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Chris Brown & Dance Crew

The INSANE Back-flipping

Breakdance Battle [VIDEO]

12/6/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


In case you had any doubt ... Chris Brown is one badass back-flipping dance machine -- and he proved it last night at an L.A. nightclub, throwing down some mind-blowing moves in an impromptu breakdance battle ... and TMZ has the footage.

Brown and his dance crew stormed the stage at Beacher's Madhouse inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel ... unleashing breakdance MAYHEM -- and the crowd went wild. You gotta see the clip.

Best part -- 6-foot-7 Amazon Ashley waiting patiently in the background to take the stage ... with her giant nipple tassels.


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That was great and it was nice to see the LMFAO break dancer.

995 days ago


stop posting items about this s***bag domestic abuser

995 days ago


you people need to quit with all the hate for chris brown that **** old and so over they both are over it and they both are doing great with their careers so grow up. and how can you comment about the fight if you were not there to see it. women hit men as well and it is not right to hit a man so just like its not right to hit a woman. it should be equal but it is not. some men will fight back after getting hit so many times they are not unbreakable they feel pain as well and rihanna not as innocent as she pretend to be

995 days ago

Robert Vasquez    

You just got SERVED

995 days ago


Well, Chris wasn't half as good as the Asian guy though! The first guy was great too. I was nervous watching - the floor looked hard, of someone didn't land right that would have left a big owie!

995 days ago


#FAIL #FAIL! Chris is not a B-Boy! Come on TMZ...! He picks up choreography well but not this quick. Im not a fan...but Chris needs to be cast for BEATSTREET!

995 days ago

Mark Twain    

i do not understand you people you b%$ch about all the negative things that happen and when a man that made a mistake and admit it is trying to live his life all you can do is b#$ch.

“When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.”

995 days ago


This is pathetic if people can't except the fact that he is a great talent. That is undeniable. What annoys me even more is the fact that people search him up just to hate on him. His human, he made a mistake, can you really say that you never made a huge mistake in your life? But hey it don't really matter to him, his making paper, has his family and most importantly has team breezy by him 4eva.
Loooveee you cb <333333333333

995 days ago

Ducati D.    

at the end of the day, he still hits\beats women.

995 days ago


Chris brown foreverrrrrrr !!!!!!!! Haters keep hatin!!! Cbreezy <3333

995 days ago


haters always gonna hate n like potatoes they gonna potate:P
chris brown is an amazing guy, till u dont meet him, u dont have the right to talk **** bout him.
ignorance is no good for the soul. dont judge a person until u walk in his shoes.God is the only right 2 judge on people.

995 days ago

Big Taters    

Every time I come back to this place, I'm reminded how clueless Harvey and his crew are.

First, he beats up women really bad. Who give's a **** if he can barely break dance.

Second, he SUCKED compared to the first two guys. Nothing he did was INSANE, except show his face in public where people might want to kick his ass for being such a prick.

This site WINES about a VODKA AD, then promotes a WOMAN BEATING THUG for doing nothing more than a DANCE MOVE.

Goofy californians, they really are clueless.

Harvey, stick with the post-fake-court-drama-interviews. It's your thing...

995 days ago


LOVE Chris Brown! Awesome...and i think if Rihanna is at peace with Chris everyone else should be too?

995 days ago


why you hating on chris he did that 2 to almost 3 years ago and his been in 4 relationships sense than so stop hating he can sing and rap and dance.yall hating because yall ass kisser,and yall brown nosers.

995 days ago


Cbreezy <3333333 haters are lame and unforgiving! Love u cb

994 days ago
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