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Kris Humphries

The Annulment Documents

12/1/2011 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the annulment documents Kris Humphries filed in response to Kim Kardashian's divorce petition.

As you can see, Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud.

Take a look.

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Rightfully so. I wondered why they just don't get an annulment. Kardashians aren't pulling this of either.

Kim and Kardashians lies, cons and scams backfired. No doubt the sponsers and endorsements are taking their advertising dollars elseware. The Kardashian Kollection tanked on black friday even with prices slashed.

Australia has put Kim on their watch list for 3 different times using her PASSPORT, VISA as a 'TOURIST' when if fact she was there on 'BUSINESS'. Just another Kardashian scam. No doubt this was to avoid paying taxes. I bet the IRS is going to take a look at their finances. (books) Ouch.

1055 days ago


You really what to make an inpact. Start posting your thoughts about the hodashians on every article, no matter who it's about. Copy and paste from TMZ, Radaronline and of course eonline and every so called celeb site out there. Every f*cking article. When it's starts cutting into other celeb's PR time...they'll get just as pisssssed as we are

1055 days ago


Kim's taken a-big-hit on this, all of the Kardashians have.

But it's better to take the heat up front -

Her instincts said "no" and Kim had the courage to act on them -

Give her that much.

1055 days ago


(d) The consent of either party was obtained by fraud, unless the party whose consent was obtained by fraud afterwards, with full knowledge of the facts constituting the fraud, freely cohabited with the other as husband or wife.

1055 days ago


I so hope that Kris H gets this marriage sham annulled. He deserves to rid his life of this complete fake person in the form of Kim K. The whole family is just yucky and loathsome. Just the way all the sisters and Mom Jenner talk to one another is terrible. I would not allow anyone to use the F word around me and certainly my children never use it toward me, my husband or each other. What is wrong with this family? Pastor Brad must be a really poor influence in their lives and I would not darken the doors of that new age godless church since it is sponsored by the Kardashian tramps.

1055 days ago


no Willi1, that would do the exact opposite, they want the traffic to their poorly visited sites. It would show that Kim. K is controversial enough to bandy that amount of attention, ergo more sponsors, and that's all they care about, don't make any mistake about it. To make a true impact, stop watching their show, when they make a TV appearance turn the channel, and your better off with a petition or go after their sponsors with ridicule in droves and refuse their product because of their support of Kim K

1055 days ago

BB not bb    

The Huffington Post has an article that says he was the husband from hell. He does seem like a bully and selfish and creepy. He does it with a smile, but maybe that is the fraud, trying to make her trust him when he doesn't care about her as a person or as an equal.

She about comes up to his navel, and he shoves her down on the bed and says that she can't get rid of him. He is smiling, but I think that is kind of intimidating also. Then when she says to stop throwing clothes around, in a polite way even though it looks like a pig sty, he says, "Oh what, now?" That is pretty juvenile.

It is like he has no intention of doing what she wants, and then he tries to make her feel bad for asking. Maybe he wants a slave or better yet, a dog. Maybe he is a dog.

1055 days ago


she is a nasty money hungry whore. dump her and go on with your life and do good things.

1055 days ago


fatplastic kim is a fraud in so many ways

1055 days ago

She's baaaack    

Kim: "Mommy!? Mommy!? Does this annulment make my ass look big???"

1055 days ago


Please tell me HE can get an anullment because of fraud because Kim Kardashian IS a fraud.

1055 days ago


Best of luck, Kris. I think an annullment is the right thing to do and hope the court sees it that way too.

1055 days ago

BB not bb    

I have never watched any of their shows except for some recent clips, but I can tell you they grow on me as people, even if I am not intersted in keeping up with their shows. Kris on the other hand, sickens me more and more the more I hear about him.

Isn't he a fraud saying that he played for the NJ Nets, and then quits and wants to move to MN while he knows that Kim's life is based in NYC? He is the fraud in my opinion, he is a fraud of a husband and o*****ood man.

Why people want to see this family suffer, I don't know. It is pathetic. People are very mean. They are just haters. It is negative and evil.

They keep calling the Kardashians meaningless, yet they keep hating on them. Why waste your time hating what is meaningless then? Go find a life.

1055 days ago


TEAM KRIS. GO MAN. I hope the rest of men out there who are going through something like this to STAND UP and sue the whores. Stop feeling sorry for whores.

1055 days ago


And for god's sake why call a **** a **** when the former is way fishier.

1055 days ago
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