TMZ Live Adam Lambert Man-On-Man Fight No Laughing Matter

12/22/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Adam Lambert's Man-On-Man Fight ... No Laughing Matter

No one laughs when a man hits his wife or girlfriend -- so why is it cool for Adam Lambert to joke about a fist fight with his boyfriend? Violence is violence, so ...

Plus, David and Goliath, 2011 edition --an Illinois pastor battles Adidas over a trademark. It's corporate greed versus a tiny church doing good ... and we get the pastor on the line.

Also, Casey Anthony sued by the man her lawyers fingered with killing Caylee -- sparking a huge debate: do defense lawyers cross the line just to save their clients?

(0:00) Adam Lambert and his boyfriend arrested after an altercation in Finland ... and he laughs about it?
(1:35) Is a domestic fight not as serious when two gay guys are involved? Time for the guys to fight about it.
(3:32) What if a large woman fights a small guy?
(5:40) What's the difference between this and the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident?
(6:25) Harvey's biggest issue -- Adam laughed about it.
(13:10)  Huge rift between people who think there is -- and isn't -- a different between guy vs girl and guy vs guy violence.
(27:00) Casey Anthony sued by the meter reader who found Caylee's body -- after her lawyers called him a killer.
(30:20) Lawyer war! Harvey and Jason go after each other about how far lawyers can go to get their client off the hook.
(40:03) Adidas is trying to strong arm an Illinois pastor out his copyright of "Add a Zero" -- and we video chat with him about the David and Goliath war he's waging.