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Khloe Kardashian

Down to Relocate

... If Lamar Gets Traded

12/9/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian is already preparing herself in case Lamar Odom gets traded out of Los Angeles ... and a source close to the family tells TMZ she's open to moving out of L.A. to be with her hubby.

Odom was supposed to be involved in a blockbuster trade for Chris Paul ... but the deal fell through late Thursday night. Still, there's still a chance L.O. could still be headed out of L.A. sometime soon.

We're told Khloe would follow Lamar anywhere ... but she would feel especially comfortable in New Orleans because the family spent TONS of time there when Kim was dating former Saints running back Reggie Bush ... and she already has a bunch of friends who live in town.

As for Khloe's reality TV career -- it seems she'd find a way to keep it going no matter where she and Lam Lam end up  -- one source close to the family put it, "If only Reggie would have stayed in New Orleans ... it could have been Kim and Khloe take New Orleans."

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Patrick Henry    

Of course she's going to say that she will move..becuase of the fiasco with her sister, she would be committing career suicide to say otherwise ..and obviously what are the chances of him being traded?

If Lamar was truly whining on air shame on him due to the bad economy he is lucky to do what he does.

I wish as others do, that she would get traded down under so it's one less K we have to see.

She's a foul mouthed bully who beats up on men .

1019 days ago


This is how I feel about the NBA..listen to the whole thing :-)

1019 days ago

Mary Bailey    

Is TMZ just another publicity mill for the Kartrahians? Everyday it's another planted item about them from Pimp Mama Kris, E! or Harv's good buddy Seacrest.

1019 days ago


Please move out of the country, please take the rest of the family.

1019 days ago


His clothing company Rich Soil is going to have to throw out almost ALL their designs. They all rep LA on them. haha Blame it on the guido in the loft.

1019 days ago


I'm not a fan, but I like klhoe, because she knows Lamar is her family now. Mom and sisters are the extended family. They don't make them make their decisions.

1019 days ago


Kim made it abundantly clear that there was no way in hell she would move away from the limelight... Somehow Kris was being expected to live in HER world and play ball.

1019 days ago


Your editor/writers are deplorable. I mean really? Was there a contest to see how many times you can use the word STILL in a sentence? i quote, "Still, there's still a chance L.O. could still be headed out of L.A. sometime soon." Gaaaaa, get a good copy editor already....I'm available to assist!!

1019 days ago


Khloe is the best. She doesn't give a crap what anyone thin ks...she says it like it is,abd she is the only one with any common sense.She is behind her man 100% and she truely loves Lamar. Kourtney is into herself and Mason and no one else. As far as Kim goes...she doesn't know how to love anyone other then herself, because no one else counts in her life. She is all about money and material things, and I hope it's not true that she is with Reggie Bush again. I would think he is smarter then that. So Kim can disappear and no one would even care. She wears way too much make up any way. What is she covering up with all that make up?I stopped watching them for good because they are a bunch of Phonies, and no man can be as stupid as Bruce and let his wife walk all over him. Come on Bruce...get a big set and put her in her place already, because she just wants to be like her daughters. But she is getting too old. What ever.

1019 days ago

Sui Lan    

Now, Khloe has class and love for her husband. Besides, they have been married for two years now. I enjoy her show more than the other Kardashian shows. She and Rob is the best, and not phony like the others!!!!

1019 days ago


I love khloe, always have i think shes a sexy curvy woman and love her tastless sense of humour. And im very surprised she is non chalant about moving.I really thought this was going to be bad news for her and her man, but im happy for them. And I agree shes the better Kardasian sis.

1019 days ago


I like Khloe even tho' she's built like a box top Chevy...

1019 days ago


Love Khole & Lam Lam. They look like they really love each other.
Why are people so hateful, she is not fat. She's a size 8-10. That's the size of the average American woman. Size Zero is the anorexic Hollywood size that the average woman can never live up to.Hell, the actresses in LA can barley do it. That's why they are hospitalized for "dehydration". Khole will follow Lamar whenever he goes. Not because she's afraid he'll cheat but because he is her husband.

1019 days ago


omg; who really cares about that ugly Lamar Odom and the amazon wife of his if he gets traded or not.....seriously, anything to be in the news....they all disgust me.....ugh

1019 days ago



1019 days ago
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