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Tim Tebow

God Is Saving the Broncos

... Says Colorado Pastor

12/12/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Tebow and Pastor Wayne Hanson
Broncos QB Tim Tebow is winning games because of God, pure and simple ... this according to a pastor at a Colorado church with ties to the Tebow family.

Pastor Wayne Hanson -- who runs Summit Church in Castle Rock, CO where Tim's dad often speaks -- tells TMZ God is actively intervening in Denver Broncos football games ... and aiding Tim on the field because of his strong faith.

Hanson tells us, "It's not luck. Luck isn't winning 6 games in a row. It's favor. God's favor."

Pastor Hanson adds, "God has blessed his hard work." 

We asked Hanson if Tebow would be winning games if he wasn't such a strong believer -- and the pastor replied, "No, of course not."

So far, it's the only plausible explanation for this insane Broncos winning streak.

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common sense, I last said what I said to say: If you don't have God, you don't have anything. You just end-up like some "dog mess" on the curb. At least that's what you seem to think. Wouldn't want that to be me.

1045 days ago


Despite all of the "vitriol" for believers, we are a nation of people who have had faith in God. "America, America, God shed His Grace on thee. "...And Crown thy GOOD with brotherhood, from see to shining sea". Too bad we have allowed the "vermin" to take that out of the schools.

1045 days ago


Fixing games is illegal. This "God" person should be put on trial.

1045 days ago

Richard Epcar    

It's nice to know that God is busy with the Broncos when there's Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, all the crap in the Middle East, genocide, terrorist, child rape and pornography, kidnappings, slavery, murder, torture, and all the other crap going on
in the world today. These are our spiritual leaders? No wonder our country is in so much trouble.

1045 days ago


elbruce, the problem will be with bringing God to trial; Jesus, who was God incarnate, was tried, convicted and crucified. Then, He rose on the 3rd day; Resurrection Sunday. Story over. Now we live forever--somewhere. That's either in heaven or hell. Your choice.

1045 days ago


This guy believes that God is helping Tim Tebow win FOOTBALL games. “Luck isn’t winning six games in a row. It’s favor. God’s favor." I am not a Christian man however I do see a world where millions of infants and children die alone, in abhorrent pain and agony monthly. How can it be Pastor, that God is more concerned with intervening in an American quarterbacks football career(meaningless), than he is in aiding human suffering? You bring shame to your religion and the teachings of the bible.

1044 days ago

Mike - WA    

Just another example that evangelical christianity is fake christianity. They exist to justify selfishness, greed, hatred and corruption. No surprise that they would think God favors one football team over another. What's the matter, didn't the Christians on the other team pray hard enough?

1044 days ago


The way I see it Tebow is a Prophet of God to the football world. God is using him to sent a message to all the doubters and non believers and he can reach more with the message of faith this way. You say God doesn't care about football, it is more than a football game. It is a message from God thru Tebow that God is there for everyone. Just praise him and thank him.

1044 days ago


Richard Epcar, I missed something? Who are our "spiritual leaders"? They are "political leaders" who got us into these wars. Some are justified and some are not? Again, if you read the Scripture, it talks about these things. But if you are not a believer, you would have no way of knowing that the Bible talks about this. Now my daddy (or mommy spiel) Daddy involved in your life/ Was he a believer? Many in America and around the world come from "fatherless" homes. A God-fearing mother or father instills the fear of God into children. It is, however, the responsibility of fathers to do that. Too many homes in this country are without the father, or have ungodly fathers. That'soften what produces homes where children are molested and the like. The Enemy (Satan) is ravaging families, because it is thought that there is no need for the fathers. While the mothers do the best they can, these homes are left without the protection and care of the father. Women have been given vast power to kick fathers out of the home, thus leaving mothers and children unprotected. Then women get involved with men, they don't really know, who themselves have no regard for the woman's children, but are just there to get what they want. Until the place of fatherhood is restored in this society, horrible thing will continue to take place with women, men and children. If you are not with your family, man, get that fixed, somehow. Are are abdicating your God-given responsibility, and it will have consequences.

