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Barbara Walters to President

'I'm Retiring Next Year!'

12/15/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barbara Walters and President Barack Obama
Barbara Walters
just told President Barack Obama she's retiring next year ... this according to a source who heard Barbara say it.

Barbara just finished interviewing the Prez at the White House.  According to the source, during a break in the action, Barbara leaned over to Obama and said, "I need one more interview with you because I'm retiring next year."  Here's the thing .. Barbara's mic was open when she said it, and lots of people were listening.

Barbara still does specials for the network, in addition to "The View."  Her "Most Fascinating People" show aired last night -- Obama was NOT on her list.

We called ABC News for comment, but so far ... nothing.

12:00 PM PT: Jeff Schneider, Sr. VP of ABC News, just got off the phone with Walters and told us,  "Barbara has joked that she is retiring every year since the Clinton Administration. Anyone who just did a day trip to Syria, 90-minute prime time special and an interview with the President and First Lady hardly sounds like someone retiring from anything." 

We asked if she fibbed to Obama to get another interview, and Schneider laughed, saying, "She's one of the greatest bookers who ever lived."



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Edna Walker    

It is way past time. She is an old gas bag, and it would be nice if she could take along her "old" friend, Donald Trump (another conceited gas bag). The only people who might like her are dead.

1041 days ago


why is it every poster here is always full of hate? It doesnt seem to matter what it's about. You people would bash your own mother!

1041 days ago

Throwback kid    

This telentless old hag should have retired 25 years ago! How many facelifts is she going to get?. Hey Barbera, you were nothing to look at when you were 25, why don't you just accept it? She is as bad as these movie stars when it comes to plastic surgery.

1041 days ago


old heifer, who cares, hoprfully those cows on the veiw will go with her.

1041 days ago

Fred Worfe    

Is it fair to say that in order to be Barbara Walters you have to have no shame?
Being a stratospheric success in some professions requires a level of focus, drive, toughness and abandon that most folks may envy in the abstract but would or could not bring themselves to emulate.
Thank goodness for that.
The world cannot afford many more front runners. So take heart folks; front runners definitely need their audience of bell curve averages, and the world at large as we know it would not do well without us.

1041 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

Old fart should have retired 20 years ago

1041 days ago


I don't care for her that much even though I do think she kicked doors open for women in the media. If she were to really retire I would say it was about time. She has done her bit for feminism; its time to sit and smell the roses.

1041 days ago



1041 days ago

Michael Nelson    

Barbara, you have been great baby. Let me take your place when you step down, I KNOW how to ask the tough questions. I will make you proud...

1041 days ago

Kimmy Ko    

Ok, he's not one of your most "fascinating" people....why does he owe you one more interview? Becuz you like the rest of the tea party dont value him as a man...u see colors, Ms. Walters. Becuz you see colors, you cant identify or recognize our President Obama as our leader who is capable and worthy. However, you've never had me were always just one word shy of telling the world how you really feel about race and religion. Just another lil ol' white lady anchor who sits back to judge becuz to you in your mind you got it all worked out. But hey, they dubbed you as a great journalist....

1041 days ago


15 years too late.

1041 days ago

Doe Fit    


1041 days ago


Babs hasn't been a real reporter for a good number of years now. Since she hooked up with the likes of Joy Behar and that pig Rosie O'Donnell she lost her credibility.

1040 days ago


Everyone hating on Babs; poor old girl, but why wait for a year ? Prez O. doesn't need her help as The O can't be beat in the next race; Repubicans don't even need to go vote just stay home and watch TV like rich, old & fat white people.

Take the election off. Babs go spend yur money on some pretty *hit.

1040 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

Even Barbara couldn't get over how weak of a president Obama turned out to be. The Defense that Obama just signed contains language that will allow the military to hold U.S. citizens indefinitely based on suspicion alone. This is what is happening in Eqypt and dictator lead countries. Weak ass ninja he is.

1040 days ago
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