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Robert Griffin III

Dad tells Agents:

Don't Talk to My Son!

12/21/2011 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Griffin III Heisman Trophy

Robert Griffin III
is getting some serious protection off the field from his father -- who's demanding  potential sports agents back off his Heisman Trophy winning son while he decides if he's jumping to the NFL.

Sources close to RG3's family tell TMZ, RG2 (aka Dad) has decided any agents who contact his son directly will be out of the running to sign him ... and thereby, screwed out of a future multi-million dollar commission.

We're told Dad wants all the agents to contact him -- leaving RG3 alone to focus on next week's Alamo Bowl, and his Master's degree. Believe it or not, some reps are playing ball -- we're told Dad's talking to 5 big-time agents ... just in case RG3 goes pro.

As for that big decision -- our source says Griffin is stressed about it, and far from a lock to go pro ... partially because he doesn't want to "let people down" at Baylor.

Is this kid perfect, or what?


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props to pops on this one..
dont have enough parents like that out there today
its also out of respect for baylor

1037 days ago


some of you people are ridiculous ... We should be applauding his father for how well he raised this promising young man - Robert Griffen 3 is a total class act and good to see this day and age of college athletes worrying about making it rain & how many girls they can " get wit " ..

1037 days ago

For Sooth?    

The expectations start at home. This family expects their children to be educated AND grounded. For the other parents who have dollar signs in their eyes and "baller" images when it comes to their athletically gifted kids, their kids become a commodity and they don't worry about the consequences down the road when their meal ticket gets injured or cut down the road. This family knows that this "super success" as an athlete is fleeting and want their child to be successful in, or ou,t of the world of pro sports, and that will trickle down to the way he approaches his family life when he chooses to settle down.
I hope he doesn't prove me wrong in the future, but for now, well done RGIII family, well done.

1037 days ago


OH one more thing, RG was accepted into law school after completing his Political Science undergrad in THREE years. To those of you ignorant in the facts, please know that Baylor law is one of the best law schools in the country. So, to Mr. Sports Management guy who commented about Robert's sham of a degree, joke's on you buddy.

1037 days ago


Actually, to several of you, Robert not only has his undergraduate degree in Political Science (not sports mgmt to the idiot who said that), but he finishes his masters degree in Communications in the next few months. Get the facts straight, some of you, before incorrectly speaking of our QB. RG is one of the finest examples of what a role model should be in all of sports today, not just collegiate sports. he is humble, intelligent, honest, hard-working, and yes, he does worry about letting down Baylor Nation. His father is looking out for Robert's best interests and is not after his money - shame to you who suggest such garbage! It's an NCAA violation for RG to speak to any agents at this point, so before making nasty remarks about his father, who I am willing to be RG's Heisman on, do NOT know, please just keep your comments to yourselves. You know not what you speak. if you have nothing nice to say about a class act such as RGIII, maybe you should spend less time spreading your vile vitriol and more tme focusing on learning facts. From a proud baylor alum, thanks to those of you who have kind words to say about this fine man. He represents Baylor and his alums very well and we are quite proud of him. We will defend his honor as we will defend his parents'.

1037 days ago



1037 days ago


Living in the same bumf**k town, i know his Dad. His Dad has nothing better to do than to parade around our local Highschool Football Stadium and be a pretend celebrity. He introduces himself as RG III`s father the minute he starts a conversation with you. That`s all the poor ****** has to live for. That`s not looking out, that`s an old man getting his fix on stardom that isn`t even his.

1037 days ago


Hm. . . NOBODY is supposed to be talking to agents, even on his behalf. In the past, former Alabama player Andre Smith's uncle talked to agents on his behalf, without Smith's knowledge. But it didn't matter to the NCAA. UA was penalized, and Andre had to sit out of that bowl game. Besides the bowl game, more sanctions could follow from this, especially if RG3 clearly has knowledge of this. I hope he's leaning towards going in the NFL draft, because he may not have a choice now. What's crazy is everyone in any NCAA athletic program is made quite aware of NCAA violations. RG2 and RG3 knew this was a major violation. If RG wanted the agents of his son's back, he should have gone straight to the coaching staff or athletic dept. and reported these agents instead - the correct way. He shouldn't have any contact with anyone at all yet - not in the active season, with his son contemplating returning for another season. If RG3 decided to go into the draft, then AFTER the bowl game would be time to speak with agents. This was a major slip-up. All the best to RG3, though. A bright and very respectable kid with a big future ahead of him.

1036 days ago

Bruce Terrell    

Like sharks in water, sports agents will not back off.We'll find out just how close father and son really are. They came after my nephew non stop 24 hours a day. His problem became destructive, couldn't put the phone down. Robert hopefully has the decipline to lesson to his Dad. Dads right, follow his commands. But keep in mind, these agents don't give a hoot about family especially black familys.Rightnow the game is separation, get son away from father by any means necessary. This game is raw dog dirty,but the only clean player in town is Eugene Parker.He's the best football agent around.Plus, he'll respect the fathers wishes, and will do the best overall job. So Robert lesson and learn, the snakes are poisonist.

1016 days ago
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