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Kim Kardashian

Does Kris Think

I'm Some Sorta Dummy???

12/1/2011 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian makeup smokey
Kim Kardashian
is telling friends ... she's incredulous over Kris Humphries' claim that she used him as a disposable groom just to get a pop on her reality show.

Kim is bragging -- and on this one she has a right to brag -- she and her mom are marketing geniuses, so why would she set herself up to be skewered in the media by dumping her husband after only 72 days?  Kim acknowledges the split has been rough on her image and she would never have intentionally self-destructed.

And, Kim says, if this were really a wedding truly made for TV, she would have made it "way better," telling friends, "I'm no dummy.  The divorce would have been just as dramatic and dragged out as the wedding." 

Kim is telling friends Kris' latest move is "pathetic," adding, "Why fight over any of this?"

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She never in a million years expected the backlash that she received from this whole hoopla. There are people out there that still take their marriage vows seriously and she is not one of them. That really irritates people when you take advantage of the luxury of being able to get married and its just a slap in the face.

1056 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *ahem* Marketing GENIUSES? There is nothing but Botox, silicone and collagen running through these beasts. Whore and her whore mother like to treat their men like peasants and brainless idiots who are to do what they're told. Now the tables are turning and the public sees you for who you are. Kim Whoredashian is just angry that she's been discovered. The joke's on you fatass whore!

1056 days ago


Kim acts as if her opinion and timeline is the only valid one. Shocking marriage didn't work for her. Can't wait for black tshirt TMZ dude to whine on her behalf...

1056 days ago


Kim you ARE an idiot - because you had no idea this would backfire on you and make so many MORE people hate you, so yes, you would have done if for publicity, you just didn't foresee this happening. So SHUT UP AND GO AWAY WHORE - You got pissed on in a sex tape. #NeverForget

1056 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

I find it difficult to consider this porn whore in any way shape or form some kind o*****enius?? She was born with a silver spoon, took the silver and plasticized herself, then showed it ALL on tape...end of story. Not a genius, just a whore with money.

1056 days ago


She's no dummy when it comes to self-promotion. The divorce drama only boosts the stupid show. There is no such thing as bad publicity in Hollywood. "Bad publicity" is an oxymoron in Hollywood. Kim proves that. People are paying attention to all this crap. She wins.

1056 days ago


She just digs herself in a deeper hole. Go away and stop talking.! Who ever is advising her and planting these stories is an idiot!!!!!

1056 days ago


Frankengoof is the idiot, let me marry someone I've known for only a few months. Let me buy a 2 million dollar engagement ring even though I make 2 mill a year and am on the downside of my less than stellar career. This guy tried to buy his way in and control her. She's a control freak herself, but to blame all this on Kim is stupid. Frakengoof learned a powerful lesson, that's why he's sitting in the shadows all butthurt.

1056 days ago


Give it a break Kim K.,everyone knows you and your family are CON-ARTIST. Close your mouth and disappear please. Maybe in a year or two you can show face again.

1056 days ago


Of course we believe you Kim..You,Kloe,Kortney and Kris are nothing but a bunch of media whores..This fake wedding blew up in your face just like that great porn movie you made..You were a real star in that too...It's now wonder thing fell apart after seeing how much of a cold fish you were in the movie...

1056 days ago


So tired of seeing this Tammy Faye Baker look-a-like whore in the news. Go back to the household of talentless losers.

1056 days ago


Why must we endure this crap. When there are so many more important things going on in the world. I am not saying we should focus on negative news. Just Less Kim K and her Loser Family. These kardashians are such a bad example for young people in the world, and they keep bringing new Little ones into the world. Sad really!!

1056 days ago

al baby    

Shut up Kim and put that thing back in your mouth

1056 days ago


Maybe a marketing genius but still a DOUCHEBAG SKANK! Boycott E! Everything Seacrest, KArdashian and Hilton! No talent money grubbing parasites!

1056 days ago


Kim KarTRA$Hian, you insult the intelligence of the human race with ANYTHING that you say. If I were you, I would be in hiding for YEARS and keep my mouth shut. Every time you open it, you make yourself look worse and everyone hate you and the KKlan even more. Get your checkbook out, give Kris Humphries the payday he DESERVES for your treatment of him, get a judge to sign off on your FRAUDULENT marriage, and then GO AWAY. We really don't want to see or hear you anymore. You have shown your TRUE self, and it's NOT pretty.

1056 days ago
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