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Dr. Conrad Murray

Sentenced to the Maximum

11/29/2011 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Michael Pastor threw the book at Dr. Conrad Murray
Judge Michael Pastor threw the book at Dr. Conrad Murray, sentencing him to 4 YEARS IN PRISON.  But Murray will not spend a single day in prison because of a new California law.  He'll serve his time in L.A. County Jail.  And in jail, at most Murray will only serve half the sentence.
The judge was angry, talking repeatedly about Dr. Murray's documentary in which he laid the blame at Michael Jackson's doorstep.  The documentary clearly weighed in the judge's decision to give Murray the max.

As for restitution, Judge Pastor ordered Dr. Murray to pay "appropriate restitution" to the Estate and to MJ's kids at a later date ... but the judge seemed dubious about the $100 million request by the prosecution.  

Judge Pastor ruled Murray must pay an $800 fine, a $30 court security fee, and a $40 criminal conviction assessment. 

Judge Pastor said, "There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint.  There are those who feel he's the devil.  He is neither.  He's a human being." 

Judge Pastor says it's irrelevant to him that Michael might have met this fate with some other doctor.  The fact is, Pastor said, Michael Jackson died because of the actions of ... Dr. Murray."

The judge said he looked at Murray's whole life, and he was impressed.  But he added Dr. Murray's recklessness with Jackson overshadowed the doc's good deeds, calling the treatment, "a cycle of horrible medicine."

The Judge noted, "Dr. Murray engaged in a recurring, continuous pattern of deceit and lies."
The Judge was incredulous, saying far from being remorseful, "There's umbrage and outrage on the part of Dr. Murray against the decedent."  The judge was making note of Murray's critical comments about MJ in his recently-aired documentary.

In the end, the judge said, "Dr. Murray abandoned his patient," calling his conduct ... "medicine madness,"  "egregious" and "a disgrace to the medical profession."

Brian Panish, attorney for Jackson family, read a statement:  "We still look at each other in disbelief.  Is it really possible he is gone?"  The statement goes on ...  "We are not here to seek revenge.  There is nothing you can do here today that will bring Michael back."  In terms of the sentence, the family said: "We respectfully request you impose a sentence that reminds physicians they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder."

Prosecutor David Walgren, who asked the judge to impose the maximum, 4-year prison sentence, reminded the judge ... Dr. Murray repeatedly lied to authorities about the events in the bedroom where Michael died.  He also noted the recklessness of Murray's medical treatment.   Walgren called Murray's treatment a "pharmaceutical experiment."  Walgren said, "The defendant was playing Russian Roulette with Michael Jackson's life every single night."

Walgren also asked for $100 million in restitution for MJ's kids, because that's what Michael Jackson would have made in the "This Is It" tour. Walgren also wanted Murray to pay a fair amount for the $1.8 million funeral.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, told Judge Pastor, Dr. Murray did not want to address the court, but the lawyer said no doubt Jackson's death is a tragedy that demands punishment, but Murray's "book of life" is much better than this one chapter.  Chernoff noted Murray was born "dirt poor" in Grenada and led an exemplary life that made him a cardiologist. But Chernoff noted Murray "will always be known as the guy who killed Michael Jackson."  Chernoff did say, "Michael Jackson was a drug seeker, and Dr. Murray was wrong in providing it."

As for restitution ... Chernoff shockingly never addressed the obvious -- that Jackson is worth more dead than alive.  All he said was Murray couldn't afford to pay it..

Murray Found Guilty


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This is some bulls%&*! What is he afraid of blacks rioting?! This dude doesn't deserve this. MJ was an addict of many things!

1058 days ago


the king played THE PRICE IS RIGHT.
ding ding the boy behind the curtain is not as valuable as
malpracticing, mentally doc who also "had a bad father"
ding ding the prizes are propofol AND ETERNAL "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE".

