ... last year, Flo decided he needed to find a safer place to store his famous Bugatti Veyron when he went out on tour ... so he approached a fancy car place called Euro Motorsports in Ft. Lauderdale and asked if he could store his ride in their showroom.

We're told management thought about it for all of two seconds before getting on board -- believing such a high-end car might attract new customers into the shop.

Turns out they were right -- TMZ spoke with one of the managers, Walter, who tells us the Bugatti has been a magnet for new business ... even contributing to the sale of TWO other Bugattis.

We're told Flo is thrilled too -- because he doesn't have to pay a cent for Bugatti storage.

And that is how the rich STAY rich.



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He leased the car, the reason the dealer likes having around. It'll be easier to repo when his $$ runs out.

1013 days ago


Another spoiled Brat with to much money. Were is a OWS crowd now? There is a BIG gap in wealth range between him and the OWS people. He spent a million dollars for a car to sit.

1013 days ago


And these idiots wonder why they're broke when no one buys their stupid songs anymore.

1013 days ago


What about a Toyota Carolla? Or a Honda hatchback? Where should those be stored for safe keeping?

1013 days ago


Another "Soulja Boy". These wannabe rappers never learn. Keep your mouth shut when speaking with members from the press and only B.S. with your buddies. Weekly rental rates: $17,500. Daily rental rates: $2,500. This boy cannot even afford 30% down on the cost of this $1.7M automobile. Hell, Tiger doesn't even own one and he's worth half a Billion.

1013 days ago

right straight    

No one is more savvy with money than Rappers and Pro Athletes. Don't worry,I hear it lasts forever.

1012 days ago


It's kind of vulgar to flaunt wealth when so many people are losing their jobs/houses.

1012 days ago


Smart ******, but who the hell is he?

1012 days ago


Yes, that's the case of rent-a-ride. He rents it for videos and appearances.

1012 days ago


lol This comment section is no predictable. "WAH HE'S RICH AND IM NOT! GOD I HOPE HE GOES BROKE. I HATE MY LIFE SO MUCH! WAAAAH!" I wonder if any of you would have something to say if this guy wasn't of color? Non of you know if he has invested any of his money or not.

1012 days ago


Flo Rida and Soulja boy undoubtedly attended the same seminar called, "BS the public whenever possible". 1. On June 9, 2011, Flo Rida was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida for DUI and driving with a suspended license. That's one reason he is not driving. Can you imagine what his auto insurance payments are with a DUI/Suspended License for a car that can be driven at 250 MPH? 2. Mail on Sunday released in 2008 – sold 390,000 copies as of 2009;
ROOTS released in 2009 – sold 536,000 worldwide as of 2009;
Only One Flo (Part 1) sold 11,000 in its first week in the US.
Clearly there isn’t enough money to go around to satisfy the margins of the publishers, distributers, managers, attorney’s, accountants, P.R. firm , posse members, and the IRS to enable Flo Rida to readily spend $1.7M for this vehicle.
Fear not, you too can rent one daily for $2,500 per day or $17, 500 per week.

1012 days ago


What does people starving have to do with his right to own a bugatti? With all of the programs, churches and soup kitchens on wheels, etc in the USA only the stupid, lazy or too proud are starving.

What does dying rich accomplish? besides the government wasting it on bull****? Spend that money and enjoy it all while you can.

1008 days ago
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