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Kobe Bryant Divorce

Vanessa Gets the Mansion, Kobe Gets the Boot

12/17/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryants Mansion now belongs to Vanessa
Kobe Bryant has already moved out of his MASSIVE Newport Coast mansion ... permanently -- because TMZ has learned Vanessa gets the estate in the couple's divorce.

Kobe purchased the sprawling Orange County property back in 2001.

As part of the divorce settlement, Kobe agreed to give up the property. TMZ broke the story, the couple had NO prenup ... which means Vanessa is entitled to half of EVERY DOLLAR Kobe made since they were married ten years ago. 

It's unclear where Kobe is living at the moment.

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No Avatar


So sad, wish them both well

1040 days ago


What did this woman contribute to the marriage to merit 50% of his assets? just being married to a man who used his talent to get rich has absolutely nothing to do with her.

I hope one day a judge is going to buck the trend and rule that a spouse has to contribute to the enhancement of the assets or participate in building the assets to deserve part of it and the year of marriage should count, such as 2% per year of marriage.

1039 days ago


I told you these Athletes get married to all kinds of women, then get a divorce and have to pay all to them.. Thats why married is a sham now and its better to be single, date and just called yourself partners.

1038 days ago


that is going to be a rich little lady.

1038 days ago


Can anyone stay happily married in this wicked nation? The majoriity of people who get married are really not built to last a marriage. They lack the committment, forgiveness, trustworthiness, respect for marriage, spirituallity, and do not possess a mindset of NO DIVORCE even through adultry ( which I must admitt is a hard thing to do). Yes you shouldnt get married if you know your still full of crap and dont know how to be forgiving and committed to the marriage. But I guess its a reflection of how most of us lack committment and dedication to our families, jobs, sports teams,our country, our friends,our values, and paying our bills. I hope I can improve my inner me so I can be better built for a long death do we part marriage with my future wife when ever I meet her. To Kobe, I guess you felt you trusted the marriage to last enough not to need a pre nupt, not a good move under the cir****tances of you being wealthy and a celebrity. I do feel a woman/man should get a reasonable ammount of money based on ammount of committment,reasonable child care, not based on a lavish life style she or he did not have prior to the marriage but somewhere like 10 to 15% of what these crazy astronomical divorce settlements bring ex spouses. Theres no way in Gods green earth or a devils hell is his wife worth the money shes getting. Men definately need to get political and put tremendous pressure on politicians, judges, and whoever else that have come up with these crazy child support settlements and divorce settlements, men should call their senators,congressmen, both state and federal and complain in an organized way like the Tea Party or protest like occupy wall street did , to your state and county legislators, go on tv, use your power, money,wisdom, speech to voice your outrage collectively to get this kinda lopsided financial settlement after a divorce thing brought under control and back to a fair and equitable ammount. All these guys, Deon Sander, Michael Jordan, Kobe, etc,etc etc, your getting screwed and so is Joe Six pack when he gets divorced , wise up men get with lawyers who will fight your cause and start a sustained movement , then you will get a fair shake on this subject. Of course I am for a man and woman taking care of there kids, and being a parent in a their childrens lives and giving and showing love to the kids, dont get it twisted, but hey the marriage is over a person shouldnt have to pay someone they married especially after they already were a millionaire and famous without them so much dang money. DONT take it any more Joe Blow or Joe Superstar celebrity guy. Divorce is tragic and im for fidelity in marriage all the way so dont get that twisted either

1038 days ago


kobes a ******* dummy.....what tha **** is he doing marrying wivout a prwe nupin L.A of all places land of smoking mirrors n illusion...she played u u ******* moron....now u ave to live like a broke ass..while she blows yur cash wiv otha black guys.......lol....wat a dooche

1037 days ago

Anna A Muss    

Kobe has a larger home now than he had with Vanessa, but I'm not telling you the address.

1037 days ago

Anna A Muss    

Kobe's home is a mansion , whereas Vanessa's home is not a mansion because of the square footage and all of the homes in her neigborhood are considered tract homes. Kobe's new home is huge and he bought it a long time ago. Kobe is definitely not hurting. If anything I admire him for not making it a huge fight where his kids have to suffer. He's the only one I ever see at the grocery. I don't admire any adultery, but I admire that support he gave her and allowing her to stay where she is living. Her house is plenty nice, even if his costs over twice as much. Use your brains, folks. Kobe will never be poor and he may have made a pre-nup or a post-nup to get her to stay with him and what she got, might very well be in one of those agreements. Pre-nup does not mean you get nothing. It decides WHAT you get.

1037 days ago


If men want to be players why get married a woman might overlook one indiscretion but multiple I think not and being exposed to sexual transmitted diseases.

1030 days ago


no prenup? that's gotta be p@in in the @r$e...

well, kobe, all the best..

1021 days ago


It seems odd to me that they made it to the 10 year mark then you can't take it no more. I was married...when you tired you tired. I didnt care if it was three years. cheating is cheating and if she was so tired of him cheating with ALL these women she should have been threw in the towel. I think vanessa's ex step dad was right "she is a gold digger" but i blame the men ...all of them who is getting caught up in this same game. Men with money and fame should be mindful of the women they choose. Just because it looks good don't mean its good for you. Kobe, you put your family down for this trick , now look!!
Signed-Mad Black Woman

1021 days ago


Men should be very careful about who they marry. It's probably a good idea that if you are a athlete, movie star, etc. you always sign a prenupe. The prenupe should state that if you did not earn it you leave it upon divorce. Regardless of the reason why someone gets a divorce I don't believe in taking something from someone that somebody else earned. It sickens me the when I see a man or women hookup with someone, divorce, and then soon after they get half of what that person have. Now-a-days people have an opportunity to choose whether to go to work while they are married or sit on your tush. If you had that opportunity to advance yourself in a marriage and did not then that's your fault. The excuse I hear often is that the lifestyle of the lesser earner of income should not really change once you get a divorce. I couldn't disagree more. If you choose to be with someone for who they are which happens to include their wealth or potential wealth, then that's your choice, but just like you decided to choose that person for who and what they have to offer, you should also leave that person and what they have to offer intact, because "what a person have don't belong to you once you decide to leave", especially if you did not contribute towards the marriage. You are not a child who was made to stay at home, and layup on someone else as if you helped earn what assets are available. Even if that person cheats, what they earn don't belong to you if you decide to leave. Accept the fact that you made a bad decision, wasted your time, the person does not want you anymore, or you are not their only love interest, and be wise enough to prepare yourself. I would not want what belong to someone else anyway.

1019 days ago


whatever..it is not her fault that he is nasty as hell...lol..next marriage he betta keep it in his zipper...Go Vanessa!

1017 days ago


What does she do besides spend money? It has been reported the Bryant's have nannies. Why the F!@#$ does a woman who doesn't have a job need someone to watch her kids in the middle of the day? I vote GOLD-DIGGER!

814 days ago

LAW 1    

i am reading a lot of non sense comments.... the bottom line is if Kobe is cheating, it will come out and she will divorce hm. What she gets is what a judge willdecide, IF she is a gold digger she married the OWNER of a gold mine. The rest will be whatever. Its nobody's business. Quite frankly MANY people would take 1/2 if there wasnt a pre -nup

813 days ago
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