1058 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

OK so what did we learn?
- MJ loved drugs and was willing to pay anyone a lot of money to give them to him.
- MJ did know or couldn't say no when he was in a very dangerous situation because of his dependency, even though it was going on a long time.
- MJ hires dumb people (not just Murray) to take care of him and "his family".
- If you are famous, the law is on your side (again).
- If you are rich and famous, you get the best legal team. If not, you take what you can get.
- For all his wrong doing, Murray get's essentially a slap on the wrist.
- MJ best recording was released during this trial.
- Michael Jackson is still dead.

Yes stuperfans, Murray was guilty, there was never a doubt in my mind but I want you to think of something. Don't think with the heart of a stuperfan and the wishful fantasy-land mindset of a child. Think like an honest rational adult. Knowing what you can no longer deny after this trial, how do you think MJ would have done his tour even if he never met Murray?

1058 days ago


Many thanks to the brilliant judge Pastor. And thanks to the prosecutors, Walgren and Brazil who did an outstanding job of presenting the grim facts of this tragic case.

1058 days ago


Dr. Murray, thank you for helping this piece of dirt wipe himself off the face of the Earth. It's too bad they had to use you as a scapegoat.

1058 days ago


So someone explain to me why this 1 dr. is taking the full sentencing on behalf of dozens of Jacksons dr.'s. Jackson was obviously a druggy. He just happened to die under this one particular dr.'s watch. Oh and for the record the dr. did us all a favor and relieved this world of one the sickest most disguisting humans that lived on this earth. It's not normal, people, to sleep or touch children that are not yours. How many times was he on trial or "settled" for the same thing throughout his life? CHILD MOLESTER!!!

1058 days ago

Best Mom    

Judge Pastor spoke so honestly and truthfully in his sentencing of Conrad Murray. I felt that somehow, for all of us who loved the person of Michael Jackson, our hearts can now begin to mend. Justice for Michael -- finally!

1058 days ago


Love Judge Pastor!!! He knows about all the Doctor Feel-good$ out there getting people addicted to drugs and sent a loud message that will certainly make at least most of them stop or be reported.

This Murray character is s*** but he actually served a purpose in being so extreme in his drugs for $$ that, in the big picture of things, will help shut down other Doctor Deaths out there.

Judge Pastor has seen worse criminals than this and knows what they act like, have no remorse, and all the other signs of a murderer.

R.I.P. Michael

1058 days ago


MJ was the most pathetic man I have ever seen. He was a freak of nature. It is hard to even call him a man. It's too bad that any musical talent was wasted on him. What a pathetic waste. Yet he was a Saint compared to his family of vultures.

1058 days ago


My sympathy is with the Jackson family. Everything trial related will remind them that they have lost a relative. The trial was full of sloppy mistakes, but they got some justice. Good luck with AEG, because they hired Murray.

@ Phantom & =) thank you for the videos.

1058 days ago


??? the news just said prosecution is going to appeal to get the court to send murray to state prison instead of county????

1058 days ago


Why is it that people who are even a tiny bit known out here always get breaks like this? It doesn't matter what they do! The new CA law thing must apply to these people only, because if he were an unknown, he would be going to prison. If you're a regular person, you do a lot more time than people who are known do. What a joke. No wonder the rest of the country laughs at us.

1058 days ago


Best Mom: 9 minutes ago

Judge Pastor spoke so honestly and truthfully in his sentencing of Conrad Murray. I felt that somehow, for all of us who loved the person of Michael Jackson, our hearts can now begin to mend. Justice for Michael -- finally!


Beautifully said!

1058 days ago


Pastor said one of the most disturbing aspects of Murray's case was a slurred recording of Jackson recovered from the doctor's cell phone.

"That tape recording was Dr. Murray's insurance policy," Pastor said. "It was designed to record his patient surreptitiously at that patient's most vulnerable point."




1058 days ago


Michael Jackson got what he deserved for molesting all those boys.


Who knows what MJ was doing to those two boys he purchased from Debra Rowe & Dr Klein.

1058 days ago
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