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Tim Tebow

God Is Saving the Broncos

... Says Colorado Pastor

12/12/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Tebow and Pastor Wayne Hanson
Broncos QB Tim Tebow is winning games because of God, pure and simple ... this according to a pastor at a Colorado church with ties to the Tebow family.

Pastor Wayne Hanson -- who runs Summit Church in Castle Rock, CO where Tim's dad often speaks -- tells TMZ God is actively intervening in Denver Broncos football games ... and aiding Tim on the field because of his strong faith.

Hanson tells us, "It's not luck. Luck isn't winning 6 games in a row. It's favor. God's favor."

Pastor Hanson adds, "God has blessed his hard work." 

We asked Hanson if Tebow would be winning games if he wasn't such a strong believer -- and the pastor replied, "No, of course not."

So far, it's the only plausible explanation for this insane Broncos winning streak.

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Because if there is a God, his number one concern would be ensuring that Tim Tebow's team won football games. You know, before stopping genocide, famine, murder, rape, etc.

1048 days ago


Samantha, getting killed, as a policeman, comes with the job. So what are you talking about. This is a fallen, sinful, world. Or, haven't you noticed? You or I could be next. Especially if our government doesn't do something about the destitution facing our country, due to the poor choice made by voters to elect who was elected. And it could get worse if municipalities don't find money to keep policemen employed.

1048 days ago


This idiot pastors comments, along with Tebow's public display of piety on the sidelines make a mockery of their religion. Yes, I am quite sure God is intervening in the play of the Denver Broncos. Screw the millions of people that will go without food or shelter tonight.

1048 days ago


god is really busy with that whole peace on earth thing at the moment.... followed by that goodwill to man thing....football not on the his /her agenda at the moment Just a thought

1048 days ago


Cheryl, God is busy with that everyday; not just in December of every year. He's a big God. December is about the economy, or haven't you noticed that? Real believers engage God daily--not just on Christmas and Easter. Everyday you wake up is a holiday, unless you're not a believer. Then, it's concern about how I fix the "crap" I'm in--most of the time.

1048 days ago


WHAT A MORON!!! Shut the hell up Pastor Wang!!

1048 days ago


God may have chosen Tim Tebow because he's watched by hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

1048 days ago


if winning 6 games in a row is due to God's favor, then He must REALLY like aaron rodgers!

1048 days ago


Michael, people go without food or shelter, often, because of things they have or haven't done with their lives. Low end: charitable shelters, often run by churches, feed and shelter people everyday. However, unbelievers sometimes don't go to them because they're afraid someone is going to shove a sermon at them. Answer might be: starve and freeze then. High end: People have not educated themselves enough to get work. They depend too much on the government too much for help; they were raised to do this, because this is what their parents did. Or they "blew-off" their education. America still gives welfare to those really needing it. The president has 47 million people on food stamps. The stimulus packages could have been used to create jobs; but he didn't do that. If you don't vote for the right people, you get this situation in which we now live. Believe it or not, the other guy who ran for president would not have let our economy go down like this. The former president should not have "caved-in" to claims he wasn't doing enough to help the poor. Then, people who didn't understand the home-buying process would not have gotten access to money to buy home they really would not be able to afford.

1048 days ago


J.J., What church you attend? Churches are doing that. The general statement that they aren't is just hatred for the church. If you attend church and your church is not doing that, find another church. Or, start a ministry in your church that feeds children, if you care so much. This is the common response of someone who doesn't know the Lord. It's called a "...hit and run".

1048 days ago


Brooke, it's just Green Bay's time. However, football is beginning to look a lot like boxing; some of these teams look like teams and player taking dives. That happened in the 30's with baseball and players were brought to court about it. We all know about boxing. Football--food for the masses. We don't don't know all the deals being worked in the background. Shortening the NBA schedule saved money in an economy, where people don't have the money to attend the games. It was the "furloughing" of the NBA to save money in a bad economy. You know how much it costs to pay players, personnel and to run those arenas? A lot.

1048 days ago

buzz kill    

No, God is not fixing games. Tebow most likely asks God to help him play to his maximum potential. At least Tebow has the balls to pray to God regardless of where he is, regardless what the simple minded haters of religion think.

1048 days ago


I believe God is doing a lot of things through Tim Tebow but actively helping the Broncos win isn't one of them. God has more important things to do than worry about football.

But Tebows belief in God is absolutely responsible for his faith in himself and his team.

The Christian,Liberal Bronco fan doesn't care WHY Tebow and the Broncos are winning, I'm just ecstatic that they are

1048 days ago


There are many times that I have asked our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to assist with a problem. There are many times that I simply let Him guide me, without asking specifically for help. What matters most is that He is there, with us, always. With Jesus, all things are possible...

1048 days ago


Buzz Kill, it's not about God fixing games, but people fixing games. Fixing professional games is the one moonlighting job that is in the hands of players, not owners. A lot of MONEY involved with all of this. TV, beer, caps, Jerseys; cynical, ain't I. About Tom Brady and the Pats; Tebow and the Broncos can beat them. I'm not a Broncos fan, but a Ravens fan, by way of the Arizona Cardinals. All things are possible with God and "back room" odds makers.

1048 days ago
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