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Adam Lambert Man-On-Man Fight

No Laughing Matter

12/22/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


No one laughs when a man hits his wife or girlfriend -- so why is it cool for Adam Lambert to joke about a fist fight with his boyfriend? Violence is violence, so ...

Plus, David and Goliath, 2011 edition --an Illinois pastor battles Adidas over a trademark. It's corporate greed versus a tiny church doing good ... and we get the pastor on the line.

Also, Casey Anthony sued by the man her lawyers fingered with killing Caylee -- sparking a huge debate: do defense lawyers cross the line just to save their clients?


(0:00) Adam Lambert and his boyfriend arrested after an altercation in Finland ... and he laughs about it?
(1:35) Is a domestic fight not as serious when two gay guys are involved? Time for the guys to fight about it.
(3:32) What if a large woman fights a small guy?
(5:40) What's the difference between this and the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident?
(6:25) Harvey's biggest issue -- Adam laughed about it.
(13:10)  Huge rift between people who think there is -- and isn't -- a different between guy vs girl and guy vs guy violence.
(27:00) Casey Anthony sued by the meter reader who found Caylee's body -- after her lawyers called him a killer.
(30:20) Lawyer war! Harvey and Jason go after each other about how far lawyers can go to get their client off the hook.
(40:03) Adidas is trying to strong arm an Illinois pastor out his copyright of "Add a Zero" -- and we video chat with him about the David and Goliath war he's waging.


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What is this, the Kardashian's 5th or 6th lawsuit this year? How about updating us on the 75 million credit card scam they were sued for...Thank you!

1015 days ago


In a relationship based on domestic abuse one partner typical uses physical dominance to control and abuse the other. This is most commonly a male aggressor and female victim. If one of these men was bullying the other in this way it would be just as serious, however the double standard is that an isolated incident between a gay couple who are physically well matched is not as serious as an isolated incident in a heterosexual relationship- bc its rarely acceptable at all for a male to hit a female no matter what. Still, a fight is different then domestic abuse.

1015 days ago


Signatures for petition are over 400k.
I started the original petition on November 6th.
I wrote multiple times a day......

1015 days ago


You are making fun of Adam but Lindsey Lohan can do all sorts of illegal stuff and then gets paid to do Playboy and thats fine? Your writers are pathetic

1015 days ago


There is a difference between an isolated fight between a gay couple who are physically well matched and an abusive relationship that is a cyclic pattern based on controll and the physical dominance of one partner over the other. If one of these men was bullying the other all the time it would be an abusive relationship as serious as any more typical heterosexual abuse. However the double standard is that even an isolated fight between an otherwise healthy heterosexual couple would be taken more seriously, because men are typically stronger then women.

1015 days ago


It would be the same as if two women getting into a fight. Do people step in to stop that? No they applaud it.

1015 days ago


Suppose a gay couple has a child... Would a domestic dispute still be funny when the child is aware of their violence towards one another? Uhm. NO.

1015 days ago

Flying Blind    

ok, let's move on

1015 days ago


Two guys fought. So we are debating this because they are Gay?

1015 days ago


You guys, this is all BS. Adam and Sauli were NOT in a fist fight. They were not in a physical altercation. I think anyone who has actually experienced domestic violence personally should be offended that you are equating it with what happened between Adam and Sauli. Plain and simple.

1015 days ago

Flying Blind    

well harvey he ain't going to have his "ars" spared :-)

1015 days ago


I really want to know what you think of "Toothy Tile" being "outed" as Jake Gyllenhaal at just now?!

1015 days ago


Man on man, man on woman, woman on man... It's all violence. You should not assault your significant other period. What would Adam Lambert say if a heterosexual man assaults him while they were drunk?? Would that be okay?? What a horrible message to send.

1015 days ago


Bozo Baez defamed & accused at least 10 other people of killing 2 yr old Caylee including the hero who found her skeletal remains, child killer's father George and several ex-boyfriends & former gal friends of child killer... I'm surprised Baez hasn't been assassinated in Orlando. Seriously. jmo.

1015 days ago

main event    

i think kris is the most hot baskett ball play to i todaly hook up with him and the people who booed him are just jelus because he is better lookin then them and i never hook up with adam he to feminent

1015 days ago
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