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17-Year-Old Courtney Stodden


Is Nothing Sacred?!?!?!

12/19/2011 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shameless underage fame whore Courtney Stodden couldn't leave well enough alone this weekend -- stripping down to a sacrilegiously tiny bikini in 30-degree weather ... and single-handedly destroying our Christmas spirit.

We can't decide if this makes it more or less creepy, but the guy in the Santa suit is Courtney's 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchinson -- and Saturday, the barely legal couple abandoned whatever shred of dignity they had left ... and exchanged dirty talk in the snow just north of L.A.

Quick reminder: Courtney won't be 18 until August 2012. Bad, bad, bad Santa.


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I remain unconvinced they are actually in a sexual/romantic relationship. I beleive they are two famehwores who got together to try and reach superstardom via deception.

1009 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

OMG, I'****** her all over for a long, long, time!!!!!!! Then introduce her to my headboard!!!!

1009 days ago


I would suck her toes

1009 days ago


TMZ you are the only idiots posting things about this ho-ho-ho-bag. She looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyy older then 17 to me. At this rate she will look like that old ho pamela anderson in no time.

1009 days ago

Mrs Leseman    

When I was her age, I was worried about good grades and getting into college while helping support my family. I guess giving head to get ahead really works for some sell outs! Dirty, dirty fame whore!

1009 days ago


I wish you and other media sites would stop giving these two the face and T&A coverage which they live for. Gross Gross Grosssssss!

1009 days ago

the real diva    

wonder when her real age will come out? when she will finally fess up to her real age. i read when i googled her that she was really 35 , i believe it. no 17 yrs old would act like that. no parent in their right mind would let a 17 yr old marry a 51 yr old, never mind behave like that. it's a publicity stunt so she can get her name out there obviously. the video is sick. the way she behaves in it.tmz shame on you for posting it. it's just sick.

1009 days ago


Four words this SLUT, SPOILED, UNDERAGE, and SICK. These two are just two freaks making a porno film.

1009 days ago


That is so sad, her mother should be questioned in all this. At 17 I had a summer job, I was hanging out with friends, and preparing for college. I feel bad for this little girl.

1009 days ago


I have NEVER witnessed a sadder couple than these two. I don't even get mad. I just SMH in sadness.

1009 days ago


her face looks like worn out leather

1009 days ago


Nothing says class like stripper shoes on a 17 year old...

1009 days ago


Yeah I guess they would have to lock me up for thinking how much I would like to shove a gag into that horrible whiney voice and shove her off the back of the boat she did her video on. Those shoes will have her sitting on the bottom in no time. If she tries to surface I'll bop her in the head like whack a mole. I'd have to tell the judge that her voice is like figernails on a chalkboard and her head is like an empty can with rocks ratteling around inside, no substance. But she loves to hear herself speak (I mean rattle) so that is why she needed a gag. And her lips (what lips) are so thin it looks like she doesn't have any. She even puts lip gloss where there are no lips. So I had to make her go swimming seeing that she was wearing a bathing suit. How would I now she couldn't swim with those shoes and that she would freeze so fast since it was 10 below zero. So if thinking it could get me put away, than I guess I'm heading for a lock down. LOL

1009 days ago


What makes this legal? In some states, a mother recording her underage daughter in underwear for some creeper on the Internet is a crime, what's the difference? They both have consenting parents.

Gross dude.

Oh yeah, what's the over/under on how long til she files for divorce and we hear all kinds of horrifying details?

1009 days ago


TMZ should be held responsible for promoting a minor in a sexual way for ratings etc. I believe it's a federal law now that says you cannot do this. Perhaps Harvey doesn't give a **** that he's breaking the law?

1009 days ago
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