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Kim Kardashian

Does Kris Think

I'm Some Sorta Dummy???

12/1/2011 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian makeup smokey
Kim Kardashian
is telling friends ... she's incredulous over Kris Humphries' claim that she used him as a disposable groom just to get a pop on her reality show.

Kim is bragging -- and on this one she has a right to brag -- she and her mom are marketing geniuses, so why would she set herself up to be skewered in the media by dumping her husband after only 72 days?  Kim acknowledges the split has been rough on her image and she would never have intentionally self-destructed.

And, Kim says, if this were really a wedding truly made for TV, she would have made it "way better," telling friends, "I'm no dummy.  The divorce would have been just as dramatic and dragged out as the wedding." 

Kim is telling friends Kris' latest move is "pathetic," adding, "Why fight over any of this?"

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Yeah, this will make people like her again...

1060 days ago


You are a dummy Kim because you thought America would feel sorry for you and we don't.......

1060 days ago


kim really needs to shut her mouth - this is going to be a bloody war

1060 days ago


why fight over this? i dunno how about you actually start caring about others and maybe you will find out why it might upset them enough to want to fight about it.

1060 days ago


"she and her mom are marketing geniuses, so why would she set herself up to be skewered in the media by dumping her husband after only 72 days?"

The marketing geniuses misjudged the intelligence of the public with this scheme.

1060 days ago


Can't speak for Kris, but I for one think you are worse than a "dummy", you are a waste of space

1060 days ago


she's a dummy. she did it for publicity and no matter what this itch says, the public isn't fooled by her pathetic attempts for sympathy. she may have fooled Kris but i hope he gets something for having been used as a prop by this cheap excuse of a family.

1060 days ago


Kim, you're a dummy, an idiot, a fraud, a slut, and a LIAR. It' all over honey, and I can't believe the public was stupid enough to have let it ever begin. Just shut up already, no one is listening anymore.

1060 days ago


Hey,money mogul.It's lonely at the top.You took advantage of the kid,and you know it.The gracious, intelligent thing to do would have been to cancel the wedding.People would have understood.Instead you had buyer's remorse.Who are these "friends" anyway?Or is TMZ just fueling the fires?

1060 days ago


yeah theyre marketing geniuses but she didnt think she would receive the backlash she received; their coniving ways backfired on them; but i do believe this family duped this guy.

1060 days ago


This skank is proof that money has nothing to do with class.

1060 days ago


Who*ry skank, please shut the F Up! You are sick -- you sure know how to try to stay in the news! Let's be real, you did not anticipate this backlash because you lack foresight! Period! You can only see as far as the next dollar bill or your next porn video/ next d*ck suc*ing adventure!

1060 days ago


kim and her mother should keep their mouths shut because the more they talk the more they hang theiselves...

1060 days ago


wtf, is this ****rashian crazy, marketing genius? all she seems to be good at is getting f****d on video and waving that huge ass around and her mother's specialty seems to be pimping out her whore daughters.

1059 days ago


LOL...Kim, yes you are a dummy. You should have shut up from the beginning. You started the drama, so fini*****. Kris has been quiet for long time, But you were the one whoring around in the media. So feel it betcha. And more Karma is coming for you. YOU ARE DONE WHORE.

1059 days ago
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