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Kim K's Reality Pal

Jacking Up Security

After Humphries Threats

12/10/2011 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jonathan Cheban
Kardashian pal and “Spin Crowd” star Jonathan Cheban is freaking out ... claiming some pissed-off Kris Humphries fanatics want to hurt him -- and now, he's beefing up his security.

See, Cheban threatened to sue Kris for $5 million recently -- after the basketball star called him "gay" on TV -- and the whole lawsuit thing didn't sit so well some hotheaded Humphries supporters.

Among the threats Cheban received on Twitter ... “Comin to spit on you tomorrow at Dash store ... you and Kim are full of crap and trying to ruin Kris's life.”

Sources close to Jonathan tell TMZ ... he's so freaked ... he hired a bunch of extra security for an appearance he’s making at Kim's store today in NYC to promote his jewelry line.

Cheban insists he's "not gay."

Cheban showed up for the event as scheduled (see below).


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I honesty thought he was gay too. So, why is Cheban making a big deal about it except to try and smear Humphries along with the Kardashians and get publicity.

1014 days ago


Kim K automatically assumed people would peg her as the victim in this whole failed marriage thing. When that clearly didn't work and people started to side with KH, they had to try to find a way to lessen the backlash. Unfortunately, none of her plans are working. She is trying her hardest to make Kris look like the bad guy here (and she's so desperate, she now got her friends to play too). All this is doing is making her look even worse. As for him not being gay.... well, you could have fooled me (and I've never seen his show, just commercials and stuff).. but still, to sue someone just for saying you are seems like he does protest too much.

1014 days ago


In denial and whore attention. did you need to tell people that you gonna promote your jewelry at kk clan shop?

1014 days ago


As my husband say, if he isn't he should be. I agree with so many of the others, since his job is PR. It is a little obvious that this is a PR lets make Kris look bad. Anyone connected with the K clan is questionable in anything they say.

1014 days ago

two cents    

1. He needs to come out of that closet.
2. The gays should be up in arms. He's so traumatized of being labeled gay because that insult would be worth 5 million dollars? That in of itself is an insult to the gays! How offensive to be called gay? LOL Fine edged sword.
3. He needs to get his azz beat if only because he's a slimey weasel.

1014 days ago


Hey ugly, gayface! Yeah, Mr. Nobody, I'm talking to you! You reap what you sew! Security for a nonentity like yourself. You're just worried that if someone spits on you it'll smear your make-up, Mr. I love ladies. You're gonna have a lot of people to sue. Humphries just said what everyone else thinks. You and your whore, talentless, narcissistic friend Kim Whoredashian and you are like-minded whores. You both like to play the victim card. What a joke. Regardless of your sexuality, you're useless and no one cares.

1014 days ago


How see through- this story is planted by Kim to promote her show. Every Thur. and Fri. some kind of story- AND NEVER ABOUT HER. She is using all the men. Hoping YOU will view her show. Old tricks for publicity. Millions of people are dissatisfied and disappointed in her personality on the show. Just a spoiled egomaniac who with Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner duped the American public for financial gain and now want us to continue to tune in? They are delusional. We are all boycotting their azzes.


Take the KarTRASHians out on Sunday.

1014 days ago


Here's an idea - if he's so freaked out about threats, he could skip going to the store! He'd be safe, and he wouldn't have to spend thousands on security. Plus, based on the Kardashians' lack of popularity right now, this event could be a total dud.

1014 days ago



1014 days ago


who's he trying to fool

1014 days ago

nancy williams    

As Kims 15 minutes is up so is anyones connected with her.Bye-bye all of you.

1014 days ago


I like Kris H. He seems like a nice guy to me. I bet there are a million girls who would love to date him.

This guy is nuts to try to sue Kris. It's only backfired on him and Kim.

1014 days ago


This is Chebon and KarTRASHian trying to drum up sympathy and media attention. They'll stop at NOTHING squeezing every drop of blood from a turnip - they possibly can. Kim is such a vapid, hollow, materialistic lost soul. Her mother has ruined that girl forever.

Everything about them is fake - I bet when they're alone with themselves - they don't even truly know *who* they are. They're just using this situation with Humphries to suck up more of the media spotlight and generate $money$.

If you like them, then you need to SERIOUSLY examine yourself. These people are sucking the life out of our country...and we're not only standing by and allowing them to.. but we're helping them become multi-millionaires. It is SICK.

Go away, Kardashians... and JENNERs... and take Cheban and Ryan Seacrest with you! Disgusting idiots.

1014 days ago


KK as you are sitting reading all these comments...first off he is most likely gay, so what. If he is hanging out with you, he doesn't know how to tell the truth. The wedding was a sham, from all the planning episodes you and the piece of crap thing that calls herself a mother let that out with the way she talked and Kris was onto it. This friend is not famous and if he was afraid why is he doing this... sources close to Jonathan tell TMZ ... he's so freaked ... he hired a bunch of extra security for an appearance he’s making at Kim's store today in NYC to promote his jewelry line.

1014 days ago



1014 days ago
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