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James Cameron

Sued By Sci Fi Geek --

You Stole 'Avatar' From Me!!!

12/9/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron
is an idea stealing thief ... who ripped the story for "Avatar" from a science fiction nerd who once worked with Cameron's production company ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Cameron is being sued by a guy named Eric Ryder -- who claims back in 1997, he came up with a movie called "KRZ 2068" -- an "environmentally themed 3-D epic about a corporation's colonization and plundering of a distant moon's lush and wondrous natural setting."

Ryder claims the movie also involved "self-contained robotic exterior suits which house a single human operator" ... just like in "Avatar."

According to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Ryder claims his reps pitched the movie idea to Cameron's production company back in 1999 ... and it was so well received, they had multiple serious meetings with high ranking execs about the development of the project.

But Ryder claims in 2002, the company officially shut down the project -- telling him, "No one would go see an environmentally themed feature length science fiction movie."

So when "Avatar" hit theaters in 2009 ... and made bazillions ... Ryder was furious.

In his suit, Ryder alleges he complained to Cameron's people in 2009 -- but when they finally got back to him earlier this year, they told him to kick rocks, claiming J.C. had written the story before 1999.

Ryder says Cameron's people are lying -- claiming there are way too many similarities between the two projects -- including Ryder's idea for one of the characters to be played by Sigourney Weaver.

Ryder is suing for unspecified damages -- probably a bloody fortune.

Attempts to reach Cameron's people were unsuccessful.

1:30 PM PT: Reps for Fox and James Cameron just released a statement, claiming "the suit is baseless and we will vigorously defend our position."

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The story line was generic. I don't think the lawsuit will fly.

1047 days ago


Steven Speilberg made 'Jaws'. Peter Benchlys book. The tail end of 'Happy Days' The 'Fonz' jumping the shark. No one sued because there was nothing to sue.

I believe it was called 'A Night to Remember' it was about the Titanic which was called unsinkable, hitting an iceberg and sunk. That was in the late '50's.

James Cameron did a movie called Titanic 40 years later and it worked.

Avatar was years ago so why now sueing? Must be the season.

1047 days ago


I'm not a fan of Cameron but it's well known he was working on that film for like 15 years. This guys full of BS.

1047 days ago


Mannnn, I take the 'attempts to contact *insert name here* people were unsuccessful as a given.

1047 days ago


LOL....I think America is the only Country which allow stupid little things to be sued about.

1047 days ago


I didn't like the movie anyways. It was a a sci-fi rip-off of Pocahontas. I hear Cameron is a real jerk, so yeah, he would screw-over somebody pitching a movie idea.

1047 days ago


Actually... this idea isn't exactly original. Ever seen Fern Gully? There are a myriad of movies that convey this idea. And having people in 'robotic suit' ZOMG! Soooo original! Not.

So this guy is complaining that the idea he stole from other movies has been stolen? Meh...

1047 days ago


If this indeed is true I have lost alot of respect for James Cameron, I was actually grateful for 'his' Avatar movie since we really needed something new in hollywood. Apparently he isn't as creative as we all thought

1047 days ago


Does this guy realize Cameron wrote a scripment and announced his intention to make Avatar years prior to when this guy thinks he came up with it? The lazy idiot could have at least wikied the movie and found this out..

1047 days ago


Well everyone knows that Cameron stole this from Dances With Wolves and Pocahantas....When i saw the flic..I was amazed how much material was stolen from Dances With Wolves..THE buffalo hunt. THEN the two leads from Crapatar went hunting for these blue things..I thought...hummm where have i seen this before..CAMERON is a major ripoff artist..EVEN his lame composer James Crap Horner steals from dead Russian composers and himself..DANGER THEME!!! Horner even stole from Glory's theme...YOU BEEN BUSTED!!!

1047 days ago


Nuisance suit, nuisance people that could never go anywhere on their own -

And the lawyer(s) that smell a pay-out/take the case.


TMZ shouldn't publicize these idiots -

He'd go away for lunch tomorrow at Micky D's, trust me.

I know ten thousand dudes that have failed/gone this route.

1047 days ago

Michael Lanich    

Yo Citivas,

The point isn't that any particular idea is original, it's that the combination of those ideas together are what was stolen. No idea really is wholly original anymore, but when it's that obvious(if the allegations are true) that the storyline, characters etc. were basically taken from this guy, then were talking about theft of another person's property.

1047 days ago


Cameron is an ******* take him to the cleaners!

1047 days ago


Wow! He knew 3D would be big years before it became big. Amazing!

1047 days ago


Sounds like a big pay day going his way...didn't cam get an oscar? They should totally snag that b!tch back

1047 days ago
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