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Jerry Sandusky

Wife Helps Post

$250,000 Bail

12/8/2011 8:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky
's wife helped the former Penn State coach post his $250,000 bail this morning -- one day after Jerry was arrested for allegedly raping two additional young boys ... this according to court records.

The records show Sandusky's wife forked over a $50k personal check ... in addition to Jerry using $200,000 in real estate holdings to post the bail.

The court ruled that Sandusky will be confined to his home ... and he is not allowed to have any contact with any witnesses or victims related to the child sex abuse case.


10:24 AM PST -- Sandusky has been released from custody.

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♥TMZ but ...    


1050 days ago



1050 days ago


I don't get it. With his charges only 250k bail. House arrest. Why don't you simply re-rape these boys. Thats exactly whats being done. Disgusting.

Rob Blogoivich sentenced to 14 years has 90 days to surrender. No wonder why America is the laughing stock.

1050 days ago


Why did another ******* judge allow this Animal out on bail? I don't understand the thinking of these judges, regardless if is under house arrest, he should be in the hole right now having the **** kicked out of him and his wife too. Shame on her for doing NOTHING to help these poor children.

1050 days ago


If this guy had a hair on his ass he would take this "free" time to remove himself from the planet.

1050 days ago


What is up with you unemotional shameless TMZ leeching maggots? The cops obviously didn't have enough evidence to hold Jerry Sandusky so he was given the option of bail. I'm glad he's back on the streets, you shouldn't been allowed to scream child molester without actually providing evidence that you were sexually molested in inappropriate places. Good for the Sanduskys! I hope these nescience accusers case gets dismissed and Jerry could go back to doing what he does, coaching football!

God Bless Jerry Sandusky,down with the people who deprecate of him,these charges should of been made less mitigate!

I love Jerry Sandusky! <3

1050 days ago


He's brainwashed his wife, the same way he 'groomed' his victims. Why isn't every single member of their/her family SCREAMING at her to leave Jerry! To not respond to a child's scream when you know what your husband is, well, there are no words. She's lost her mind & her humanity. AND, why was bail even made available to the slime? As long as he stays away from his victims, I guess it's ok- WHAT?? Is this a judge that's only dealt with traffic court for their entire career, (no offense to traffic court judges)? For sh*t sake, put him behind bars where he CAN'T have access to TV shows, Radio programs, Local Access shows or print media. His lawyer is doing right by his client, his actions are unprecedented.

1050 days ago


abysmal - are you just stupid or mentally challenged - bail has nothing to do w/ evidence, it is based on whether the judge thinks the perp has enuff ties to communityand not enuff rescources so that he will show up for trial and not flee - as far as your love for sandusky - why don't you bring him home and let him baby sit your kids - and read all the evidence and witnesses while your at it - jerk

1050 days ago


Sick- the wife, Sandusky, the judges...........its all sick. Raping yourn boys is a crime against humanity and he will pay in jail serving as the wife to anyone who will do him. Of course he is a man, and will enjoy finally getting what he has wanted. Any stories from his younger years, it probably started then, maybe he was raped by his dad.....The wife, she is guilty too......Sick- please change the laws- raping and incest are illegal people!!

1050 days ago

She's baaaack    

If there is truth to the fact that the evil monster she is married to was raping a child in their home and she heard that child screaming ... PURPOSELY BECAUSE THAT CHILD KNEW SHE WAS THERE AND HE NEEDED SAVED ... may she burn in hell. No one deserves rape but it would be too good for them. I hope Bubba and his buddies get a hold of BOTH OF THEM and show them what it is like to be utterly helpless. May they both burn in hell.

1050 days ago


10 to 1 says he commits suicide

1050 days ago


His wife allows him to have sex with boys and then bails him out?
::: Vomits :::

1050 days ago


What the heck is his wife thinking by bailing him out of jail and staying with him? Sheesh! A normal spouse would be mortified and repulsed and start divorce proceedings immediately and not cooperate in bailing him out. Jerry is going to be sued in civil court for every cent he has and if she were smart she will divorce him so she isn't left penniless also. A recent high profile civil case against a Minneapolis attorney who was convicted of raping one child awarded the one victim a $15 million judgment. Sandusky, by the time this is over, will have dozens if not hundreds of victims so his potential civil liability is ENORMOUS. However, it is highly likely his wife will also be sued in civil court for negligence because she knew or should have known he was harming children so it probably won't matter anyway. But who in their right mind bails their pedophile husband out of jail?

1050 days ago


SO she's just as much a CRIMINAL as him! Arrest her ass too!

1050 days ago


His wife must be an idiot for sticking with this guy. He betrayed her almost as much as he betrayed the trust of the children. I think she's probably an accessory in his crimes, how could she not have known that this was going on for so many years?

1050 days ago
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