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Terrence Howard

So, I Married a Violent Racist

12/20/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard
says his estranged wife HATES black people ... and she would often call him names like, "monkey" and "n**ger" ... this according to new court docs obtained by TMZ.

Howard is in the middle of perhaps the nastiest divorce we've ever seen -- with both sides accusing the other of extreme violence and other hateful conduct.

Now, Howard has filed a new declaration in L.A. County Superior Court -- claiming Michelle inexplicably turned from a "loving, gentle" person ... into a monster ... who once threatened to have him killed by some violent Russians.

In the docs, Howard notes Michelle is NOT black -- and claims that when she would get upset, she would scream things like, "[I] never wanted to marry a n**ger in the first place" and "[I] definitely didn't want to be the step mother of some n**ger kids."

As TMZ first reported, Howard claims Michelle is trying to extort him over private recordings she allegedly stole from his personal computer -- and in the new docs, T.H. alleges his wife threatened to have him "clipped" if he went to police.

Howard says his wife once bragged, "I have a lot of Russian friends who would do it as a favor."

Howard also claims Michelle has jealousy issues -- and TWICE attacked him with a bottle after accusing Howard of talking with other women. Howard claims he never struck back.

Terrence has asked the court to issue a restraining order against Michelle. A hearing is set for January 17.

We reached out to Michelle's lawyer -- so far, no response.


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You know It's kinda hard for me to have sympathy for someone who really get's what he deserves. He is just as ignorant as she is. That is why they married. He isn't exactly a golden boy himself. They kind of people you attract and look for, for a majority of the time says a lot about yourself. Good luck finding a REAL woman becuase a real woman, will not date a ignorant person no matter what race.

1005 days ago



1005 days ago


he just tryna get the wife beater sympathy card that n*gga ain't foolin no body I'M NOT CONVINCED lmfao

1005 days ago


he just tryna get the wife beater sympathy card that n*gga ain't foolin no body I'M NOT CONVINCED lmfao

1005 days ago

tariq rockmon    

Howard you have to cut your lost and keep it moving!

1005 days ago


You know what? I understand that Terrence wanted to make the pre-emptive stike by getting "his side of the story" ut there first, but this is just really really bad. All that money he's just seems like he could have greased some palms to seal the dayum records or something!!!!?

1005 days ago


i dont undestand my brothers always messing with massa daughtter after all that horrible history and all that those people as a people did to us the natives and all our peoples of the americas and still doing it they have utterly raveged us and all of our lands its going to take a 100 million angels and black jesus to redeem us it just turns my stomach

1005 days ago


I don't doubt his story. However, people tend to go for the "jugular" when things get really ugly in a relationship. Doesn't mean she's necessarily a racist. She may have wanted to just hurt him with what she knew would hurt him.

1004 days ago


thats what happens when ur a black man who marries white bitches thats what he gets

1004 days ago


And after all of that, I'm sure he'll have another white wife in less than a year. Black men will do and accept anything to be with a white woman. Good for him, I hope she leaves him for broke! When will these silly men learn? White women are winning these days!

1004 days ago


My Take!! Terrence is attracted to Drama and he loves women who unravel over time. He needs to start looking deeper at his own choices and the reasons why he is so attracted to the same type of women with different faces....Jamie Fox made a song "I alway fall for you type" And so here he is again....same song different woman same reason for the break up...

1003 days ago

Lena B.    

I hope Terrence continues to "Chase Rainbows." B.S. happens when its time to go, you go.

1003 days ago


I love Terrence Howard, however not surprised and he often appears as an african american woman is not good enough for him. Well, Mr Howard, you are reaping what you have sewn. You fell in love with her looks and not getting to ReALLy know her. She did not just start thinking the way she acts. Get you a sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1002 days ago

Sky Walk    

No disrespect to any body on her..but understand what howard is going threw..she is MONGOLIAN,and RUSSIAN...meaning they have some very mood swinging women yes!the sex great!..but hot tempers yes..and when their on drugs,or drunk..look out...mines would spit,stab,say slave ****** all of i do understand..she is very much so guilty..and does coke.

1001 days ago


That's what you can expect when you marry out of your own race. Don't feel sorry for him, one bit.

1001 days ago
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