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Science to Alec Baldwin --

Shut it Down!

12/7/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Alec Baldwin's ridiculous cell phone standoff actually raises a great question -- why DO you have to shut down when the plane door closes? We've got expert testimony about how your gadgets mess with a plane and put lives at risk.

Plus, Madonna vs. Gene Simmons ... in a battle over her Super Bowl gig. Live or lip-synch -- YOU make the call! Also, baseball's forcing sexy sideline reporters to tone it down, and Orioles reporter Amber Theoharis thinks it could be a big mistake.

Oh, and before you watch -- apologies to Missouri.

(0:30) Jason starts the show off with some smack talk.  Charles seems to have gotten his shirt from Dax's closet.
(3:55)  Jerry Sandusky is behind bars!  We talk to Evan in the newsroom who fills us in with the horrific details.
(7:49)  TMZ's Lawyer, Jason Beckerman, lets us know what could possibly happen to Jerry Sandusky if he is found guilty.
(10:33) American Airlines fires back at Alec Baldwin after he bashes them on Twitter.  Come on Alec ... just turn your damn cell phone off when you're on a plane!
(20:00) An ex-pilot and Chief Flight Safety Operator calls in and tells us about the risk of keeping our electronics on while taking off and landing.
(26:43)   If you're from Missouri ... you should hear this.
(31:36) Does it matter if an artist lip-syncs during their Super Bowl performance?  Our newsroom has mixed thoughts.
(43:19) The MLB has new regulations.  There is now a dress code the media has to follow.  Check out the picture that started the controversy.


No Avatar


ACDC would be a kick ass halftime show.

1048 days ago


KISS lip synced on WCW Nitro back in 2000. It was horrible, KISS lip syncs ALOT.

1048 days ago

PRO US    

Alec Baldwin is not as bad as Achmadinejad. Alec only uses prescription drugs, illegal mind-altering drugs and excess amounts of alcohol in public. Alec does not try to destroy any country, even evil Israel. Give Alec a break and let him play snakes and ladders with his grandchildren. Thanks from the Alec Baldwin Foundation for Celebrities who do Drugs and Alcohol But are Not As Bad As Achmadinejad.

1048 days ago

PRO US    

My reply was to the son of my hairy friend, JohnSebastian232 BTW.

1048 days ago


I just saw on the national news where many of the other passengers said that Alex Baldwin was very rude......I know that is really hard to believe...LOL!! He is a loser that thinks he is much more than he really is. Rules are rules and I hate when someone like him think that they can break them because they are a star......he is not all he thinks he is!! Good for AA, wish that they would ban him from flying with them! Hope he does not start using SouthWest!!

1048 days ago


Come on... It's only jeans !!!! Please... she has a nice ass don't be mad !!!! She is wearing JEANS .. tight or not !!! Must be a fat person who madw these rules !!!!

1048 days ago


President Lincoln was from Missouri.

1048 days ago


Um, President Lincoln is from Missouri too.

1048 days ago


As is American Airlines can afford to alienate passengers? They are in bankruptcy court and will soon come running to the American people with their hands out. Too much power in the hands of "overrated" waitresses.

1048 days ago


Defending Missouri- Every Village has it's Idiot.

1048 days ago

Briony James    

Screw AA! They're bloody bankrupt in more ways than one.

1048 days ago


KISS was NOT live, only Paul Stanleys mic was live

1048 days ago


Remember...this is a hot head that called is own daughter a selfish pig or something nasty like that. EGO man...

1048 days ago


I'm a flight attendant....This is the FAA rule not the airline rule. Airlines and the flight attendant can be personally charged and fined by the FAA. People need to fight with the FAA not flight attendants. I personally hate this electronic rule but must enforce it. If you remember not too many years ago, phones were never allowed to be used after landing. When you land in International destinations...all electronics must remain off until you are at the gate.

1048 days ago


Harvey, everyone knows about the love/hate thing between you and Alec. Nobody knows exactly what happened because every story has a different POV. But completely banning him? No because if they ban him they might as well ban everyone who acts like a diva.

If AA has an issue with it, just pull the in flight entertainment which, according to people, is episodes of 30 Rock.

1048 days ago
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