TMZ Live Mark Cuban NBA's No Place for a Lady ... Yet

12/16/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Mark Cuban: NBA's No Place for a Lady ... Yet

A woman WILL coach an NBA team ... just not yet, according to Mark Cuban. The Dallas Mavericks owner joined us today, and actually thinks there will be an openly gay NBA player before a woman coaches ... and you'll never guess why.

Plus, we break details on Britney Spears' swanky Las Vegas engagement party -- and explain why marriage to Jason Trawick is going to have a huge effect on her future.

Also, KLM Airlines "social" seating -- great idea for lonely guys, but nuisance for hot chicks? And Whoopi Goldberg's chemical warfare at "The View" leads to some gassy confessions here in our newsroom.

(0:00) Ding dang, y'all ... Britney got engaged!
(1:15) Legendary female basketball coach Pat Summitt doesn't think there's room for a female NBA coach.
(2:40) Dallas Mavs coach Mark Cuban is on the phone! Does he think a woman has a chance in the NBA?
(8:50) Harvey asks Mark what will come first -- an openly gay NBA player or a female coach.
(9:30) Mark calls the Lamar Odom trade a gift that fell in his lap -- so is he gonna be on Lamar's reality show?
(10:35) You gotta hear this -- Mark thinks David Stern owning a team "throws us all under the buss."
(17:05) Mike prematurely breaks a Britney story. Whoops.
(23:30) Gelato party!
(24:30) Brian mocks the way Rick Perry compared himself to Tebow.
(33:00) Creepy central -- an airline is trying to let you pick who you sit beside by using Facebook.
(46:40) Let 'er rip! Whoopi farted on "The View" ... so who will admit to farting in our newsroom?