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Arnold Schwarzenegger

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Stuntman

11/27/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be 64 years old, but he's still bad-ass enough to perform his own stunts ... well, except for the one he screwed up and got his head split open.

Arnold has been filming "Last Stand" in New Mexico for nearly two months. Sources on the set tell TMZ ... A.S. has politely declined the producers' offer to put stuntmen in the dangerous scenes, because he thinks it's just more believable for him to do it himself.

As for what Arnold is doing ... among other things, in one scene he's driving a Camaro, dragging a "bad guy behind" -- even though the scene involves crazy driving, it seems the bad guy is the one who needs a double.

Arnold is also doing a scene where he's suspended high above the ground by ropes -- we're told this scene is dangerous.

And side benefit -- we're told the production is so physically challenging, he's yolked again.



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I'm glad Arnold is getting back into film. All these people who talk trash on here clearly were never fans to begin with, just looking to hate on his bad situation.
Still doing all his stunts? Right on Arnie your the man!!

1028 days ago


Miley was just joking around. Kids often lie about both sex and drug use to impress their friends. I doubt very much that she's a stoner. I've been around real stoners who stay high all the time, and she's way too functional to be anything but at most an occasional recreational user.
I don't use alcohol or marijuana or tobacco other "recreational drugs" myself and never have (despite being a teenager in the sixties). But I am a scientist and do know that marijuana is much easier on the body than alcohol or tobacco (two drugs that account for a huge number of health problems and health costs in this country), although of course nobody should drive under the influence of any of them (including tobacco, it does alter your perceptions to some degree which is why people smoke when they're nervous and it can calm them down). The effects of marijuana dissipate quite quickly, so the person is good to go the next day. The US government went nuts over marijuana way back in the 1930s as a way to get rid of Mexican workers (people in the affected states falsely claimed the Mexicans were going on marijuana-fueled rampages) and the authorities have been lying big-time about it ever since. Doctors at the time tried to explain that the objections raised to weed use were downright wrong, but the politicians prevailed. You would think it would be obvious that outlawing something relatively benign that can be grown in a flowerpot was a tad silly. The fact is that if you ever hear of someone doing something violent after smoking marijuana, you can be sure that they were using another drug (at the very least, alcohol) at the same time because weed just doesn't let loose the aggressions that alcohol and some other drugs do. On the contrary, it makes people much less likely to be violent and so it's much safer for everybody around the smoker (except for the second-hand smoke, which is a bummer regardless of the source). It's still stupid to smoke it while you are responsible for watching babies and young children, but the same is true for legal alcohol.
As an example of the stupidity of it all: US politicians forced the military to come down hard on marijuana use during the Vietnam War, even though marijuana is far more military-friendly than alcohol. A guy who got drunk on alcohol was not in great shape the next morning, while the guy who got high on weed was okay and quite functional. Problem was that marijuana was the one that was obvious, since you can easily smell it while it's being smoked. Guess what the soldiers went to as the next best cheapie high? Heroin, which was readily available in Vietnam and injectable so no obvious clues. Good job, politicos. Shifting them from a benign non-physically addictive drug to a dangerous physically addictive drug, great idea.
And no, marijuana is not a "gateway drug". There are always going to be people who misuse anything - good grief, Primatene Mist was being sniffed by the stupid kids, meaning it could no longer be just picked up from the store shelf. The people in the anti-marijuana commercials who just go through life in a marijuana fog could just as easily be drunk on alcohol all day (as the losers were when I was a child), except their livers would give out sooner. Or they could spend all their time eating fast food and candy and weigh 700 pounds and not be able to leave their beds... The only problem really with responsible use of marijuana has been the laws against it - laws that, in addition to getting criminals involved in distribution of such simple plant material, have prevented many people from getting relief from such things as the nausea of cancer with this simple remedy. When my mother was dying from cancer in a Catholic hospital decades ago, the Catholic nuns had no problem at all with the sweet smell of weed coming from many of the rooms on the cancer floor (and no police officer in town would dare cross them, so the patients were safe from being dragged off to jail). We just didn't know exactly how to get it, or else it would have helped my mother a lot (her doctor could knock her out with morphine but not make her comfortable with a joint, go figure). At least now "medical marijuana" is becoming legalized in many places.
Someone mentioned Lindsay Lohan not using weed - well, it probably just isn't her drug of choice, she prefers much more dangerous things that are indeed wrecking her body and mind (including alcohol). But also she periodically has been subject to mandatory testing, and marijuana use can be picked up in simple testing for weeks afterward. The evidence for cocaine use, on the other hand, disappears within a few days; evidence for alcohol use is gone within a few hours for the simplest testing although more sophisticated testing can pick it up for a longer period. So she can take a chance with cocaine by carefully choosing when and where (depending on the last test date) but would be busted quickly if she smoked a joint.

1028 days ago


Oops, sorry - got shifted to the wrong topic after I signed in... Never mind!

1028 days ago



1028 days ago


yoked again..i gues he hit up the roids

1028 days ago

I do all of my own stunts too. Now stand back and give me room while I scroll over to the next article.

1028 days ago


Should have had a stunt double take care of the maid 14 years ago and he wouldn't be in the mess he's in now lol

1028 days ago


That's what he should be doing. I don't wanna be fooled. Wanna be an actor then act, why have a stunt?

1028 days ago


The RONNARD~NATOR ran his roids fueled wheel chair into the MCDs whiped cheesie on top of old smokie again?.His ex played him like a fox got the money made a fool out him and put the GOP back into thiert place.Now if they can pull old harveys head tout of the ex governators cigar hohoho maybe we won`t have to see the fake presidents fitness joke shooting up his roids again in the shadow`ss

1027 days ago
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