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Kris Humphries

I Was Kim's

Reality Show Pawn

12/1/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian arguingSources very close to Kris Humphries tell TMZ ... Kris is gunning for an annulment based on fraud because he feels "he was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian's latest headline and newest business venture."

We're told Kris believes Kim never intended to stay married to him, but needed a groom to fuel ratings for her show.  One source says, "Once they were finished taping, she just didn't need a groom anymore."

Kris is telling people he feels like a pawn in the game. 

And, we're told, Kris is outraged by people who think he was in on the wedding scam -- according to one friend, "He would have never flown in his childhood pastor to marry them and involve his church."

Finally, Kris feels Kim's own statement that she posted on her blog is a smoking gun ... specifically, "I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn't get off when now I know I probably should have.  I got caught up in the hoopla and the filming of the TV show."

Bottom line -- the divorce/annulment war is on.

Seems Kris has other things on his mind too -- he was spotted yesterday at the airport in Washington, DC with his mother. They were in town to attend a children's health conference ... "Building A Healthier Future Conference." We're told Kris is very active in the cause.


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Kristy Hughes    

Anyway I don't respect her. I believe whatever she does is just for
publicity. They are stars but behave like immature. Kids watch them
and would follow them as an example. SO this is not good at all.
Recently, I saw the latest kim Kardashian sex tape here http://bit.ly/kimkardashian001latest.. Its the craziest.

1066 days ago

kim hordashiannn    

and kris sorry, but i cant take ur last name, b/c u see im so famous for ..ing ..ikks, that if i lose that the whole hordashian empire will collapse. and who can ..ukk..ikk like i could and then make a whole family of hores famous off of it?.so, u see, all the endorsements will be gone in no time if i take ur last name. y dont i just pretend to marry u, keep my famous last name, continue to s.u.k d.ck and then i l just dvorce ur half blak ass. cause u see i dont enjoy half of anything.but kim, have my babies, pretend to be a wife,please honey. no, no u just distryed my pedicure and u gave away my fake show.plus i cant move to minnesota. what about my career? whos gonna continue s..kking black d..ks like i do? well, kim by the time u will have kids no one will know who u r. kris, how could u? i will always be known for giving the best bj, so u see i will never run out of endorsement b/c of that. take that u naive, honest, wanna settlle down, lovely man.i hate men like u. why cant u be like all the other black men i s..kked d..kks to? all i wanted was to give u a bj, leak another sex tape out, get 10 mil dollars off of it and go to disneyland.is that too much to ask?

1066 days ago


Team Kris, I believe he has a right to call his marriage a fraud based on what Kim had to say after she filed for divorce. The fact that she said "she was caught up in the hoop-la and she shouldn't have gotten married in the first place speaks volume. Therefore her intentionS were wrong and unreal(fAKE/fRAUD).Tthen it became about putting on a lavish show for everyone, pleasing the media and her family. And also what she can benefit out of it, LIke having vere wang making 3 dresses for her. Because she knew she didnt want to be marry to Kris H. during the planning of the wedding; she may have been in LUST WITH HIM WHEN THEY WERE dating, but it was clear that she conitnued the wedding because of the hoop-la, the publicity and for her show.!!!!

1066 days ago


I hope Kris wins. Everything about the Kardashian family is somewhat tragic and trashy

1066 days ago



1066 days ago


This man was not in on the sham... this is all Kris Jenner and Kim's idea. He deserves an annulment, the were married for what? 72 hrs. She is a Wh*re with a capital W.

1065 days ago


These people care only for the almighty dollar. Do they realize what they are actually doing to themselves in the long run? It is really sad that one has to forget morals and principles to make money.

1065 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

don't be a pawn without leaving some SPAWN

1065 days ago


Kris, Kris, Kris, you know what you were getting into, Kim is more famous that you. I think you couldn't handle your wife is more famous than you. Who the hell you think you are? I've been watching the NBA from way back to the 80's, and didn't know who you are until Kim said I love this guy and want to marry him. you play for unpopular team. I think your a fool not to live in Kim World and still play your basketball. what do you think, now that your famous one of the popular team will recruit you. guess again. please get out while you can and stop embarrass yourself any more, especially about money talk.

1065 days ago


Cancel the show. They've all been frauds from the beginning.

1065 days ago


nice guy from a nice family with real values..unlike the dumbdashians...its a real sin with todays economy people starving and losing their homes...all the dumbdashians can do on a daily basis it flaunt what they have...and now their flaunting the 16 year old just got a range rover for $100,000...totally sick self absorbed bunch of animals

1065 days ago

The Science    

Ok le me ust say this. Kim Kardashian is just as bad as everyone says she is, but who is the responsible for flooding our homes with this garbage anyway, Its just as much an indictment on the media as anything else.

1065 days ago


Yes,Mr Humphries the public knows it was a sham.More the media keeps publish stories about the Kardashian..more etc,etc, the media is losing credible.Losing credible means: They are losing money.Any company that lines themselves with the Kardashian name and family,Will have a negative impact on themselves.Long as the media try to put a positive spin on the Kardashian. Public will pull back.Wise up to the fact:In the eyes of the public: Kardashian are worse than pond s***.No amount of words will change this crap.Mr.Humphries and his mother was in Washigton D.C. for a wonderful cause.Need anything else be said of integrity.

1065 days ago


wtf.... chris mother is living wow... why didnt she attend his wedding. also for this to be fake! was he the only one didnt know.... he sure looks very thin in these pictures.. thats what he gets he probably tried hitting her or pushing her around. his ego was terrible anyway typical black man adittude. he seem like the type of man that though he can control her and when it didnt work he ran.

1065 days ago

Dusky Parrot    


1065 days ago
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