1044 days ago


Mike - WA, I think this is just a reading comprehension problem or one of misunderstanding, on your part. I'm somewhat in a "correction" mode. Been there for a day or so, now. You just want to take shots at "evangelicals". You probably wouldn't know what is fake or real; you don't sound like a "believer" at all. So, how would you know, "at all" the difference? You're just sounding-off about something you know little or nothing about. Be careful what you say about God's people; I've seen the Lord "smash" people who do this. Fair warning. Yes, some of them do have problems, like everyone else. But believe you me, God will fix that. But one thing is certain. You can't fix it or give proper comment about it.

1044 days ago


As a Christian, I'd like to say that although I have respect for Tebow (and for his pastor), this is some questionable theology to say the least (I'll refrain from a long post here but feel free to check out my blog over at www.blackcoffeereflections.com).

I'd like to encourage my fellow believers to be careful in not objectifying Tebow as a piece in the culture war and I'd like to encourage those who are trying to figure out aspects of God - He's not sending angels to intervene at football games. Among many other things, the God I worship offers hope to those in need, those searching, and those in pain.

1044 days ago


Tim, Brother Christian. There is a greater thing working in this all. God is moving in the heart of men, who work in the sight of the public, where those who generally don't believe in God exist. David Robinson did this as well. He realized the need for professional athletes to know the Lord; so he moved to do something about it. Is it required? No. But God will move when good men get involved with issues in the world that can impact the world for God. It's almost like the Separation of Church and State Issue. There are some Believers who can't fathom the impact of believers who stand for Jesus in places He commonly won't be found. I worked in commercial TV with a lot of "Godless" people. A hard place for a Christian to be. The same kind of perspective exists there as in this forum. Even a few good people who weren't Christians came to my defense, when I was attacked. But all in all, a Christian can't stay in the Godless secular media environment; it will seek to destroy you. That's where Tim Tebow is now engaging things. If you let them, they will seek to silence you. I applaud the Pastor and T.T. for standing up for Jesus in this dark and Godless world.

1044 days ago


Dan Wetzel has a good column about this on Yahoo Sports. My own take is that the pastor's comment is an example of the "prosperity gospel." This philosophy basically says if you're having hard times, if you've been unsuccessful, just pray harder and God will reward you, in this life, like the title of Joel Osteen's first book, "Your Best Life Now." As a Christian, I believe my best life is yet to come, in Heaven.

As Wetzel points out, Tim Tebow himself doesn't even say this kind of thing.

The "prosperity gospel" espoused by Wayne Hanson is antithetical to the authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ, who embraced the cross for the salvation of mankind. The crossless Christ of the "prosperity gospel" has no answer to the example of the man or woman deeply and personally devoted to Jesus Christ while embracing the cross of illness, broken relationships, unemployment, injustice, impending death.

Since Pastor Hanson has decided to bring the National Football League into his public statements, and says it is "God's favor" that the Denver Broncos have six games in a row, what would he say to the fact that that is only the third-longest active winning streak in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers are 13-0 this year after winning the last two regular season games last year. So the Packers have won 15 regular season games in a row, 19 in a row counting their four postseason victories last year. The Broncos have the second-longest active winning streak in the AFC. The Houston Texans, the AFC South Division champions, have won seven consecutive games, during which they started three different quarterbacks.

And, since Pastor Hanson opted to bring the NFL into his ministry, what does the pastor say about the Indianapolis Colts? At 0-13, is God "disfavoring" the Colts?

1044 days ago

Sharon Gibson     

What I saw happen at the end of the Bronco game on Sunday, looked like a Holy intervention to me.

1044 days ago

George T Horvat    

What a Jerk! Where does he get the nerve to claim that he speaks for God? What a "JERK!"

1044 days ago
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