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Tim Tebow

God Is Saving the Broncos

... Says Colorado Pastor

12/12/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Tebow and Pastor Wayne Hanson
Broncos QB Tim Tebow is winning games because of God, pure and simple ... this according to a pastor at a Colorado church with ties to the Tebow family.

Pastor Wayne Hanson -- who runs Summit Church in Castle Rock, CO where Tim's dad often speaks -- tells TMZ God is actively intervening in Denver Broncos football games ... and aiding Tim on the field because of his strong faith.

Hanson tells us, "It's not luck. Luck isn't winning 6 games in a row. It's favor. God's favor."

Pastor Hanson adds, "God has blessed his hard work." 

We asked Hanson if Tebow would be winning games if he wasn't such a strong believer -- and the pastor replied, "No, of course not."

So far, it's the only plausible explanation for this insane Broncos winning streak.

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gotta luv all the tebow bashers, poor guy cant do anything right in the eyes of his critics who lets face it are either athiests, ultra liberals,homosexuals, pro choice advocates,( all those could clone a copy of his biggest hater bill maher)SEC rivals, oakland raider rejects, or cincinnatti bearcat alums who are still pizzed at the fact the gators allegedly with tim ran up the score in that trouncing in the sugar bowl a few years back fla vs cin 55-21...
folks believe this, and he just said this yesterday,tim stated that god is not the only reason why the broncos are winning games, he gave god props but didnt not say he was the only reason...
unfortunantly for tim, people like the pastor who come out and say these types of things will go against tim and not from the horses mouth, its just how the world works
politics and faith aside, if you can be half the person or raise your kids to be half the person tim tebow is the person not the football player, the world would be a beter place..

1016 days ago


Tebow is disgusting to say that god cares about some stupid game that makes him (tebow) rich.

1016 days ago


Sure wish god would help me out or at least the homeless children or hungry kids.

1016 days ago


Grant it, TMZ is anti Christian and all things religious and moral EXCEPT Judaism [go figure] but you can cut out the attacks on Tebow because he's upstanding and has once traditional values. Okay, his pastor is a nutcase... THAT'S HIS PASTOR- it's not him.

I can assure you of one thing, when the chit hits the fan, Jews are going to be kissing up to Christians-because it's the only religion that is not hostile to those xenophobic, selfish people.

1016 days ago


...and god just LOVES those young, sweaty, muscular, testosterone-injected, pumped up men in their tight little stretch pants and those BIG cup bulges, wearing those massive shoulder pads and tighty shorty sleeved shirts that show their massive arms, wearing their sexy black makeup and adorable little socks and matching helmets, as they bend over (especially when the QB is all up on the guy hiking the ball...teeeheee) face to butt, then toss the ball and grab each other...and better yet...JUMP ON TOP OF EACH OTHER...(eeewwwwww...it's getting warm in here) in a huge sweaty pile. OMG...just IMAGINE the groping that goes on inside that pile! Football....the queerest sport of ALL, and any guy who watches it is a closeted gay.

1016 days ago


in the end, its selling Christianity.

Possibly 100's of NFL players have beliefs and religions.
Tim Tebow belief is "Special" for some reason?

I feel like tebow is gonna be a huge hypocrite magnet for christians and believers alike.

1016 days ago


Now, he needs to perform his "magic" on the chitball Oakland Gayders!

1016 days ago


God Bless Tim Tebow! It's nice to see a Christian get positive press. Of course because he is a Christian he will also have to deal with more people hating on him because that is acceptable these days. It's PC to bash Catholics & Christians. It's ok though because God's god my back! God Bless You Tim!

1016 days ago


So using this clown's logic, Rodgers is actually god, where as Tebow is just favored by Rodgers, right?

1016 days ago


Jeez! HEAVEN FORBID A CHRISTIAN HAS SOME PUBLIC FAITH. Shame on all of the people bashing Tim Tebow for his faith in God. - I would like to see these same people bash a Muslim or a Jew. Give me a break. - I wish nothing but the best for Tebow.

1016 days ago


Well, it doesn't matter to me - we LOVE Tebow here in Broncos Country!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

1016 days ago


God must hate Marion Barber. Because he made Marion hand that game away on a silver platter. Go Pats, lay down the smack on TE-BLOW.

1016 days ago


Is this Pastor also saying that God if fixing Pro games. Maybe he can get God to tell him what the Over/Under is for next sundays game.

1016 days ago

Tnvolgirl in Phoenix    

WHO CARES??? Religion does not belong in football, politics or anywhere else!!!

1016 days ago


i'm sure that god has nothing better to do.

1016 days ago
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