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Lindsay Lohan

How She Turned it Around

12/14/2011 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will experience something new in court this AM ... a friendly judge who heaps praise on her, and it's all because her lawyer figured out something that was lacking in her life.

Lindsay will appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner at 10 AM PT for a progress report.  She's on probation for pilfering a necklace at an L.A. jewelry store.

Judge Sautner tried something new ... rather than just telling Lindsay to complete her community service in a year -- or else -- the judge created a very specific schedule, putting in a certain number of hours each month.  And Lindsay has not only complied, she's gone beyond the minimum.  Sources tell us ... Lindsay logged the requisite number of hours of community service and morgue duty, and she's actually put in more therapy time than required.

And sources tell us ... her supervisor at the morgue is blown away, calling her work "stellar," and saying she's "a delight to work with and hard working."

The reason for Lindsay's turnaround -- her lawyer, Shawn Holley, who went to the judge before Lindsay's sentencing and argued that her client needed a rigid structure -- something her own parents never provided. 

Score one for the lawyer.


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All you perfect, got it togeather people seem to have a bigger crutch than Lindsay,at least she has a beautiful personality and now a million bucks, get a life fool.

1006 days ago


Really? How can you say she's turned her life around when she clearly got hammered in Hawaii the other night and was too hung over to catch her flight back to LA, blowing off her appearance on Ellen and thus ruining her chances to present herself in a positive light to the viewing public. Trust me on this one - once probation is over, she'll be tripping all over hersel****ain (assuming she can make it through her probation).

1006 days ago

Jay W.     

The unconditional fan... I'd like to give her some rigid structure!

1006 days ago


ahh hah...........
I see our gallent tarnished knights have entered the playgournd.....Welcome Sire RonchyMouth....
I'm sure the others will be here shortly...Sire Nastymouth and Sire LiesaLot

1006 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I hope Ali is getting paid well to babysit Lindsay and Pootie

1006 days ago

AGENT smith    

TMZ barely mentioned missing the Ellen show, not a big deal. I hope you had fun at the concert........The World LUV'S LINDSAY...........I have to say What UP to BRW, nice to get the first post, TMZ must like you.....

1006 days ago


Um, hello TMZ? She's done this MANY times before...turned things around for a BRIEF period of time before going back to her pathetic, loser ways. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by this article approve of murdering a 2 year old child (hell, you even PAID the person responsible for it for some staged photos) so of course you'll heap praise on a liar/thief/junkie. Shocker.

1006 days ago


Still aching.......Still cranky.....and most importantly
........still HERE !

1006 days ago


Glad you can pat yourself on the back, Shawn, however, you STILL allowed your client to travel just a few days before a court hearing, and an important TV interview that had been planned for months. Not good "judgment".

1006 days ago


she has court in two hours..right now she is she is crawling into bed.and then she will prepare for court by spraying her self with 6126 trout lure the judge in..

1006 days ago


That's OK, Liar Smith, had a nice article about it:

Lindsay Lohan Stands Up Ellen DeGeneres
LiLo's not making any friends in daytime

After leaving Matt Lauer hanging this summer, Lindsay Lohan has done it again. She didn't show up for her much-hyped appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which was set to tape Tuesday and air Thursday. Since LiLo didn't make it back from Hawaii in time, Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson tapped in to talk about life as a Jackson and also promote her first movie, "Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys."

LiLo was set to debut her Playboy issue and discuss her recent legal and personal battles on "Ellen," but after the Playboy spread was leaked last week, Lohan got conveniently held up in Hawaii and never showed up for taping in Los Angeles yesterday.

“Not a call or an apology from Lindsay,” a show insider told Gossip Cop.

Ouch! Back when Lohan stood up Matt Lauer, she had no contractual obligation to talk to "Today." Lohan's appearance to promote the Playboy spread, however, was reportedly contractual and scheduled two months ago, but that obligation may have become moot once her pages were leaked.

Neither Playboy nor Lohan is talking, yet, and DeGeneres has remained mum, as well, aside from updating her show website to reflect the guest swap. Perhaps she'll speak to it in tomorrow's air show, just as Lauer did after Lohan stood him up.

While Lohan is apparently OK with leaving DeGeneres and daytime fans hanging, she's not going to miss her court date tomorrow morning -- especially after that infamous Cannes Film Festival passport debacle!

"Lindsay had a travel-related issue arise that took a few hours to sort out," rep Steve Honig told E! "It has been resolved and she will be back in Los Angeles in time for her court appearance."

1006 days ago


Will you be live streaming the court hearing TMZ or do you only do that when its bad news?

1006 days ago

Jay W.     

Will it go round in circles
Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky
Will it go round in circles
Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky

1006 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Why does jay w. look so familiar? think think think

1006 days ago


PerpWalk v27.0 could be stellar today. Hopefully, a bunch of random skanks can gather 'round the cameras and show their support by doing the Lusty Lindsay Limbo. Maybe if they do it right under the windows of Sautner's chambers, she might be put in a giddy mood.

1006 days ago
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