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Lindsay Lohan

I've Shot Down

BIG New Year's Paydays

12/27/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan partyingLindsay Lohan is adamant ... there's no way in hell she's gonna blow the progress she's made with her judge just to count backwards from ten.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ ... she's gotten a bunch of offers to host various ragers on NYE ... but she's turned down every last one.
We're told Lindsay is desperately trying to change her party girl image ... and she feels staying out of the NYE madness is a major step in the right direction.

Lohan's decision is a costly one -- some stars have raked in 6-figure checks for partying on New Year's Eve.  But we're told Lindsay -- who received high marks from the judge just earlier this month -- doesn't think a check would be worth it.

Lindsay plans to ring in 2012 with a few close friends at her home ... although she may go out to dinner before the final countdown.

Should old acquaintance be forgot ...


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Classic Lohan BS. A bunch of offers equates to no offers. Right up there with all those scripts coming her way.

Look at her BS crap she pulled in Hawaii. Nothing but pure lies to get attention. She knew she was to do the Ellen show to promote the playboy shoot and had not a problem blowing that off to party in Hawaii.

Hefner cut her a big break 1 lousy promo and she burned him. No reason she could not have made the taping of the show. When Lohan was ready to re-sched the taping Ellen DeGeneres basically told her to get lost. I don't think playboy will make that mistake with her again.

Regardless of what she does with her probation and CS her reputation of being a lier not being professional or reliable is still in full force. She is still prooving why no one will hire her or want's to work with her.

This just further concretes how and why her reputation is so far down the tiolet it's beyond pathetic.

1029 days ago


This is a decent picture of Lindsay.

1029 days ago


Good for you Lindsay!!! :)

1029 days ago


Hopefully this is true but how many times have we all heard it? I will wait and see if Lindsay finishes her CS and does all she is suppose to do for the court by March of 2012. If so then maybe just maybe she is finally ready to get back on track for the new year.

1029 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

New Year's Eve in Dubai is going to be huge! Some of the richest people on the planet will be there with their wallets wide open. There is probably more money to made on the side than in formal offers and many people will make a huge amount of money. Lindsay is all about the money and not being allowed to travel for this opportunity is probably more punishment than any jail time she could have received. She has had Hawaii and NY, she is simply out of time and is being forced to stay home. Hit her where it hurts, and maybe she will learn's all good.....

1029 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The 25 year old will spend New Year's Eve at home, but may go out to dinner before midnight.

Read more:


The H8rs panties are starting to get all twisted, let's hope they further restrict blood flow to their brains, at least then, they'll have an excuse!

Gotti Roll!

1029 days ago


tmz's sources are always from Lohan. She has them on speed dial.

C'mon people....Lohan can't leave the states until she completes her probation and CS. That's the only reason why she is claiming to be serious. She couldn't care about jail which she knows is a joke she needs to be able to go overseas to find work. She won't find it in the states.

If she had half a brain she could have knocked this out in no time. It's not like she's busy.

1029 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Sit and spin on this story douchebag doubters......

Player Haters
Why Do Anti-Fans Love to Hate Celebrities So Much?

Obsessive haters, or anti-fans, share many of the same traits as obsessive fans, says Stuart Fischoff, a senior editor of the Journal of Media Psychology and a specialist in fan obsessions.

"People need something on which to focus their attention. … The adrenaline gets pumping for hating as much as loving. The hate-love situation are two sides of the same coin," he said.

Being an anti-fan, he said, has one advantage over being a fan: It's more fun.

"A celebrity becomes a star to focus on with the telescope of boredom," Fischoff said.

"Coteries on the net can join together in hating and dissing, and that's much more fun," he said.

If a celebrity is big enough to have a fan club, s/he's probably big enough to have an anti-fan club as well.

The Web is filled with anti-fan sites. More than 1,000 people regularly complain about the cooking-show host Rachael Ray at Rachael Ray Sucks Community on the social-networking site LiveJournal. The first rule for the site is "You must hate Rachael."

In the lead up to last year's new James Bond film Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig, thousands of people flocked to to gripe about letting a blond play the British secret agent.

However, according to Joshua Green, a postdoctoral researcher in the comparative media studies program at MIT, anti-fans are much more motivated by love than hate.

The people, he said, who complained about the Jar Jar Binks character in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace were motivated not by their hatred of the character but by their love of the franchise. They worried he sullied the franchise. Fans were similarly nervous about Craig playing Bond.

So, is it just me or does this smack of wackiness? Talk about going to the dark side! Call me Holly Golightly, but I prefer to focus on the positives of being a fan.

In fact, it's generally healthier and more fun to focus on all life's positives.

1029 days ago


Personally I hope Lindsay never gets a real job in Hollywood again since she is not a very pleasant human being. However, a lot of the public seem to have very short memories (Chris Brown anyone?)so I'd be willing to bet that if she dissappeared for 18 months to 2 years to detox and came back looking clean and put together (even if not pretty like before) with some other life experience under her belt that people would root for her and then there'd be some director willing to give her a second chance. I doubt Lindsay has the self respect to pull that off though.

1029 days ago


More proof she's an idiot and so full of herself it's stomach wrenching. Grow up Lindsay! You are about as interesting as last years news.

1029 days ago


Sounds like she didn't get any good offers.

1029 days ago


what was that? a 2 second photo shop picture?

1029 days ago


Why does TMZ make up these stories. Google it, don't believe me, see for yourself. She is booked in Dubia on the QE2 for a NYE party with other notorious ladies like Pamala Anderson and Kate Moss.

1029 days ago


She's out practically every single night partying! Why should NYE be any different? The real reason she's not doing it is probably because the places that made her the offers are not in CA and she's only allowed to travel for family related functions, not for work. It's also much safer for her to get drunk off her ass and use drugs at home, than to do so in public.

1029 days ago


What a stupid picture!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys cant do better than that!!!!!!!!!

1029 days ago
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