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Scores 6-Figure Deal

for New Web Show

12/8/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File this under WTF -- someone is actually paying Nadya Suleman A TON OF MONEY for parenting advice ... seriously.

TMZ has learned Octomom just locked down a 6-figure deal with a production company to star in her own weekly Internet show, which will be featured on Ustream.

We're told Nadya will stream the show live from her home every Sunday ... talking about subjects like, "Parenting, fitness, diet, nutrition, shopping on a budget and all those crazy rumors."

The show is set to launch later this month -- no word on who's gonna watch the kids while mommy goes to work.


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You have GOT to be kidding me? I wouldn't take child care advice from this whackjob, let alone how to take care of a dog. Ustream is going to soooooo get screwed on this one.

1015 days ago


So, I guess this show will have some super special info like:
*Nutrition--Fast food tips for the whole family, and why feeding kids on the floor is superior.
*Shopping on a budget--Why plastic surgery and hair/nail upkeep are way more important than mortgage payments.
*Parenting--How to schedule gym/shopping to avoid that pesky child bonding time. life, and no doubt, the rest of the world's, will now be complete with such super sage Octo-advice readily available.

1015 days ago


Kill me please

1015 days ago


No word yet on who's going to watch the show. Someone is going to take a financial bath on this one.

1015 days ago


@missy...She had 6 kids she could not take care of or afford. She intensionally gets invitro fertilazation (very expensive where did that money come from) just so happens she spit out 8 more babies (thats a friggen litter) now 14 kids still can not afford or handle.

Streaming live. That's why Dr. quack Drew Pinsky paid for her cable (money). Dr. quack Phil McGraw just as low.

1015 days ago


Over half of her older six are still in diapers, the kids are addicted to fast food, the house is tagged inside and out, the octuplets and the girl twin are minimally verbal, there is no family dinner time around a table (and there is no table), the TVs are babysitting the kids constantly, even Dr. drew said the tups room reeks of old pee, Nadya has admitted to being addicted to buying toys & addicted to babies, Nadya filmed one of her much older boys sleeping with a pacifier, the 2 year old tups are still drinking from bottles and sleep two per crib.....WHAT about this shows she can give parenting advice?!!

1015 days ago


Was she crazy to have all those kids...hell yah. She's got them now. She can't exactly send them back where they came from lol You have to give her credit for trying to make the best of it. I wish her luck.

1015 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I hope the money goes to the care of the kids

1015 days ago


No word on who's going to watch this drivel, either. And anybody insane enough to take advice from this cow probably isn't functional enough to even use the internet.

1015 days ago


the sad thing is so many people believe it...if its true..shes getting a dollar fifty and a happy meal

1015 days ago


Good for her.
She's raising 14 kids and doing a better job as a parent than Brooke Mueller is doing with only 2 kids.

1015 days ago


About parenting....?

1015 days ago


GOOD! Maybe all the begging will stop. We can all rejoice! We don't have to hear "I'm broke" ever again. Happy Day.

1015 days ago


TMZ is to blame for keeping the ink flowing about this loser. Way to go TMZ. Keep up the work of the nut jobs.

1015 days ago


OMG!! Who would want advice from someone who feeds their kids off the floor and locks them in a pee filled bedroom. Her children (almost 3) are still in diapers and look vacant. They are not even speaking. She is the absolute worst mother I have ever seen. Her house is a pig sty. She hides her older kids so no one will hear how they feel. This is incredible. Must be losers who will call her for advice. Will be funny when she gives advice and gets sued because she knows nothing.

1015 days ago
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