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Alec Baldwin

Tossed by American Airlines Captain

12/6/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The last straw in the Alec Baldwin/American Airlines incident came when he "slammed" the bathroom door so loudly the captain of Flight 4 had to get involved ... according to people on the plane.

We're told Baldwin's tweets about the incident are on point -- flight attendants wanted him to shut off his cell phone in the middle of a game of "Words with Friends" ... after the cabin door closed, but the plane remained at the gate.

But according to passengers ... after the confrontation over his phone, Alec got up to go to the bathroom and angrily slammed the lavatory door.  We're told it was so loud the captain called back to flight attendants to find out what was happening.

That's when the captain himself made the call to have Baldwin removed.

Sources close to Alec claim he did not slam the door, and only got up to get the flight attendant's name so he could file a complaint -- but because the fasten seat belt sign was on he was asked to leave the plane.

Alec boarded the next LAX-JFK flight -- and we're guessing he's enjoying an intense match of 'Words' right now ... at 40,000 feet.


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murray hill    

Airlines will not put up with any nonsense post 9-11, and spoiled celebrities are no exception. When the flight attendant asks you to turn off all electronic devices, that is what you must do. All of these devices emit electromagnetic radiation from thier internal clocking ocillators, which could jam any of the myriad of on-board aeronautical devices. When Baldwin's hissy tantrum actually got the attention of the captain, it was time to go. Alex: you are truly a world-class a-hole.

1054 days ago


Typical liberal celebrity. They think all the rules apply to everyone but themselves.
Btw...this is the guy who went to court order "anger management", when he harassed his daughter a few years ago?
Guess he needs more anger management instruction.

1054 days ago

Man With No Name    

This moron needs help! His parents probably never disciplined him (no yelling or spanking-just trying to 'reason' with their special two year old), and that doesn't work, lol!! Now he needs tough love, counseling, or a padded cell!!!

1054 days ago


This event just confirms his outragous behavior when remembering how his daughter let the public know about his childish rants via cell phone. This is disgusting.

1054 days ago


He's funny on tv but living with him must be PURE HELL. He is SO abusive. Shame that fame rewards him and makes him a bigger A-hole daily.

1054 days ago


Next time, throw him off the plane - at about 30,000 ft. That should do the job.

1054 days ago

Ralph Lynch    

It could not have been Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin said that he was going to leave the country if Bush got elected; Bush got elected, so it couldn't have been Alec Baldwin, right? He's an honorable man, right?

1054 days ago


Arrogant 1%er attacks the 99%.

1054 days ago

cyreatha winn    

almost all celebs think that they are above the rest of us !!! act like a normal human being, & sit down, buckle your seatbelt, & turn off your damn phone till the pilot gives the all clear !!! honestly !!! GET A GRIP !!!

1054 days ago

Al Tango    

I wonder who is the dumbest and most obnoxious liberal celebrity. Alec has a great deal of company, like Sean Penn, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Whoopie Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, Danny Glover, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Martin Sheen, Morgan Freeman, Harry Belafonte, and thousands more. You will notice that all of those above have a visceral hatred for the USA and anyone who disagrees with their idiotic view of the world.

1054 days ago


This guy is epitome of the term "hard-on."

1054 days ago



1054 days ago


Alec Baldwin is such a 'Richard'head... Too bad the pilot couldn't have thrown him off the plane at 35,000 feet!!!

1053 days ago

good as gold    

Attention Passengers: When you are on our airplane you will follow our rules and like it. Thank you for flying Nazi Airlines. Excuse me but rules aren't laws and cell phones don't use the same frequency as airline communications. If there was a terrorist attack on the plane, how can can you call for outside help if you cant have your phone on? A dumb out-dated rule and I can't stand this Baldwin guy either.

1053 days ago


It's too bad an air marshal didn't put a cap between his eyes.

1053 days ago
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