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Kardashian Fam

Prepping to SUE Over

Bogus Slave Labor Report

12/22/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian family is preparing for war -- gearing up to unleash a legal attack on everyone who claimed their clothing line is manufactured in child slave labor sweat shops in China ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the family tell us ... Kris Jenner is furious -- claiming the guy who runs the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights had no right to accuse the Kardashian brands of wrongdoing because he has no tangible proof to back up his claims.

Kris must have seen I.G.L.H.R. honcho Charles Kernaghan on "TMZ Live" Wednesday -- when he flat out admitted he didn't actually go to the factories in question ... and is making the ASSUMPTION based on years of research on the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Jenner also believes Star Magazine's cover -- which screamed "Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal" -- was not only unfair ... but libelous ... and it should have to pay for any damage that has been caused to the brand's reputation.

As TMZ previously reported, Kris -- along with one of their manufacturing companies -- adamantly deny the use of child slave labor in their factories ... insisting they have people who are constantly patrolling for any possible violations.



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I would to see them sure anyone or anything that is said about them. They would lose like the dogs that they are. Is Kim going to sue PETA for wearing real fur? Is she going to sue the priest that married her for a bogus marriage? Is Mama fat Jenner going to sue her lover when she was married for screwing her? Yeah, Kardashians' sue, sue, sue. Hope you lose all you back earned cash to attorneys like their husband/father was

974 days ago

Its me    

The Kardashian family is preparing for war ~ WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!?!?!? And SUING, they are so SUE HAPPY!! TRYING TO MAKE SOME M O R E FAST MONEY, and do NOTHING TO GET IT!!!! THAT'S the kardashian way!!! The easiest, and FASTEST WAY TO GET MONEY, again for doing NOTHING!!!! SO OVER THESE PPL,now they're putting Bruce's girls as kardshians, WHY they don't think they can make money on the jenner name??? ANY FEMALE THAT HIRES A MAKEUP ARTIST, AND SYLEST CAN LOOK JUST AS GOOD AS ANY ONE OF THE kardashians, I mean they look as PLAIN as anyone else otherwise!!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB!!!! :) :) :)

974 days ago


Sue sue sue! If you have no real talent, that's the American way to make money.
These money hungry whores are disgusting.

974 days ago


If they had their merchandise made in America....the country that made them rich....then they wouldn't have to worry about any of this. Even if they aren't using child labor....just the fact that they have to hire people to make sure child slaves aren't being used should send a message to them. But like so many other companies, all they care about is how much profit they can make. I think everybody should boycott their merchandise until it is made in this country.

974 days ago


NEW SHOW ALERT: In Kourt with the Khardashians. What a sue happy family! They could do a whole season of their show on filing lawsuits.

Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights should have done a surprise inspection before making the accusation? Since when does a sweat shop admits that it's a sweat shop?

974 days ago


Both sides have never even been to the factories. Sooooo, STFU!!!!!!! And the American people should be suing that whole family for making products in China and then selling them in the USA! Funny how you don't disclose that when advertising! We ought to sue you just for poisoning the immature minds of teenage girls!

974 days ago


Dear TMZ my arseholes brothers step uncles sisters niece auntys grandmothers de facto husbands mother wants to use your site to flog off an array of merchandise.I take it that that is ok because you allow all sorts of wankers to advertise on your site.

974 days ago

King of TMZ    

Wherever there is a S**t-hole with the smell of money coming out of it, there are the KKKurdtrashians around it in full action. "indian taking" lol

974 days ago


The Kartrashians market cheap Chinese products made with cheap Chinese labor in cheap Chinese factories in their expensive high end boutiques making millions of dollars a year. Now, they're going to sue the guy who outed them for what? MORE MONEY! They are truly the Kartrashiast!

974 days ago


Why else would they have their merchandise made in china in stead of America if it's not because of cheap labor? America has made them rich. but yet this is how they appreciate all you people buying their stuff sending their business to China when people here in this country need jobs. All of you who buy into the Kardashians are better off donating your time and money to a charity it would be appreciated alot more than the Kardashians who are laughing all the way to the bank. Heard last night on TV they are actually selling a bottle of water for $10.00 a bottle. People wake up!

974 days ago


Why is this a suprise?? They sell their A** for profit and PR.....

974 days ago


If their not saving money off the labour then why don't they produce this stuff in the US? Just asking.

973 days ago


Please can this family simply go and sit the heck down...enough is enough...

973 days ago


Found another way to make a dime huh Kris JENNER (not Kardashian)?? I can't help but think that if Mr. Kardashian was living, he would slap the living S**T out of her for trashing his name even further. Bruce Jenner must be a complete wimp! Every time there is a story about this Klan, they are always referred to a the K Klan...even the children by him. What kind of man sits there and lets his name be completely ignored, AND being referred to as the other man's last name? I have no respect for that man at all! Would these people PLEASE go away already????

973 days ago


There is not going to be any lawsuit. It would expose the entertainment industry. Ever notice how many people who get on TV with these no talent shows suddenly start writing books, designing clothes and giving us all the benefit of their wisdom? Really, who knew they were so smart.

973 days ago
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